Monday, April 29, 2013

Its Shaking On My Dream

It was dark outside, and I'm rushing to take an elevator. I press #3 and suddenly its shaking....

April 25 after my bible study, at around 12:30 midnight (early morning of April 26) I opened my laptop and watched my stress reliever "Be Careful of My Heart", chatted with friend as well and then at around 2:00 a.m. I decided to sleep.
I told to myself I will get up early around 7:00 a.m. as I need to make laundry and go to church and afternoon will be Lola's birthday celebration. In short I planned everything until...

I went outside our building and ride a taxi, I need to see Ate Che, I can't remember exactly the reason why but I'm rushing to see her. When I got down the taxi, I asked myself why the sky is so gloomy "uulan or parang babagyo naman yata sa dilim" I don't know kung bakit kinakabahan ako, I saw a man, his complexion is darker than me, Nigerian siguro sya. I pressed the elevator to #3, this time no doubt, usually kasi if I visited at their flat I'm pressing first #2 then pagbumukas don ko lang narerealized na I need to up another floor pa. But that time, I'm sure sa #3. Super kinakabahan pa rin ako without knowing any reason why. I uttered a prayer " Lord, guide me...alisin mo po ang kaba ko" after few seconds I felt that the elevator was shaking and kumikindadap na ang ilaw sa loob ng elevator. I gripped hand to had and I confirmed to myself that yes there's an earthquake. I prayed "Lord, kayo na po ang bahala sa akin, whatever your plan is" After a short prayer my mind is telling me not to worry and my heart spoke to me "the Lord will hold your right hand.." and nawala ang kaba ko. I'm starring at the door of the elevator still praying that it will open and I can find Ate Che. Glory to God nabuksan si elevator, but after ko makalabas bigla na lang bumagsak and to my surprise the same man I talked with sa ground is the same man I saw when the elevator was open. It was dark in the lobby but its good there's still a little light coming from somewhere.
"Did you see Soothettes (ate che's real name)?"
"Check maybe she's there in their house but you need to be in a hurry" he said
While he's talking to me, he's pointing his finger on the elevator and nakita ko na nagbabaksakan na from upper floor ang mga kahoy. 
I knocked at Ate Che's door and I told her that we must go down immediately.
While looking for way to go out, still I am praying. And thanks to God, He let us come out to the building without any harm. The sky was dark and there are only few numbers of people outside the building. 
"Nasaan kaya ang iba? ano kaya ang nangyari sa iba" I also saw the "black man" looking at the dark sky.

At bigla akong nagising....its 9:00 a.m na! 
Until now the scene is still fresh in my memory, for whatever does it mean I trust in the Lord that He will reveal it to me. 
There are some earthquakes that will pass on our life - may mahina lang na parang aalog-alugin lang tayo, papaalalahanan sa mga bagay bagay pero there are some earthquake na high intensity talaga, mga pangyayari sa buhay natin na talagang babago at magbibigay ng malakas na impact. But whatever it is low or high intensity if we will remain with the Lord nothing to fear.

"Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand" - Isaiah 41:10

I had a dream na din before, I considered it as God's way na ipakita sa akin yung mga bagay na kelangan ko ng kasagutan. God never failed to answer me through that dream, and whatever the reasons behind this dream I know si Lord ang gagawa para maunawaan ko.

" “For the Lord God does nothing without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets" Amos 3:7 

Happy Birthday Lola

I had a great weekend - spending with time with my Doha family is always something to look forward for. Being with them in a simple gathering or celebration because a huge party - HAPPINESS! 
The plan was to have a picnic party to welcome the summer as well but unfortunately the weather didn't permit us to do so - its a rainy summer ang peg ng weather, ang ending its a PIZZA PASTA PARTY for Lola.

April 26, 2013 
Location:  Papa Johns at Al Muntazah (newly open)

Papa Johns here in Doha are known to have a colorful wall interior, one of the reason its cozy and usually their lights are not that bright, one thing that I really love. Their walls served us our back drop.

the bear is not PJ's property :) - endorser lang ang peg ni Mhaya
near the stairways
 So next time, if you want an instant back drop for your party, consider those restaurants or food chains with nice wall interiors.

