Friday, October 16, 2015

Graceful Exit

Hello blogsphere! Yup this blog is still alive and existing. Its been awhile since I posted in here, sa daming nangyari at sa dami kong gustong ishare I don't know exactly where to start. But let me start to where I ended.
After 9 years of service with Sky Oryx Joint Venture, my graceful exit has finally served. May 30, 2015 I surrendered my company ID.
Though nakakalungkot but I'm happy rin talaga kasi I really gained so much friends in the company, real friends pero it will not stop naman when you leave the place. I am really grateful and thankful na marami akong naging kakiala at kaibigan through SOJV. 
Like what I'm always telling sa mga umaalis sa company "God will give you a better job, lahat ng umaalis sa SOJV maganda ang pinupuntahan" and I did it to myself. I claimed that God will bless me a new job whether in Philippines or in Doha. I have so many plans even before I left the company but even though I have so many plans in life still the Lord will determine if that plan is really for me. Minsan ang dami-dami nating plano, there were times na  nadi-disappoint pa nga tayo kasi our plans didn't turned the way it should be, instead of planning ahead, why not pray first. I hold unto God's promises, I know nagiisip pa lang ako Sya may line up na ng plano for me.
SOJV is my comfort zone already. I used working with the people, following its procedures and policies, and dealing with my workloads. And now another start from the scratch but no worries, I know my God can supply all of my needs. 
I will not get tired of thanking SOJV. Salamat for giving me the best of 9 years that I deserve, though may mga times na katulad ng iba may mga complaints ako still in my heart I am grateful and indeed SOJV has been a blessing for me.
Procurement Family

Super Friends
And now I'm ready to step forward. The Lord continue to guide and lead me.