Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sagip Kababayan

After the rain...
After the storm...
I know sun will shine once again.

Typhoon Ondoy marked the Philippine history as the heaviest rain fall
In just six hours many lives and properties were wiped out
But inspite of the tragic calamity, Filipinos proved once more that "bayanihan" is alive

All are equal...
People from different social class are all affected.
Mansions, bungalow, bahay kubo, condominiums and other type of houses are damaged by overflowing flood.
Social elites, showbiz personalities, politicians, common tao, and poor experienced how to stepped down, swam in the flowing flood, and stayed under the rain.
Ondoy open our eyes that nobody is superior on the mother earth revenge.

I am blessed...
My family is not affected by the typhoon.
They didn't experienced the hunger because no foods are available inside the fridge cause it was already eaten by the big waves of flood.
My family didn't experienced to be on top of the roof as it is the safest place where they can hide.
They didn't experienced the coldness brought by the wind and rain.
And most of all, we are blessed because we never experienced to loose loved ones due to Ondoy.

Yet, even I am away from my home country...
I feel the pain that they are going through
I see how hard they are coping now from the tragic experience
I cried with them since I saw them on TFC
I symphatized with them
I feel helpless just watching  them!
I know I can do something to help.

Hey guys its time for bayanihan !
Calling all my friends, colleagues, relatives, and all people who has a big heart
This is our time to share our blessings to them.

Take out your excess clothes on your cabinet and put it on the SK (samahang kababayan) box.
Polish your old shoes and wash your old slippers and put it on the SK box!

Give pledges
Instead of buying some wants or spending money to not so important things
Pull it out on your pocket and donate it to the needy.
A little sacrifice will caused a lot to them,
It may be a small amount on you but for them it cost a lot.

Once more, let us stretch our hands to our kababayans.
Reach them out and help to make a change on their life!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Who to Blame?

Since I watched the news from TFC regarding bagyong Ondoy in Philippines, I make it a point to follow every stories related. Last night after office I immediately sat down infront of our t.v. This is the only way para mas malaman ko kung ano na bang latest sa Pinas. Although I received pictures from emails mas gusto ko pa rin yung moving scene.
Bagyong Ondoy is the heaviest rainfall in Philippine history. It took 6 hours of continuous raining. At first naisip ko its just 6 hours pero bakit ganong kagrabe ang outcome. Until ako na rin ang sumagot sa tanong ko...hay sad to say pero there are only few trees na nga pala sa Pinas, some areas kung makakita ka man ng green is not trees or plants but colored roof of houses na. Some mountains are already flat into plain, some forests are now a residential areas and some are commercial areas na. Sometimes nakakapagisip din di it really worth it for a country to be a commercialized or modern kung ganito ang kapalit?

As I watched the video clips of the overflowing flood makikita talaga na napakaraming basura ang lumulutang especially plastics which only proves that may kakulangan din tayong mga tao sabi nga "ang basurang ikinalat mo babalik din sa'yo". But it sad to say na kahit yung mga naging responsible in taking care of their environment at mga batang inosente pa lang is nakaranas ng ganti ng mother nature.
In just a snap....
In just a wink...
In just a six hours...
maraming buhay ang nawala
maraming properties ang nasayang
But no one to blame...
Cause we are all responsible of taking care of our nature...
Hopefully it will be a wake up call for us to take care our mother earth
And may we not experience again her revenge...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Ako ang Simula

Since I worked abroad mas naging nationalistic yata ako.
Mas natutunan ko how to be vigilant sa mga issue/s related Filipinos; mas naging concern ako sa mga magagawa ako even in a little way to help our kabayans. Mas naapreciate ko ang mga tagalog music; mas tinatangkilik ko ang mga pagkaing Pinoy....
Although nung nasa Pinas pa ako I'm active in participating to government campaigns. I really make sure that I am aware on the issues arounds me and much more when I started work in the government. Working in a government is far away sa iniisip ng marami na nakaupo lang at sumusweldo every 15th and 30th of the month. For my experience, working in a government is continuous learning and dealing with people. Although may background na ako on how to work in the department where I was assigned then, halos araw-araw kelangan ko magaral...Local Government Code become our bible in the office. Masaya, mahirap, machismis...hay ano pa ba. But one thing I am sure about myself if I will be given a chance to work in the government again especially on the same agency I will still accept it.
2010 is the year of another hope for Philippines. Bagong mga mukha ang makikita nating magsasalita sa media...magdedeliver ng SONA at haharap sa hatol ng bayan. Naitanong ko minsan sa sarili ko kelan ba ako huling bumoto??? when was the last time I exercise my right of suffrage, kaya naman when I learned na may registration for absentee voting na gagawin dito I didn't hesitate to register and be a part of those million Filipinos na makikiisa sa 2010 to make a change...makikiisa sa pagbabago!
I remember my law professor telling us na walang rights magcomplain ang mga taong di bumoto sa ano mang sistema meron ang mga taong namumuno sa Pinas kasi they never been a part in any means of the changes that everyone is aiming for Philippines.
I am proud na kaisa ako sa pagbabago...e ikaw kaisa ka ba?