Its a PIZZA PASTA Party so what to expect - there are pizzas and pasta! Having a pizza pasta party doesn't limit yourself to stick on the pizza and pasta alone, you can add salads, chicken, or sweets. There are some restaurants that allow you to bring extra food that is not on their list.

my new favorite pizza flavor- Special Chicken Ranch and all time favorite Cheese sticks

 i love this red velvet cake baked by my cousin Jep, till next party :)

   to balance, have some veggies on the plate...
So where's the pasta??? nakalimutan lang pong picturan ng solo..hehehe

Let me introduce you the birthday girl whom we called "LOLA"
Meet Tita Sylvia, she's the second to the last sibling of Mommy, the youngest female sibling. I owe a lot to her, because of her I'm here in Doha, actually "all of us" - Doha Family. Ever since I lived and worked here in Doha, Tita stands as my second mom, my guardian and a friend to all of us, her nieces and nephews. Compare to the "traditional" aunties of here age, here some of the traits that made Tita one in a million:
- she loves chandelier, dangling and big earrings
- she doesn't mind to wear minis and backless dress (pero inside the house lang naman or else CID ang peg nya)
- she carries her red crowning glory in style, no one can as she did
- she is loud and bold when it comes to her outfits, tinalo si vice-ganda sa mga striking top and pants nya.
- she is really kikay and bubbly
- she can still swing and sing, "gangnam" style is the last dance craze she did, how about "gwayomi" kaya


May all your heart's desires be granted and your plans be fulfilled according to the God's will. Continue to be a blessing to others and don't be tired of serving the Lord. Tita you've been an inspiration to me on whatever ministry I have in God's house right now, and I want to say thank you so much for inspiring me and I know a lot of people. The Lord give you more birthdays to come and healthy body so you can still continue to serve Him and enjoy life with your family and loved ones.

But hey what is this???
Lola its a NO for you....
But since its your birthday sige na pwede na ...

We're almost complete!
Since we moved separately from Lolo't Lola's house halos di na kami nakukumpleto sa mga occasion parang Christmas na lang yata, kaya naman its like a reunion for us if may mga family gatherings, kahit gaano kasimple pa man, enjoy talaga kami.
We are family - BIG HAPPY BLESSED!
Thank you Lord for giving me my Doha Family.
 Balita's Family - my Tita Sylvia's family

 with the girls....but why Mhaya is included?
may nakikigulo na naman sa picture gusto rin yata maging kapamilya,hahaha

Family is always the BEST!
No matter how simple the celebration as long you celebrate it with them ay wagas na wagas talaga - sa kainan, tawanan, kulitan, kwentuhan, at sa saya!
Till next time kapamilya!
God bless us all

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rainy Summer

The Betty La Fea inspired look :)

Every summer has its own story.
Taken April 26, 2013, its supposedly a picnic party to celebrate Tita Sylvia's birthday but at around 4:00 p.m. naman biglang umulan sa disyerto. Everyone knows that I love rain so its not a big deal for me :). So instead, we ended up a pizza and pasta party at Papa Johns. And almost all of Doha family members are there, its just like a reunion!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Summer Haves

Its raining in the desert! 
Its raining here in Doha since yesterday. I'm one of those people who love rain - its sounds and how its raindrops fall.
After the winter season here is a few rainy days but it doesn't mean na magiging mas malamig yung weather but opposite of it - let's welcome SUMMER! For sure after few days mararamdaman na naman ang init, and honestly I don't appreciate that much the summer season here - hot weather triggers my asthma and my pimples kumusta naman they are sprouting like mushrooms on my face...eiwww talaga!
 But I don't want to spoil summer. It's fun in the other way around. Its supposed to be HAPPY and COLORFUL. So why not flaunt it through our every day wardrobe.
I'm living now in an Arab country, and if you still don't know there are fashion restrictions here. You can't just wear you want, of course as an expatriates you need to observe their laws and traditions.
So let's welcome the SUMMER in the desert and paint the town "colorful" through our outfits. Here are my personal choice of summer must haves.

Honestly, this is my "everyday" have, I can't stand the bright sun smiling at me. Even I'm still in the Philippines I always have it on my bag - worse is even in the night especially when traveling commute, parang adik lang,hehehe; it's because my eyes doesn't want to much light, either natural or light from bulb like in car or computers.

Just last month I received a birthday gift from my Christmas wish list, ang super like ko na sunnies from Dolce & Gabbana. I love the floral details of this "sicilian baroque"! I love big sunglasses - for me the bigger the bolder! But be sure it will compliment your face baka naman mamaya sunglasses na nilagyan na lang kayo ng mukha than face na sinuotan ng sunglasses.

