Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Which will you choose,
To be where you should be...
To where you want you to be?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Spotted Me

Since vintage na ang mga pics sa post ko entitled SPOT ME and hindi masyadong makita eto na yung answer

Kahit ang picture manager wala ng magawa sa para maiedit ang pic na ito sa sobrang kalumaan na ..hahaha, cute ba?

Kasi naman si BJ (my brother) dahil gusto nya na talagang makita sya sa pic may pagtaas pa talaga ng kamay...

Hindi ko na matandaan kung sino ang kumuha ng picture na ito...ang mommy kaya? kasi hindi na naman center...hehehe, nagsisiksikan sa kabilang side e pwede ang laki pa ng space sa kabila....ay naalala ko na kung bakit kasi gusto namin na makuha din sa picture ang puntod ng Nanay
Mukhang hindi pa rin ito masyadong makikita ni mareng Joanne pero at least marerecognize mo na kung alin ako..hehehe

Friday, August 20, 2010

Spot Me

A photograph is something we can look at and remember our old times...
The smiles captured at time cannot be the same again but the memories on it will last forever....
Salamat sa mga anay na hindi nagattempt sirain ang mga larawang ito...
Kupas man dahil sa katagalan na ng ilan pero puno pa rin ng alaala --- masasayang alaala na punong puno ng mga kwento.
Thanks Jep for these pictures...
Super natuwa ako when I saw this picture. I don't have a copy of this at nakikita ko lang sya sa mga lumang photo album sa ancestral house ng mga lola ko o kaya naman e don sa mga phot albums sa mga tita ko. Taken New Year's Eve sa garden ng mga lola namin, we always similar clothes ng mga pinsan ko. Kapag nireregaluhan kaming magpipinsan ng mga tita namin lagi parepareho para daw walang inggitan...until ngaun ganon pa rin parepareho pa rin kami. Sa picture na ito hmmm...mga 3 years old pa lang yata ako.

Kung uso ngayon ang bangs mas lalo na nuong kabataan ko...hehehe. Hindi pa buhay si Dora the Explorer pero kami fanatic na ng bangs. O anong say nyo full bangs kung full bangs

Maraming memories ang picture na ito. This was taken sa newly bought beach resort that time ng mga lola namin, so yung second reunion of Chavez Clan was held there. Maraming preparations, super saya. Yung nasa likod na nakapost na manila paper is the family tree na talaga namang pinaghirapan namin...daming special numbers, games & prizes. And take note family lang ito ng Cleofe as in 1 part lang ng Chavez Clan at hindi talaga kami magkasya sa camera...hindi pa kasi uso ang SLR o kahit digicam man lang kaya walang zoom ang mga camera, film pa ang gamit

Taken March 16, 1997 at Eternal Gardens . Close talaga kaming magpipinsan, we really make sure na may bonding kami pag weekend and since weekly Tita Ma and Tita Atit is dumadalaw sa puntod ng lolo't lola namin at ng tita ella weekly halos e nasa eternal kami. And one time napagtripan namin na magpictorial sa eternal and look sa mga hairstyles namin usong uso yan non...mga ANG TV fanatics...hahaha

Maluluma lahat ng mga larawan...
Maituturing ng mga vintage pagdating ng panahon...
Pero ang mga alaala at kwento sa likod ng bawat larawan ay hindi malilimutan....

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Just Give It A Try

"There's no harm on trying" yan ang naging principle in life ko. I remember some of my friends in college na inuunahan na nila ako kapag nagaadvise ako sa kanila kasi alam na nila na sasabihan ko sila ng "there's no harm on trying". Ano nga bang mawawala kung susubukan mo ang isang bagay...kung hindi mo magustuhan e di iwanan mo. Pero suddenly I swallowed that principle in life when I tasted the bitterness of being in a relationship. Hindi ideal ang lahat; hindi sapat ang dami ng nabasa, napanood or mga naririnig na advice concerning love and relationships. Lahat may purpose...lahat may dahilan and lahat ng mga experiences na naranasan natin may lesson na ituturo and hopefully we become a better person because of that experiences.
I am glad and happy facing my life again--I mean walang bitterness, no grudges, no excess baggage from my past. Sabi nga nila all things has its own time. I can truly say that I am healed. And I am ready to try things out once more.
"There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love." I John 4:18
I got this song from Ate Ge, an officemate friend of mine. Thanks Ate I love the lyrics, may times na iniisip ko na a person is too good for me kaya I don't deserve them pero bakit nga ba hindi ko subukan muna di ba...who knows, I mean God only knows. There's no harm on trying anyway
Million Miles Away
by: Joey Albert / Nikki Gil
I'd love to make you mine
'Cause it's the only way to hold you
In my wild imagination
Still don't know how
To grab a chance and spend some time
In just a simple conversation

Just give it a try
Though I'm like chasing rainbows in the sky
I wanna hold you in my dreams
And make believe that it's true
Although I know, I know that it's impossible to do
'Cause you're a star
People love you as you are
You're a million miles away from me

Wished that you were here
'Cause it's illusions every time you're close to me
And sing my love songs
And it's the only way
I could tell the whole world I love you
Although you're a million miles away

Just give it a try
Though I'm like chasing rainbows in the sky
I wanna hold you in my dreams
And make believe that it's true
Although I know, I know that it's impossible to do
'Cause you're a star
You're a star
You're a star


Just give it a try
Though I'm like chasing rainbows in the sky
I wanna hold you in my dreams
And make believe that it's true
Although I know, I know that it's impossible to do
'Cause you're a star
You're a star
You're a star
Million miles away from me...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Envy = Human - (Joy + Contentment)

