Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Online Shopping and MANGO on SALE

Since I learned to do on line shopping, I seldom go to the mall to shop, mostly my main purpose is to have dinner with friends or unless I need a retail therapy.
Honestly before I have fear to purchase on line, I heard a lot of rumors that there is a tendency to hack your money in your debit or credit card, I mean someone will use it to purchase online without even you knowing. But thanks be to God, I didn't have any experience like that and hope I will not get one.
Why I enjoy doing on line shopping? 
You don't need to go out and rush over your busy schedules to check out stuffs especially those which is "on sale". All you need are PC or your laptop, internet connection of course and your debit / credit card to pay.
I noticed to myself na mas nakakatipid ako when I shop on line, bakit? no taxi fare, hindi ako gagastos para kumain after I shop, admit it that's usually what happened to us after shopping - dine in or coffee. 
I'm saving not only money but more on time - minsan especially kapag sale super gumuguho ang tao at gumuguho din ang stocks, kung saan saan mo na makikita, ang haba ng pila sa fitting room, minsan matraffic pa, instead na ma-relieve ka ma-i-stress ka.
You can find so many great and smart buys on line. If you want to buy signature items at lower price, on line is where you can find it, but be sure on the site, check the authenticity guarantee, read their FAQ and check some reviews about the site. To be safe, go directly to the domain site of the brand that you want and not to a retailer site only. If you bought a high end brand items it has a card or certificate of authenticity, how small the item is.
If you want to buy clothes or shoes, be sure you know your size, although almost of them have sizing guide but still its better that you know your size, its also indicated what fabric they use so from then you can have an idea if the fit will be good on you. 
I seldom buy clothes online for myself but for family I did :-). Most of the stuffs I've got from online shopping are watches, bags and accessories.
But before doing the on line shopping you need to register first to the site. In filling up, check even the smallest details, I assure you every details they need has purpose. If in case you'll change your mailing address be sure to change it before you do another purchase transaction.
There are some online shops who doesn't accept debit card, they preferred credit card, but watch yourself in every swipe that you'll make. I have a credit card but my motto: "ako ang gagamit sa credit card hindi ako ang magpapagamit sa credit card" Be sure to pay your credit on time or just after you swipe it, just like shopping over the counter. Look, if get the items on sale tapos nakacredit card ka then hindi mo naman mababayaran on time so what will happen yung nadiscount mo baka kulang pa sa pambayad sa credit card interest di ba.
Secure your card. Be sure no one can get your card number and security code number written at the back of your card. Don't tick "remember me/ my email" upon logging in on the site, it may lead that all the information including your card number and other details may access by the next user.
The only thing you can't have instantly on online shopping are items you purchased, you need to wait for few days depends on the shipping condition you agreed upon.
Yesterday, its a MANGO CRAZE! the MNG brand :-) One of my friend told me that she was on one of the MANGO shop the day before the SALE and marami na daw talagang tao na nagpapareserve. O di ba bongga talaga mag-sale dito pwedeng magpareserve.
When I opened my email, the first mail I've got from MANGO inviting me on their sale here in Qatar. I opened and tska ko lang naalala na nakaregister nga pala ako sa site nila :-) kaya naman morning pa lang I know na what are the items that will be on sale :-)
Expected ko na kapag sale sila ay goodluck dinudumog talaga, at halos di ka na makakapili kasi magulo na yung mga stocks and displays or super haba ng pila sa fitting room. Good thing, MNG emailed me, pwedeng magshopping na prente and relax lang. No traffic, no siksikan, no pagod and no sideline shopping :-)

And who says that MANGO is for women only, well not on their online shop. If you'll see all the shops here in Doha, you can't fine H.E. MANGO although according to the sales lady I asked before they have in Almana Towers pero when I visited there mostly are accessories and bags lang, but here men can have it na and in fairness ang gaganda ng style and designs nila especially their long sleeves and trousers. Puma-fashion na rin ang mga lalake.
Fashion is for everyone not only for women.
After few checks, here's my bag :-)
From 5 items yesterday it was trimmed into 3 :-) I learned from previous experiences, impulsive buyer lang ako although hindi naman nasasayang kasi I have my mom na sa kanya napapabigay, hehehe pero instead na smart buys nagiging regret buys ang ending.

You don't need to shop every time you see red tags, you can just even say "hi and hello" or "see you next time". Don't compromise your budget over such stuffs you don't need that much. What we need to prioritize is our needs not our wants.

Online shopping is just a click and swipe away but be smart in doing that. As I've always said "smart people knows to be practical"
So smart buyers are you willing to give online shopping a try?

If you want to see what's stored on MANGO online, CLICK HERE

Happy smart shopping!


  1. wow!I didn't thought that MNG have their online site. Cool enough, there's no need for me to go to the mall just to visit their boutique. :)

    1. yup they have :-) you can enjoy more in shopping

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