Monday, May 27, 2013

Happiness and Singleness

It's been always a discussion if which is happy - being single or being married. Well, I guess no one can give a definite answer on that, cannot be answered by simply "yes" or "no". A friend of mine told me, people who are married may say that they are happier when they get married or some might say, I'd rather stay single.
This morning I posted a quote: "If you're not happy single, you won't be happy being married."  I didn't expect that it will trending on my wall. Some agree and some didn't. Some says happiness is a choice, its a decision, and a state of mind.
Aside from being happy my point about the quote is singleness of a person.  For me, being single is an opportunity to explore things, to know your self more, to reach out more people, to enjoy things, to try out things that seems you can't. You might say, you can also do it all even you're married. But lets face it when you get married you have other priorities in life, and you need to consider your family in every decision or action that you're going to make.
Happiness is a choice and for me it comes from within. I'm talking for the real happiness, and when I say real, its not temporal. What makes you happy anyway? Pleasure and happiness are two different things. You can have pleasure but no happiness, but you if you have happiness you always have pleasure as you will consider all that makes you happy enough for you - there is contentment.

I'm single for more than 5 years and I don't want to sound hypocrite that for that period of time I didn't wish that I have someone. I do, and up to now I'm still praying for him. But what I've learned while waiting patiently is to be happy, to embrace myself and know myself more. I considered being single (as of now) as an answered prayer. I want to discover and know myself more - ano nga ba yung mga bagay na kaya kong gawin all by myself. Honestly, working abroad was not in my plan, but God is a great planner :-) After I broke up informally I decided to go work here abroad. Minsan iniisip ko kung hindi pa siguro dahil sa break up di ko pa matatry na kaya ko pala to be away from my family, to stand on my own. God molded me here, He taught me to be strong yet soft, He taught me to find happiness not only for all the things I have and people that surrounds me. He taught me the real meaning of happiness, that whether you're a single or married you must have. And happiness goes with contentment.
Before I have an instinct that I will only be whole when I get married, that I'm only half and my husband to be will fulfilled the other half. Until I myself found out that I'm whole already and if God's will for me to get married, my husband will be an additional blessing, a bonus.
I heard a lot of stories straight from the lips of some people - telling that they thought marriage will complete them and make them happy. Well, we doesn't have same fate, some of us doesn't know what makes them happy or content, so when they get married and didn't get what they expect, they will be disappointed and considered that the marriage is not working for them. That's one of my point you must really know yourself first before committing into a relationship, you are happy and not merely rebounding why you will commit - you are decided.
What if you loose your boyfriend or girlfriend, will you still be the same? of course not, it will take time for you to heal right? but how about your happiness? mawawala na rin lang kasi sabi mo sila ang buhay mo? or kulang ka na ulit kasi sya ang kumumpleto sa'yo? We need to have our own life - a life not dependent to other persons and if we did, we can share it to them.
Happiness comes from within and it will always be a decision.
I'm so much thankful to the Lord that I found the pieces of myself that was lost, I am now happy and still single. Enjoying my singleness and decided to be happy. As of now I'm enjoying my life and if time comes that "someone" come along I would be happy to share it with him.

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