Sheer and Colorful Tops
Clothes is an investment for working people who doesn't have uniform, and that's include me. Have you experienced na puno naman ng damit ang closet mo but still nauubusan ka pa rin ng isusuot...I mean ng gustong isuot? The girls will definitely agree with me, hehehe
As I've said may mga restrictions dito so not "all" summer styles ay pwede. Pick a light fabric tops - breathable. Since its summer, better to choose a colorful or printed designs, it will add a happy effect on your mood too. Since sleeveless are not that allowed to some offices here, you can still wear it but be sure to top it with your light fabric coats or cardigans. If you will wear a very light fabric or sheer blouses, be sure you have an inner which also compliments to the color of your top. We're not in the Philippines na carry lang ng peg ang rumampa kahit nakikita ang mga colorful bras, unless you want na pagfiestahan ka talaga or worst madampot ka ng mga police. Shorts and minis are not allowed here to the public, unless to beach but be sure you have your own car kasi magtataxi ka din lang better to opt to some colorful pants or trousers.
I just noticed lately, most of my blouses are sheers, actually I really like it kahit hindi summer kasi it hides my "love handles" hahaha and its easier for me na kumilos not minding to be conscious about "it". Since all of the offices here are airconditioned you can choose to wear coats in pastel colors or in floral designs.

Office blouse that will suit in a coffee /dinner dates

Candy Colors and Printed Pants
I have few colors of pants that I'm wearing in any season. If you'll wear plain colored pants, wear printed top while when you'll wear printed pants, wear plain top. Masyado naman sigurong masakit sa mata if you wear both printed especially if not the designs and colors are not well coordinated, baka instead na summer look ang maachieve, its "fiesta" look.

Flats, Flip flops, and Peep toe
There are so many styles of flat shoes available in the market. Most of the working ladies prefer to use it because its comfortable to the feet and there are styles also that are designed according to the hectic schedules of cosmo ladies - whether in the office then straight ahead in meeting friends for shopping or over a cup of coffee or dinner. Most of my flats are pointed tip, it goes in any cut of pants or skirts.
Flip flop is every seasons best friend. If before you can only see them if summer is near not now, you can find them anytime, anywhere :) I love white flip flop it compliments on whatever feet skin tone you have or even in any color of your nail polish :) Sandals and colored high heels can also be considered depending on the your clothes.

It will always depend on your outfit. But recently (or maybe its just summer) you can find bags that can be used not only in going to office (formal-formalan lang ito) but even in social gatherings. You can choose designs and colors that can be used not only in going to the beach but even in the office. Since you have many selections to choose from you can easily find which bag is best for you and your get away.

Less is more! Summer is about colors, wear colorful accessories but sure its still color coordinated. "Kapis", shells, beads, woods are usually some of the fashionable materials of accessories during summer. Try to mix and match but don't try to be a walking Christmas tree. Head bands,hats, colorful scarf, and printed belts are in fashion too.
from Aldo accessories
Even there are certain "dress codes" here to be followed but it doesn't mean that summer fashion would be boring. There are still alternative ways to enjoy dressing up; put colors to your outfit and I am sure it will be a HAPPY SUMMER!
You don't need to spend much in order to get a summer inspired look coz I'm sure you have it on your closet, all you have to do is know how to mix-n-match your clothes. Summer fashion is about colors, don't be afraid to wear loud one but as I've said be sure you'll not end up as a walking tree. Be confident in carrying what you wear but mostly have an attitude being yourself. 
Less is still more!
Don't spoil your summer. Enjoy and have FUN FUN FUN.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Half the price, double the fun!

Wednesday is my day, if you're my reader for quite sometimes then I guess you know it. Last week I had a buffet treat for "Ms" Birthday celebration and after a week we're blessed to have a "half price" treat! And another blessing its sis Jho's 3_th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!
So since its Jho's birthday we really didn't allow the promo of Papa Johns to slip away, and its their last day of HALF PRICE EVERYTHING promo yesterday.
The promo is a blast for every pasta and pizza lover, if I'm not mistaken its just only 5 days promo kaya naman every branch talaga pila ang tao at dinudumog talaga. And we're one of those fortunate people who got the chance to fill our tummy in a half price of everything. Kung sa mga department store you'll have a chance to get 50% discount on the shoes or dress you want, here you'll enjoy it as well not only your eyes but your tummy..hahaha. From time to time we really need to be patient and waiting for 30 minutes for our order is not that bad. We roamed around while waiting for our order and of course didn't resist to go on shopping! but last night I'm not the one who was awarded of "shoppinggera of the night" - its Hazel & Jho!

she got home with many items - not for herself but for her loved ones  ^_^

For me its an achievement that I can resist the "temptation" of shopping. Honestly from the time I read and wrote about simplifying my lifestyle nare-remind ako everytime na pupunta ako sa mall or magche-check ako sa mga online shops, well I hope it will continue, I know its only,me and myself who can help me.

After 45 minutes...


