Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Six Years and Still Thankful

July 3, 2006 when my present company hired me. I can still recall on my mind how its started from the day I had my interview, examination, and interview again. As a typical new staff in the company, I am nervous especially I will be working directly to the department manager and to different nationalities. We're only two Filipino in the department that time, and it is difficult to me especially emotionally. But as I've always tell to the new staffs in the company who are worrying how it will be - my secret is prayer, lahat nakukuha sa prayer.
Until now kapag naaalala ko lahat ng pinagdaanan ko before I turned to 6 years I can't help to be teary eyed pa rin but can't stop myself in thanking the Lord. I remember the time when one of my colleague will just throw documents in front of me while I'm eating my lunch on my desk, when he murmurs and tell other within the group that I'm taking it personally when sending internal memos and letters. I was tasked then by my boss to personally draft all the internal memos, he will just gave me the scenario and I am the one who will make and issue.
But as I've said lahat nakukuha sa prayers. I had sleepless night and almost everyday I have a heavy heart being on my desk, the only thing that I have is a very nice boss to whom I consider up to now as my mentor. I cry almost everyday in my prayer, asking God heal me on all the pain and grudge I have on my officemate, to soften my heart again so I can just ignore what my officemate is doing against me. Until the Lord finally answer my prayers. Until now, we're still officemate. I am still sitting near his place and we're still working together but now we're working professionally and ethically with each other. 
My advice to those who just recently working abroad kelangan talaga buo ang loob, firm on your words and stands but be sure you're on the right track. And always be with God everyday of your lives. Prayer is really the best weapon we can have.
I am very thankful that Lord blessed me of my present company. For six years, this company is my bread and butter but this morning naisip ko di lang bread and butter with matching coffee pa ^_^

I don't have a "high" salary as others but I am happy and contented with the blessings that God has given and continually giving through my company.
I am so grateful with the people who are part of my six years - my friends, colleagues, and even to some people who caused my tears. I am thankful through them I was mold to be strong and brave and my patience was developed.
This might be my last year as the project soon to end but everything I had with my company - all the experiences and all the people I've been with will always be in my heart and memory.  I believe that the purpose was served already ^_^. I claimed that new opportunity will be coming my way - another blessings from the Lord.
Thank you Sky Oryx Joint Venture for six years!