Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Retro Craze Party

For almost one week straight my schedule is loaded but this time not of workloads but of social invitation from friends and others. I even cancelled two meet ups yesterday - one from Fashion Rocks Qatar on their free facial and nail treatment for me and the other one is a dinner-coffee date with M sisters. And the reason for all of those its one of the Super Friends birthday celebration. As I have said on my posts lately, we're just counting the days being together and I don't wanna missed happy moments being with them.

 It's Kuya Eugene's Day!

Most of the SF boys call him "engineer" as he is working as a site engineer in our construction department. Kapag hindi na nakasuot ng PPEs parang taga "That's Entertainment" lang si Kuya  :)
Aside from SF, Kuya invited his other friends from different departments, and we do hope that they enjoyed being with us too. In every celebration there's always "bloopers" nga yata, if the surprises were spoiled during Jane's birthday, kay Kuya naman iba....
We arrived at the place, and their staffs welcomed us, and since we are in a big number they asked us if we made a reservation. Kuya Eugene told them that since the other day he made the reservation, the staffs are not aware until the supervisor talked to Kuya and they found out that Kuya called and reserved to other branch...nyahahaha, wow mali lang ang peg.
While waiting...

Look keenly at the last photo in line, do they really look brother? as most of the people think they are.

Most of the people I know whether its a circle or two, are usually friends with their same generations. But as I make this post, naisip ko lang bakit ako nga mas marami yung friends ko from older generation.
Friendship that cross the generation gap
Don't get me wrong when I say "generation gap" all I want to point out is generation is not a hindrance for friendship to last. If in marriage they say that age doesn't matter well in friendship generation gap is not strange as well. My girl best friend and I has more than 20 years age gap, other closed friends I have is more than 10 years gap with me. I don't believe in generation gap when it comes to friendship.
I was the youngest before in SF but now I am one of the "ate" too. Though we have generation gap we can still dance in each others beat and hum in one another music genre.
In any relationship like friendship we must know the fact that each one of us has different attitudes, likes and dislikes, weaknesses and strengths as such we must ready to accept each other despite of all things we know and things that we will discover.
Parang kami lang, tanggap na namin ang fact na ganito ^_^
We love you Kuya Noel...

Picture Picture din habang busog pa...
Since we had our dinner near to Starbucks, we just take a walk para naman bumaba ang mga kinain namin.. 
The Tradition...

Nothing beats the kwentuhan and tawanan over the coffee, parang hindi kami nauubusan ng mga paguusapan at pagkwekwentuhan, laging may bago :)
Special delivery from the celebrator :)
 Siestas Over Coffee...

The hardest thing in giving away surprises is when the person to surprise is just in front of you, so we asked Kuya Eugene to pretend that he doesn't know anything na lang..hahaha
 Wish wish wish.....
And because the little boy wants to blow candle also, we lighted all the candle again, feeling nya sya ang birthday bakit ba :)
 I super like this pic, so cute, so sweet...

Siesta and Picture taking continues...
Retro On Craze!
Choose which portrait seems so natural - I mean kahit di sa effect makikita na kapanahunan nya ang "retro", hahaha. Pili-pili na...



How about this? 
The "Asiong Salongga" Look :)
Seductive look..hahaha
Once again, Happy Birthday Kuya Eugene! Thank you for the busog lusog night and more over to the friendship. We love you! God bless you more.
Truly month of May is always loaded of fun, laughter, dinner, coffee dates and memorable moments. And not to forget tomorrow, last day of May is SF Marvin's birthday!
Siksik liglig umaapaw. 
Thank you Lord for all the blessings and for the gift of friendship with each other.
Happy Happy Birthday Marvin!
We learn, we cry, we laugh, we're friends, no matter how big the generation gap is.
Age doesn't matter, what matter most is how you age and how you spend time in between...
Have a great weekend!

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