Sunday, March 29, 2015

Qatar International Food Festival 2015

Its their 6th year to hold Qatar International Food Festival this year, yet its only my first time to visit them. Qatar International Food Festival is a fair participated by 5 star hotels, high end restaurants, food chains and even the newly put up food businesses.

 QIFF is divided into several zones.
 Welcome and Stage Zone, where everyone especially families can enjoy different entertainment activities. They have a big screen where kids together with their parents can sit, relax and watch.

L-R : Genie, Sheila, and Me
They also have a fireworks display every 7:30 p.m. I personally enjoyed watching it, my friend Genie even record it on video.

 Food Zone features high profile restaurants that offers different cuisines from around the world, so if you haven't try them on their own place like in hotels, you can enjoy some of their dishes in small serving and of course at the low price.
 Here are some of the featured hotels that we checked.
Marriott Hotel offers Mexican food and even the theme of their booth look so Mexican. They also have some props on the corner if you want to have a souvenir photo. I've got mine!

La Cigale Hotel offers Lebanese cuisine.

For burger and fries lovers, Movenpick booth is for you guys
You know how much I love Oryx Rotana though its not their Choices restaurant on the food, still we enjoyed what the Cellar served. They serves best cuisine suited for Asians taste buds.
smile pa rin even mouth is full
 And look what I've got from them, a photo  in their IG frame. You just need to upload your picture to IG tag 3 of your friends, put #oryxrotanaselfie and you can have a chance to win 2 voucher to dine in on their hotel. Kaya if you have yours, don't forget to upload.

If you are a seafood lover whether a crabs or lobster, they have it here in Sheraton booth.

W Hotel offers pizza and other pica-pica treats.

Dinner in the Sky Zone is one of the activity that made QIFF popular. This year its Qatar Airways who sponsored the Dinner in the Sky, serving in a business class style of the 5 star airline.Its expensive but I guess its the experience of eating in height that you're paying.
Live Cooking Zone features celebrity chefs from different country but since I'm not much into cooking shows I'm not familiar to them. They have a big LED screen where you can see the actual scene of what they are doing in front as well as how the food was prepared and cooked.

IG Market Zone give way to small businesses which usually do selling through social medias or exhibits.


They really offers a variety of food - you can find a lot of sweets stands, ice cream as well as popcorn booth.
Kung sa Pilipinas ang carpet sa loob lang ng bahay well here hindi cos even sa park na may damo pwede ring gamitin.
 Its a picnic everywhere scenario every time na may QIFF. What I also love about QIFF aside from the food of course is its one way for the family to have bonding and spend quality time with each other, nakakatuwa makita na kahit nakakapagod (sa tingin ko lang), parents don't mind na isama at habul-habulin ang mga anak nila.

After you had a full dinner, there are some that offers tea and coffee but me I love smoothies from Jhonny Rockets!

Don't worry about your calories consumed, since car nor taxi is not permitted to enter inside MIA park you can take a walk and burn again some of the calories that you consume. But before leaving the place, don't forget to take a picture on their #QIFF2015 and when you upload to social media put the same hash tag.

 Hope you enjoyed QIFF 2015 like I do. See next year!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Trust His Heart