Something to Ponder: Releasing Anger Appropriately

I don't know if its a coincidence or what, but all I know its God's plan for me to read this article last night.
Everyday I received a forwarded email from a friend. He subscribes to Purpose Driven Life Connection - Daily Devotional, and eventhough the said email...i mean this message was forwarded to me last September 9, 2009 it was never late that only last night I was able to read that...Its very timely for me.
God never delays....
Thanks Arnold for sending me a daily email
"If you become angry, do not let your anger lead you into sin" (Ephesians 4:26 TEV)
There are helpful ways and harmful ways to release your anger. For instance, sometimes we'd rather remain angry than admit to our anger. Yet, the Bible says that to be angry and not admit that you are angry is lying. And that's a sin.

Keep in mind: anger is not necessarily wrong. It only becomes wrong if we release it in a way that is inappropriate or destructive. My experience as a pastor is that most of us learned to express our anger when we were two or three years old, and we're still expressing our anger in the same way as adults. Needless to say, this simply doesn't work.

Most people express their anger in such a way that they end up farther away from their goal than they were before they became angry. Anger, expressed inappropriately, has the opposite effect of producing the intended results. Blowing up at people never produces lasting change; it only produces more anger and alienation. We know that but we still do it. It doesn't produce lasting change.

Something to keep in mind is that anger is never really the root problem. It is usually a symptom that reveals one of three things is happening: hurt, fear, frustration. These are the three things that make us angry, and this is why we should always stop and cool down. It allows us to think:

- Am I hurt?
- Am I afraid? Perhaps feeling threatened, or that I'm going to lose something of value?
- Or, am I frustrated?
Understanding the source of your anger will help you respond in an appropriate manner, so that your anger does not "lead you into sin" (Ephesians 4:26 TEV).

Thursday Blues

Had you ever experienced na halos naiiyak ka na because naiinis ka?

And it seems na everything is not right and not according to your plan?

Well, I felt the same I have said to myself last night "Thursday is not my day"

I woke up with a heavy head...still I have my migraine, actually di nga ako nakatulog because of that

I usually planned what outfit I will going to wear the next day but since I'm not feeling well I was not able to prepare my clothes for the next day.

I was in front of my closet for about 30 minutes yata thinking what I'm going to wear. Nakailang palit yata ako ng blouse and even accessories from earrings to bracelet.

Sa office half day ako na di nakagamit ng PC cause the I.T configured it for the security system. Other software was removed and some new programs was installed. Password pa lang problema na...hay then all of my files are secured so meaning I cannot edit,save or print what I have on my PC. Before lunch I received a bunch of PR to process...huh??! how can I do it without PC. At last naging ok nman nung lunch time kasi imagine kung wala akong PC ng lunch anong gagawin ko sa desk ko?! to read a book yun na lang. After lunch the IT come to my desk again and fix the problem so akala ko ok na until....hay every 5 minutes nagrerestart sya automatically.... parang nakatimer talaga. Super inis na inis na ako talaga cause I have a lot of documents na sa desk ko. And it is very impossible to work on it without PC.

