Monday, September 8, 2014

Why Will I Settle for A Second Hand

If given a chance to choose another field I will choose interior designing. I remember when I was still a child I love to draw houses and how it looks like inside, I even cut some pictures of houses from magazines. But since my first love is to be a lawyer that to be an interior decorator I settled to take different course(s). i told to myself I can have the passion in decorating houses by simply reading or browsing. Until now I'm still falling in love seeing nice interior of houses and my hope is still in my heart that someday I can even take at least even a short formal course for interior decorating.
I believe that every house deserves a good interior. Sound expensive? Nope that's not what I mean, every house can have a good interior with style but in cheap cost.
I will try to post some of pictures I have collected from net and at the same share with you on how to incorporate it in your house in a low cost budget.
I was inspired by several blogs that I've read of how a second hand furniture was given a new life and add new look at their houses that's why one of the project that I'm trying to have is to check and have some good piece(s) of furniture from shops that are selling second hand.

Bangkal shops in Makati

I started to ask some friends of where I can find second hand furniture shops in Batangas, so it will be more easier for me but most of my friends don't know any place in our town. A friend of mine ask me why will I settle for a second hand if can have a new one. Well here are my answers:
 1. Style of old furniture are classic. You can revive them to look modern by just simply painting and upholstery. 
2.  Mas matitibay ang materials na ginamit usually new furniture that you can buy in shops in mall are just coated.
3. Its cheaper than brand new although not all the time especially if its antique pieces. I tried to ask one antique shop in Batangas, its a bit expensive but if you'll try to assess its worth it naman kasi nga antique, you can't have same pieces everywhere.
4. Fulfilling. I don't know with you guys but for me accomplishing even buying simple good things at cheaper cost makes me happy and fulfilled. Fulfilled in the sense na I know nag-effort akong maghanap.

love to revive the color of this chair

Antique shop in Taal, Batangas
Look at these Victorian style chair, parang wala na talagang buhay. For others sasabihin naman magaaksya ka lang ng pera after mong bilhin but nope! Ano naiisip nyo na ba how you will give new life to these pieces?
Well, here's what Rica Peralejo did...
Yup kanya ang mga silya na ito. She bought it in Bangkal shops (second hand furniture shops)

She is so hands on but don't worry according to her the paint that she used is safe for pregnant. Yup don't ask why kung kelan ko sya nakausap hehehe, feeling ko lang close kami ^_^.
And taran!!!! 
Isn't it fabulous?! after the painting and upholstery old self gone no more! walang kabakas bakas na minsan naging ugly duckling ang silya na ito. 
So guys, the next time makakita kayo or if you have in your house old furniture wag nyong deadmahin, ang kelangan lang maging artistic tayo, I believe that every individual has an artistic side. There's no harm on trying naman, isipin mo naging artistic ka na, nakamura ka pa, and fulfilled ka pa cos you accomplished something di ba.