Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Friendships and The Lobster

Yesterday I received an invitation from a friend and former colleague, Ate Geraldine to a dinner. She just received her first salary in her new company, its her way of sharing her blessings to her friends and way of thanksgiving too. 
She fetched up in the office, o di ba bongga kami na i-te-treat special sundo pa :) so what's to expect on the road, its a bit traffic and since we missed each other kwentuhan nang mga bagong experiences outside the "airport" world. The story of the night "no ginger after danger". Its about the tea boy and big boss policy on making coffee - if the tea boy forgot the ginger powder, expect to receive a termination letter within the day.
Ate Ge is the first colleague I met to my present company, from the time of my interview on May 2006. She was then in Administration Department and at the same time on the front desk kaya sa kanya ako nagtanong and at the same time nung nagexam ako. We're living in the same place then, one block away only kaya naman after work kami ang magkasama kahit gabi na sa pagpunta sa mga malls. We were that shopaholic that time (take note noon yon..hahaha). We shared so much time then but due to our personal workloads, priorities and choices naging madalang na yong paglabas namin but we see each other everyday and occasionally we're still going out.

Last night the old times were rekindled...

I love reminiscing. It reminds me to be grateful every day of how my life was and its going now. Reminiscing through stories the people na nakasama namin magtrabaho, mga taong naging part na kung ano kami ngayon, mga taong until now kasakasama namin. We owe a lot to every person who had been part of our past and especially to the company.
While waiting for Ildefonso Family and Ate Gertrude, we decided to choose our order...
Complimentary salad and biscuits 
They are giving away one plate of salad for each and unlimited biscuits, may free take out pa nga ng biscuit,hehehe. I'm sure you'll love their biscuits.
Time flies...
Me, Ate Ge and Dolor are always on the go before, kahit gabi na after work gora pa rin. Al Sadd areas has so many memories on us - from Centrepoint to Royal Plaza. But now hindi ko na sila pwede na impromptu ayain na gumala, mag-mall or kumain ^_^  They have their family of their own and I'm so happy for them.
Dolor married Kuya Ponz, kakatuwa din ang love story nila. They are product of Long Distance Relationship (LDR), Dolor is here in Doha Qatar while Kuya is in Saudi. They decided to get married in Philippines then after few months together na ang couple dito sa Doha, and the rest was history until the Lord grant their desire to have a baby - ang inaanak kong tabachinghing, Drew.
Ate Ge and Kuya Robin met in the company, ilang years na rin kami sa company before dumating si Kuya. Ate Ge was known to be snob and mataray talaga  hehehe kaya siguro walang nagattempt na lumapit sa kanya ever, until I heard the rumors that Ate has a boyfriend and si Kuya nga, sabi ko sa sarili ko I'll just wait Ate to tell me...and she did. After few months her sister Ate Gertrude talked to me and sounds bothered, she wants Ate Ge na to get married..hahaha sympre body clock is ticking nga naman, then Ate asked advice to me I told her what she's waiting for, hindi naman sya 18 years old na..hehehe. 2010 (if I'm not mistaken) they get married. Lagi nyang advice sa akin na don't be in a hurry when it comes into a relationship as God has someone na talagang para sa bawat isa, she always telling me na she didn't expect na na makakapagasawa pa sya pero see what God gave her..worth to wait!
Here comes...
Our order is from their land and sea combination.
1 salmon plate
3 plates of steak + shrimp + side dish (rice/mashed or baked potato)
2 plates of shrimp + scaloops + side dish
1 lobster tail plate with other sea foods (just look at the photo..hahaha)
Siesta fiesta!
Tuloy ang kwentuhan, tawanan at sympre ang kainan at picturan ...
The Smiling Ladies...
I'm so much thankful of what Monday offered to me yesterday, not only for the sumptuous food but more on with the time I spent with them - reminiscing and rekindling the freindship we have.
No matter how busy our schedule is, friends are really worth spending time with. Every seconds we missed will not be the same, and I know in time we will part ways kaya naman dapat talaga sinusulit 'pag may time :)
Thank you Ate Ge not only for the dinner last night but for the friendship - noon at ngayon ^_^ Thank you for the advices and lessons that once in awhile you are giving me. God bless you more.

Place: Red Lobster
C Ring Road (Suhaim Bin Hamad Street)
near Blue Salon, Doha Qatar
Timing: 11am to midnight everyday
Telephone: 4444 1066

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