Saturday, May 18, 2013

Villagio Mall, An Italianate Experience

I can't remember when was the last time I visited Villagio. All I can remember is I was there the night before the fire tragedy happened, it was almost a year.
Last night I was there with friends. Villagio still maintains its beauty - the Italianate beauty of the themed mall is still there. There were no physical signs of tragedy although there's one part of it that will always reminds that innocents children were taken life because of the fire.
People might think that we are just new here in Doha and it's our first time in Villagio because we are taking pictures..well, we only missed the place.

Villagio is one of the shopping mall here in Doha. It was opened on 2006, most of the shops here included US, UK, Italian and German brands. After few years they made an extension and added high end brand shops like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, etc and even Dean - Deluca.   
The ceilings are painted like a real sky. One part of the mall has a bright sky like in the morning while the other part is painted like a sky at night.
Aside from the Italianate theme, Villagio is also known on its 150 meter long indoor canal with gondolas. Well for almost 7 years here I never try to be in their gondolas "in water"...kakatakot baka hindi ako kayanin,tumaob pa ..hahaha
Because of its theme, Villagio become one of the most favorite shopping destination of expatriates and tourists.
What's New?
As I've said its been quite since I last visited here, aside from new shops (although I didn't check much) and new restaurants, this painting captured our attention. For me its new and I appreciated this work of art. Isa lang ang nasabi ko when I saw it "ang galing". The person or people behind this painting is really artistic! How great really God is for giving talents to each one of us.

 Ganda di ba? Artistic talaga ang nagpaint, 3D painting :) The painted wall is located near ZARA and MANGO shop. Pero be sure na kapag nagpapicture ka dito ay hindi bubukas ang pinto sa gitna :)

Picture Picture Picture ... 

At the back of this wall is another back drop....

Going to mall is one of my way to unwind, not necessarily to shop - sometimes just to be with friends for a few shops checking. I remember my colleagues before when I was working in the Philippines, at least 3 times a week we're going to SM or other department stores nearby the office and when someone asked us where we are going we are smilingly answered them "We're going to check our stocks in SM". You don't need to spend much money everytime you're visiting to malls, you can just eat with friends and catch up things.
There are people who are "afraid" of visiting or checking malls with high end shops, well guys nothing to be afraid in the first place there's nothing wrong in checking whether you'll buy their stuffs or not. Second, they will not check your wallet if you have money or not so why be afraid. Third, rich people do the same, you are not the only person who come and check but even shopaholics do it sometimes, just think that you're one of them too. You can dress up nearly the same us them so you're confidence will be boosted to enter in high end shops :)
So guys the next time you visit a mall, especially if its your first time to that don't hesitate to roam around and explore what they have.

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