Thursday night is time for shopping or malling, go out with friends or to watch movies with colleagues but me....hay I stayed in the office until 9pm. Ako na lang ang staff sa department na naiwan. I punched out at 9:11pm. The driver called me and told me that he was a bit delayed maybe 10 minutes, until.....lahat na ng mga boss e nagalisan na! In fairness naman to bosses nagoffer naman sila to drop me home but I chose to stay in the office and wait for the driver. I waited for almost 1 hour, mga 9:55 na yata sya dumating. Of course he knows that I am mad. I'm not the type of person who will shout on you if I'm mad or angry, I'd rather choose to be in silence cause I know I will bursts into tears if I will talk to you. He explained every details why it took an hour to pick me up. And I told him that next time kung ano yung sinabi nya yun ang gawin like what he said na 10 mins lang. I know its not his fault maybe that's why also instead of arguing to him I just keep quiet until I felt that my tears are falling. Actually ganon talaga ako 'pag naiinis plus pagod ka pa physically and mentally. When we are already near home may inaabot pa syang biscuits kasi madami daw, sa inis ko siguro kinukwento nya kung sino nagbigay sa kanya pero di ko naintindihan. But kahit inis na inis na ako I politely said thank you pa rin naman.

When I reached home, nobody is there and when I entered our room I saw myself in the mirror; I saw that my face was red and I'm still teary eyed.

I'm glad cause I have Jen & Kuya Jheng who sent simple messages to comfort me.

In times like that when anger on the situation itself occurs and nobody is to blame the only thing we can do is to pray...."Lord ease the anger that I have on my heart and give me peace and comfort"

Kahit hindi ok ang Thursday ko, I know Friday will be a good day for me! did

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Favorite Day

I love Wednesday!
Whenever someone asks me why...i just simply reply "its the middle of the week..."
If others love Thursday or Friday because its weekend, for me I love Wednesday!
Wednesday for me is the day to look forward to weekend...mas excited ako 'pag wednesday unlike when its Friday I'm thinking that tomorrow is another working day.
Wednesday is when mostly I can go out for malling or dine in with my friends or colleagues.
Wednesday is a busy day for iddle times that's why mas ok sa akin ang wednesday coz I don't have time to be sleepy in the office .
As they say if we are busy no time for us to be unhappy.
I don't know what exactly on Wednesday basta what I know is that is my favorite day

Monday, September 7, 2009


i miss blogging....
i have so many stories to tell...
so many encounters to share...
hope i can do it this weekend...
can't wait to take a sit and blog!

Friday, September 4, 2009

How's Jen?

"How's jen?" friends used to ask that question everytime I had a chance to chat with them. But lately,because of a busy sched (yun nga ba ang reason) i had no time to talk with them. That's why during lunch if I see them online mas ok na sa akin to chat with them than to eat my lunch. I'd rather choose to be full on those stories coming from them than to satisfy my craves on food.
How's Jen?
Ok nga ba si jen?
Yes ok naman si Jen, she's doing fine. Still busy on her work; working is her passion. She's always wanted to be busy....ayaw nya ng walang ginagawa,madali syang mabored pag walang ginagawa. Pero lately the job that gives her smile everyday causes her to be stressed. Mas busy sya nong si Lolo pa yong boss nya;mas pagod sya non;mas ginagabi sya ng uwi non; mas wala syang time sa sarili nya non pero she's happy. Ironic di ba? Yeah..cause happiness doesn't only rely on the comfort we have in life but who are with in our life. On Jen's case even she is physically and mentally tired everyday before, she is emotionally happy and contented to what she accomplished.
C O N F U S E D!
How's Jen?
Ok nga ba si jen?
Lately jen doesn't feel good...literally doesn't feel good. E bakit naman kaya? hay maybe due to weather change? di pa nga sya nakakarecover due to the heat of the summer then lately humid naman tapos sa loob naman ng buildings malamig kahit nakalow ang a/c. She's always complaining her back especially her shoulder..kahit pampered na sya sa massage at kung anu-ano na ang mga pain spray na nailagay still not that good pa rin...well, yun ang tinatawag na stress.
S T R E S S E D!
How's Jen?
Ok nga ba si jen?
Ok naman si jen inspite of confusion and stress that she's going through. Her faith keeps her to hold on. She knows that she is bless of so many things and those blessings need to be shared.
B L E S S E D!
How's jen?
Ok nga ba si jen?
Inspite of all the negative thoughts she have on her mind; those pressures and stress that cause her not to feel good; and sometimes those people around her, she's still so many things to feel H A P P Y!
Recently, she meet new friends and enjoy her day and time with them. Encouragement and inspired messages from them makes her to wear her smile.
Sometimes we have so many questions behind our mind but we are frustrated to get the answers immediately. Patience is important! Being positive to some not so good situation is hard but if we will keep on holding on to HIM everything will be ok.
So how's jen?
Jen is H A P P Y!