Friday, October 29, 2010

Vacation 2010: My First Week

After stressful months being in front of computer, working hard for more than 12 hours a day…at last the time to relaxed and be with my family & friends has come. Last October 15, 2010, Friday I arrived in Philippines for my 1 month and 3 days vacation.

There’s no place like home.

Even I still have my jetlog and really tired from my flight I didn’t waste any chance to send SMS to my friends that I’m home!

Super I miss everything in our house and really excited to sleep with my bed again.
October 16, 2010. I get up as early as expected to think that I sleep morning already J. One of the things that I really miss is my mom’s coffee. She used to make coffee for us every morning that’s why when I worked in Qatar I really missed it. My Lola Viring, my dad’s mother visited to our house first together with my other cousins. After eating our lunch, I asked my brother to drive for me and drop me to the parlor.

Usually I go to the parlor to fix my hair at least one week before I go back to Qatar but this time it’s top on my list….ayaw ko nga na pangit ang hair ko sa mga pics..hahahaha. I stayed at Index parlor until 10:00 p.m. Thanks to Daniela who did my hair. And since I am the last customer and they are almost closed and just waiting for me to finish I was not able to have my foot spa.
Super thankful din ako when my friends called me na kahit naman nasa shower session ako ng hair ko is talagang super chicka ako..hehehe. Thanks Ian for making calls straight away from UK and to Jun as well.
October 17, 2010 Sunday, we attended Sunday Worship Service, I was overwhelmed after a long time I was able to be with my family again attending the service. For almost two years I’m going to Church with no one…one time nga when I saw one brethren with her mom in the Church parang napaiyak ako coz I’m missing my mom. I testified how God works to me while I’m working in Qatar and until on that very moment..what to expect crayola na naman ang beauty ko,hahahaha. Late afternoon after we went to Robinson’s I asked my personal driver..hahaha,just joking my brother to drop me again at Index for my footspa.

I love red ribbon, every time I’m coming back in Pinas the next morning first stop ko talaga is Red Ribbon but since I had no time to dine in I just bought super delicious pastries and cakes nila. I can’t resist their banana cake and cinnamon roll…really my favorites.
October 18, 2010. It’s a stormy day! But it didn’t stop me to be out J I visited one of colleague family. I met Kuya Roly’s wife & kids…I really enjoyed chickahan time with them. Then after that I go straight to SM to meet one of my very good friend & former officemate Beth J. Since most of the food chains are full we decided to eat at Chowking….breaded porkchop meal. I love it!.

One of our favorite bonding talaga is malling kaya naman go talaga kami. We bought the same shoes…

Meeting new friends is one of things that I really look forward on my vacation.

October 20, 2010, without any advanced planning I meet Jessie. After I visited my DILG family, I meet Jessie and kahit mejo maulanpa that time we went to Tagaytay…as in hindi naming alam kung san ba kami sa Tagaytay pupunta buti na lang marami na pa lang mga activities na iniooffer ang Picnic Groove. He was not able to convinced me to take zipline. But for the first time in my life I tried horseback riding…although nakakatakot enjoy naman. I hope the next time that I will try it I can do it on my own na at wala ng guide..hehehe

October 21, 2010, when I was still planning to meet Kcat in person without any hesitation (kaya?hahaha) Jessie offered to accompany me to Kcat’s place but since his car is coding we decided to bring our car. He told me that he’s not used to drive manual car but we still try pero unfortunately he can’t make it and since we really want to be with Kcat, he called Kuya Bong, his brother to drive for us. Super thanks talaga Kuya Bong for making it possible to meet Kcat.

October 22, 2010 Its a rainy day! I stayed at home but didn’t waste any time. Since this is my first time na magbakasyon ng hindi December ngayon din lang ulit ako nakapaglagay ng mga christmas decors, datirati kasi ako lang ang tagalinis ng mga decor pagsasapit na ang January but this year ako ang naglagay

First week pa lang yan and I know marami pang memorable & treasured moments na darating…there’s no place like home talaga! As one of my friend told me on SMS I will start to love Philippines again…I do

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Isang Tulog na lang

Isang tulog na lang sabi nga ni Mhaya
Early Friday morning ang flight ko to take my vacation sa Pinas. This is my first time to be back home na may kasabay . I will be with my cousins Iyah & Les and my officemate friend Jen. At least I will not be bored waiting for three hours na magisa sa airport.
Although excited ako na magbakasyon na, hindi ko pa rin fully maramdaman ang excitement until hindi ko natatapos ang office works ko...hay exhausted na nga yata ako and super stressed talaga. I don't have any idea pa kung kanino ako maghahand-over nang mga work ko--well kung sino man sya I really wish him good luck.
My bags are not yet packed...isa nga yata sa pinakastressful kapag magbabakasyon is magimpake, although I sent some of my stuffs through air cargo I still have excess baggage matapos kong matimbang ang mga natirang gamit ko. Thanks kay Jen coz she allotted me 10 kilos sa bagahe nya. Sana talaga there will be no hassle in checking in our baggage bukas.
Nakakastressed man ang mga preparations to go back home I know and I'm really looking forward that it will be a happy & memorable vacation for me.
I want to have quality time with my family sympre bonding, eating together, pasyal, shopping with my best shopping buddy--si Mommy. And going to church together na super namiss ko talaga.
Meeting new friends like Jessie, Joanne & Joseph pati sympre si Baby JJ, and meeting Kcat and her mom.
Visiting children of LPPCI and sharing some stuffs to them na alam kong magbibigay ng magagandang ngiti sa kanila.
Bonding with my cousins...
Being with my friends and former colleagues...
Shopping...malling...and planning to take a driving lesson,hehehe
I'm looking forward for so many things. And i'm crossing my fingers that all of my plan will be happened accordingly.
So if ever manahimik muna ako sa "e-world"...alam nyo na ang dahilan, I'm on my V-DAY!