What I really love about Papa John's? the real & freshness taste of each ingredients - the taste of fresh tomatoes on their pasta sauce.

Time to eat but lets pray first...

Got some of the pictures in this post from Jho and nagulat lang ako na meron nito...but its nice to see na may ganito kaming picture last night. Sabi nga sa post na nabasa ko sa FB, ngayon daw bago kumain nagpipicture muna ng kung ano ang kakainin hindi ba pwedeng ipag-pray muna. 

Lord, thank you for all the blessings and for another year of life for Jho
Pepperoni rolls

Special Chicken Ranch Pizza - love it!
the birthday girl

1 set of pepperoni rolls + 1 medium size of pizza + 2 order of pasta + 3 bottles of water = 50.00 QR! 

Happy tummy, happy pocket, happy us!

the "Ms" sisters

kami lang..hahaha

ako lang...hehehe
After we ate, we did some shopping...ooopsss "simplifying lifestyle" hahaha. We had a great time, in a simple yet affordable and "busog-lusog" dinner celebrating Jho's birthday. 
We don't need to spend much in celebrating any occasion what matter is how we celebrate it - with thanksgiving to the Lord and with a happy heart.
Wait for our next "food hopping", as Jho & Hazel said last night, hotel naman daw kami next time, hehehe next month na kaya yong next time..hehehe
God bless all of us

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


What's on the Belgian products that we couldn't resist to taste? and why its expensive? or its just really affordable on its taste?
When Magnum ice cream bar was launched in the market pinagkaguluhan talaga. Its price is more than 10x of the what you call "dirty" ice cream that we can see in the street and 5x of the local brand ice cream in supermarkets. Here in Doha, it became a craze as well at the cost of 15QR depends on the flavor, imagine if you'll convert it more or less 160 pesos over a bar of ice cream on stick and you can't find it anywhere. Its only available here in Shop-rite and Megamart Supermarket, most of their brands are from US.
And sympre naki-Magnum craze din ako pero not to my expense ..libre lang :)

prices of each bar depends on its flavor

"at last natikman din kita" :)
After tasting Magnum - ito lang ang comment ko together with my friend Janet "sis alam ko na kung bakit mahal ito...kasi yung stick nila special naka-enggraved yung M"  hahaha. Yup they are creamy naman talaga and really soft mapi-feel mo na iba talaga yung texture nya sa ibang ice cream bar but if you'll compare it to othe ice cream (including not in the bar) naboboringan ako sa lasa nya..sorry pero that's how I tasted it.

the signature on the stick "M"
Another "food craze", I've been seeing this all over social sites from twitter to FB to instagram and this morning here in blogger! ganon talaga syang kasikat until I've got curious to do some readings on it. But honestly before this post I've been looking it to Mega-mart na pero wala pa yata talaga sya dito sa Doha.
What comes first to my mind when I read "speculoos"? spectacular, superb, sophisticated  and expensive..hahaha
And tarannnn...eto na ang bida!

Looks like an ordinary spread but what captured me is their label:
"A deliciously unusual spread reminiscent of gingerbread and made with crushed biscuits." 
Let's check its nutritional content, as if conscious ako...'pag masarap deadma ang diet-diet..hehehe

I'm really curious to taste it, so I checked the price on online store. I checked and the plain one cost 11.95$ not including the freight. The crunchy one is much expensive it costs more or less 14$. I consulted as well for comparison, the price ranges from 350-550 PHP.
I started to wonder, ganon ba talaga syang kasarap to pay for that amount? well I have nothing against to those people who spend much to satisfy their cravings, coz sometimes ganon din ako pero over a bottle of a spread ganon talaga kamahal. Well mas lalo akong na- curious at nagcracrave na ako. 
Hope I can find it here in Doha as soonest so I can describe to you how it taste, as I told to my colleague "kapag nakabili ako nyan, hindi talaga ako mamimigay kasi baka isang upuan ko lang yan" hehehe.
Guys, if you know where I can buy that SPECULOOS Cookie Butter here Doha, Qatar kindly let me know. For the meantime, I'll give way to pasta and pizza from Papa Johns' tonight, its their last day of "half price" promo today.
Happy eating , happy tummy!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Blessing Through Books - BOOK SALE FOR A CAUSE 2013

Here are the books for our BOOK SALE FOR A CAUSE 2013
Again thank you to all donors who participated on our BOOK DRIVE 2013 still on going until April 30, 2013.



For prices of your choice, just put the title of the book into comment box and I will reply as soonest. 
Note: Book sale is within Doha Qatar only.

Night Shift - Night Shadows by Nora Roberts
The Last Juror by John Grisham
The King of Torts by John Grisham