Everyday is a blessing for me
Not because everyday I have a big money on my wallet or pocket...
Not because everyday I can buy all the things I want....
I consider everyday of my life as a blessing...
Waking up in the morning...thank you Lord I'm still alive
Food on the table ...
Clothes & shoes to wear...
Transport to bring to my work...
Greetings from our guard in the office ...
Smiles from my colleagues...
Sweet gestures from my friends...
A bunch of paper works on my table...
Even the sarcastic people arounds me
If I will going to list down how bless I am everyday I may not finish this post
And last night while I am waiting for my transport to bring me home I found another blessing...
Another article that encouraged & inspired me...
Another article to share with you...
Let's be happy to what others have and be contented on what we have
Hope you will consider reading this article as one your blessing today
Happy Monday!
God Bless

Friday, August 6, 2010

I cried unto You

There are times we ask ourselves kung bakit hindi sinasagot ni Lord ang mga prayers natin, ang mga kahilingan natin....may mga times siguro na naiitanong natin kung ano ba ang ginawa natin na masama or ano pa ba ang hindi natin nagagawa pero in the end Lord is good to fulfill His promises..

I was inspired by this verses when I heard one of our bretheren's testimony and he offerred a song to the Lord through this verses.

Pray without ceasing. The Lord is our Provider...He knows what we need and He will give it to us on His perfect time.


1 I cried out to God for help;
I cried out to God to hear me.

2 When I was in distress, I sought the Lord;
at night I stretched out untiring hands
and my soul refused to be comforted.

3 I remembered you, O God, and I groaned;
I mused, and my spirit grew faint.

4 You kept my eyes from closing;
I was too troubled to speak.

5 I thought about the former days,
the years of long ago;

6 I remembered my songs in the night.
My heart mused and my spirit inquired:

7 "Will the Lord reject forever?
Will he never show his favor again?

8 Has his unfailing love vanished forever?
Has his promise failed for all time?

9 Has God forgotten to be merciful?
Has he in anger withheld his compassion?"

10 Then I thought, "To this I will appeal:
the years of the right hand of the Most High."

11 I will remember the deeds of the LORD;
yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago.

12 I will meditate on all your works
and consider all your mighty deeds.

13 Your ways, O God, are holy.
What god is so great as our God?

14 You are the God who performs miracles;
you display your power among the peoples.

15 With your mighty arm you redeemed your people,
the descendants of Jacob and Joseph.

16 The waters saw you, O God,
the waters saw you and writhed;
the very depths were convulsed.

17 The clouds poured down water,
the skies resounded with thunder;
your arrows flashed back and forth.

18 Your thunder was heard in the whirlwind,
your lightning lit up the world;
the earth trembled and quaked.

19 Your path led through the sea,
your way through the mighty waters,
though your footprints were not seen.

20 You led your people like a flock
by the hand of Moses and Aaron.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sari-saring Katanungan :)

I got this from the archives of one of the blogs I am reading , to escape for a moment to my reality here in office I tried to write down mine.


Vacation - In times like this na kabikabila is documents ang nakikita ko na parang nakakagigil at gusto ko kaagad matapos at makitang malinis na ulit ang cabinet ko dito sa office, looking forward to my vacation ang nagpapasaya sa akin at nagpupush sa akin na all things will be ok and I will finish everything on time.


Stress - Big S kung tawagin ko ang stress, thank you kay Bro na because of Him thru inspiring stories na nababasa ko, thru encouraging life nang mga nakakasalamuha ko dito man sa mundo ng makabagong teknolohiya o sa realidad ko ang lahat ng stress ko gaano mang kadami ang paperworks ko e nawawala...kaya please lang don't let me hear again that Big S.


Being Optimistic - Syempre naman mas gusto kong kasama yung mga taong laging positive ang outlook sa buhay...na kahit others see them na there's no hope for them andon pa rin yung hope & faith nila kay God that everything will be alright. That inspite na nahihirapan sila they continuously striving to be at their best.


Arrogance - Isa sa pinakaayaw ko is yung mga aroganteng tao na ang tingin sa mga sarili nila is perfect sila and they have everything and they cannot commit mistake. Haloer! wag masyadong mayabang baka mamaya sa kangkungan pulutin.


Water - Ewan ko kung bakit basta I feel relax everytime nakakarinig ako ng sounds coming from water...sa ulan, dagat, ilog o kahit yung sa gripo lang.


Gun. Everytime I heard a shot of gun kahit sign ng celebration ayaw ko pa rin parang pakiramdam ko may hindi magandang mangyayari anytime.


Teacher - When I was asked by my Grade IV teacher what I want to be when I grow up sabi ko gusto kong maging abogado. Then my Grade V teacher asked me if I want to be a teacher sabi ko ayaw ko kasi ang damidami ginagawa tapos kahit sa bahay dala ang trabaho. Sabi nya sa akin sige titingnan ko kung after mo grumaduate ng college e hindi mo gugustuhin maging teacher. Tama sya, habang college ako nagugustuhan ko na pagkagraduate ko e makapagturo pero sa college level ha...hehehe kasi yung course ko pwede akong magturo sa college level. Before ako magtrabaho dito I also applied as a prof.pero hindi ko na nahintay ang resulta but if given an opportunity to teach I wil really grab it.


Police - Kahit pa kasi sabihin na sa opisina ka lang maassign hahawak at hahawak ka pa rin ng baril at kung kinakailangang iputok gagawin mo sa ayaw at sa gusto mo di ba? yon ang ayaw ko sa nature ng work nila pero the rest ok naman.


"Malugod kitang tinatanggap anak sa aking tahanan" Super hindi ko maexplain iniisip ko pa lang na makikita ko si Lord ng face to face super naiiyak na ako sa kagalakan.