Since I got back from my vacation last October 2014 I am praying to God to give me provision on what step should I make next. I'm not getting any younger and I really want a stable career. For almost 9 years I am working in an international construction firm; people from construction project based will understand me that the stability from such kind of business is not for lifetime, I mean all depends on the projects that the company will get.
The Lord answered my prayer, He gave me provisions and use people as an instrument to take my first step in applying to the position that I really wanted. Even before I worked here in abroad I really want a job wherein I can directly help people. I even trade a regular bank position over a contractual government staff. I remember how people asked me why I chose to be in a public service over a job that is stable and earn high, at first I asked myself too "bakit nga ba?", I enjoy being with people, helping them even in the simplest way I can. Hindi ako mayaman and sometimes iniisip ko sana nga mayaman na lang ako so I can help more but in the end I'd still wanted to have a simple life, I'm afraid that I might be boastful when I become rich and famous, ok na ako sa kung anong meron ako though I'm striving to have more pa rin naman.
Last February, my friend asked me if I want to apply in a government position, to give it a try again. My friend knows how I really love to. I had a not so formal interview with the labor attache here. I really miss being in the public service, and as he brief me on the scope of job if ever I will be hired, sobrang naexcite ako since hindi na bago sa akin yong mga ganong trabaho and the most exciting part of it is I can have interaction to those distressed OFW under the agency's custody. After a week, another friends sent me a message confirming if I can go back as early as March 3to assume the position in a government agency where they are working too. To make the story short I wasn't able as I need at least a month to notify my present company but they told me that they will be giving me another chance and notify me again if there will be another vacant position.
Two weeks ago I received the confirmation from Philippines regarding my application for the vacant position here, yes even dito ka magaassume ng position since its a Philippine government agency need na sa Pilipinas pa rin iproprocess lahat ng application. I submitted an incomplete requirements such as medical test, I need health card pa kasi dapat government hospital dito ang magcertify, I waited for 3 weeks and I'm getting a hard time to have it. Today morning the agency confirmed to me that the deadline is over.
Honestly, after so many years ngayon ko lang ulit na-feel yung parang nadisappoint pero wala ka namang magawa kasi its beyond your control, yung ang dami mong tanong pero wala namang mahanap na sagot, yung okay ka pero bakit naiiyak ka.  
While checking my FB I saw that one familiar name commented on the photo I posted. Oh its my former boss and mentor to my previous government agency I worked with, parang kasi ngayon lang sya nagFB kaya for so many years I don't have any means of communication with her. All the memories I had with them flashback, bigla ko tuloy naisip what if magapply kaya ulit ako don this time as a permanent na.
The only words that comes into mind is God's promise in His word in Romans 8:28
From the time I started my application, ipinagpray ko na and I always include it on my prayer. I entrusted it to the Lord, that His will be done kaya siguro kahit may konting panghihinayang mas madali ko syang na-let go. And at the same time God sent me an angle this morning, I found one of "ate" in church whom I look up to, I consider her as my mentor in the church. I am thankful for all the comforting words and sharing me word of God for me to see more clearly and hold on tighter to God's promises. I am really blessed and grateful that the Lord is always  besides  me - to catch me and comfort me; He is always ready before I utter that I need Him.
Ate gave me a line from the song Trust His Heart and it really soothes my heart. Thanks Ate Agnes!
God is too wise to be mistaken
God is too good to be unkind
So when you don't understand
When don't see His plan
When you can't trace His hand
Trust His Heart
I trust His plans for me, I know and always He has better than what I have for myself. 
Lord, You know my heart, my desires and my needs..continue to guide me and lead me, give discernment and wisdom in whatever decision I will make. Continue to teach me and mold me to trust You always and completely. Your will thy be done on me, in all aspects and areas of my life Lord I entrust to You.
Please pray for me also. I know that prayer is the best powerful tool we can have to be heard by the Lord.
God bless us all

Sunday, March 8, 2015

34 at 34

To end and to welcome another year, here are 34 personal random thoughts that I learned and did from my 33 and looking forward to continue and create new ones at my 34.

1. Cooking is love . You exert effort and sometimes requires patience.
2. I survive without coffee. From my "old" lifestyle I can't stand the day without sipping at least 2 cups of coffee in a day but almost 6 months now, hooray for me I survive the coffee no more challenge! I am now a tea lover
3. Its fine to come in office in jeans.

4. Even men especially fathers can be in Kid's Ministry at church. I was so blessed to see that in other churches most of their teacher in their Kids Ministry are men.

5. Dieting is a mind matter, its more on controlling your mind than controlling your mouth.
6. Sometimes even the person you trusted most is the same person who will hurt you most too.
7. And there are some who keep in silent and watch you and you'll get surprise they are the person who will catch you.
8. You can still be friends with someone from your past, and sometimes become best friends.
9. Acceptance is the first step in moving on followed by forgiveness.
10. Live according to what you have and what you can. 
11. If you prayed for something and it seems that you have it but suddenly slips away due to uncontrollable reasons, then its not yet the answer. God's timing is always perfect.
12. Skyflakes cracker has only 120 calories! and 6 pieces of Kisses chocolates have 200 cal.
13. Blue and yellow are good combination while gold can be a substitute to black.
14. I fell in love with flats!
15. Its fine not to have SB planner, cheaper brand can sometimes offer better.
16. People no matter how good you are to them, they still have negative to say about you.
17. Rubber shoes are not really for me, but I can still be sporty.

18. Not all bottled water are healthy, check and choose the one with less sodium.
19. I love to stay in home section area longer than in apparel's area.
20. Not all wants and cravings need to be satisfied, sometimes you need to deny and sacrifice for something better.
21. Babies are naturally born to be a cheerful giver by merely smiling.
22. I'm still not used being away with my family. I still cry every time I  leave PH and back to Qatar.
23. Arranging parties and surprises is fulfilling.
24. You can enjoy the day by merely spending it with yourself - Me Time!
25. Root canal is not "bloody"
26. Having latest model mobile and having high end brands bags and shoes is not a basis for ones status in life.
27. Be humble and kind to anyone. Anyone means even the unlovable person.
28. There are still chances and hope to loose weight not by skipping meal but by eating the right food and right amount.
29. You can find another family in church.

30. Birthday is not about cakes and food, sometimes its only about being grateful and welcoming another year.
31. We have so many plans in life but its still the purpose of the Lord that prevails. Plan with Him.

32. Singleness is a blessing to enjoy. And there's no due date or age limit in marrying.

33. I loved and enjoyed my life at 33 and there's always another year to look forward. Happy new year to me!
34. I am loved. I am blessed. And I am grateful and thankful to the Lord.

How about you any thoughts you want to share?