Monday, December 10, 2012

Wrap It!

Few days from now and its Christmas!
15 days to be exact...
Every Christmas season I have a "wrapping cramming dilemma" Maybe dahil na rin sa daming activities pag pasok pa lang ng Decembe. I remember one Christmas dumating na ang inaanak ko di ko pa nababalot ang gift ko for him..and siguro naman this year hindi na mangyayari yon kasi di uso ang pumupunta ang mga inaanak sa bahay ng mga ninong at ninang dito, instead sina ninang at ninong ang bumibisita sa mga inaanak :) 
Here are some ideas to try this year:

Make it colorful!
Wrap candies, pastries or other sweets using cleared plastic with designs and tie with ribbon, put gift tags as shown. If the candies that you'll put inside are wrapped already in a colorful wrapper, you can just use a plain transparent plastic.

 I love the idea of this one, and guess what's inside of these? its not a candy or any other sweets - coins / money. Ok na ok ito for carolers :) Instead to giving the money directly to them by hand put it into a candy style wrapper as shown.
What you have to do is to cut colorful or Christmas wrapper, place the coins or paper money inside of it, close both end or tape it. After get your clear cellophane wrapper and wrapped it. Isn't it a good twist for holiday? ^_^

Kids really enjoy chocolates and they will surely love to receive it in a cutie packaging. You can pack different kinds of chocolates or candies of your choice. Put it into clear cellophane plastic and tie it with ribbon. Make a big gift tag almost bigger than the plastic packed. Get some designs or poems that will match on whatever kind of chocolates or candies you put inside. Make the gift tag as colorful as you want. The more color you put the more kids will enjoy it!

More creativity! 

Wrap your gift in plain white paper, you can used bond paper depending on the motif that you want. Tie the wrapped gifts with abaca twig and put candy cane as shown. You can use ribbons also instead of twig.

Make it personalized!

This a good idea if the gift is for your family and closed friends :)
Wrap your gift in a plain paper - you can use newsprint or brown paper. Print a picture of the person kung kanino mo ibibigay ang gift. No gift tag needed. If you will not hand it personally to them, you can put your name below the picture or in any space that is visible to them, so they will not confuse who gave them the gift. Instead of picture you can also use their favorite bible verse, quotations or even lines in their favorite movie or books.

Cheap yet Chic!

 Planning to give kikay stuffs for your girl friends this holidays. Well this is a chic yet not that costly idea. Choose cosmetics or accessories tie a ribbon on it and put "tagline" that will fit on the gift itself. I'm sure they will love your simple yet kikay idea!

We don't need to spend much money for our gift to be presentable, we just need to be creative! And being creative is within us, if we will do things happily surely it will come even more beautiful than we expect.
This Christmas season may we be reminded the true essence of gift giving. As the old saying goes "its the though that counts" and its the love within the gift that matters.
Happy Wrapping!


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