Tuesday, May 21, 2013

TLC Nurse

Lately maybe due to weather transition or whatever elements like stress or laziness I often feel sick. Cough, colds, fever and body pain caused me to visit our office clinic almost every other day. One of the hardest thing being away from family and working abroad is in times like this, being sick and more missing my nurses.
Although we have a clinic inside the office, actually its only a few steps on my desk but I'd rather have a self prescription. Sorry to compare but with my 7 years of stay in the company, just recently I met and encountered a nurse na hinahanap ko, I mean a nurse will not just prescribes you medicine and other treatment but someone you feel the concern. I remember how my mom treated her patients when she still have her clinic at home. Yung hindi lang natatapos ang consultation after kang makapagpablood pressure or maresetahan ng gamot at iexplain sa'yo how many times you need to take it but someone with TLC -tender loving care.
I'm the Salompas Princess while Ate Vina is the Vit.C Queen :)
Ate Vina is our second nurse reliever, the first one only lasted for one week then Ate replaced her. We have the same bus service that's why from the start pa lang nakita ko na sya. She is smiling with everyone, one of the best reason why people in the office are comfortable with her.  That's the first thing we need to do I guess if we want other people to be comfortable with us, smile. 
A great nurse has excellent communication skills, especially when it comes to speaking and listening. They are able to follow directions without a problem and can easily communicate with patients and families.
I heard a lot of stories for Ate Vina, a good stories on how she's taking care her patients until I myself proved it. When you go to the clinic the first thing she will ask you is how are you followed some chickahan until you'll feel comfortable na, then blood pressure first and kung ano talaga yung sakit mo or nararamdaman mo why visited the clinic. Recently, almost everyday I'm having a body pain, I usually go to the clinic just to ask for salompas or an ointment but with Ate Vina, nagulat ako at first kasi sabi nya sya na daw maglalagay ng salompas sa likod ko, I refuse at first kasi nahihiya ako but she told me I must not be shy kasi trabaho daw nya yon. From that they I feel so so comfortable with her. Then every morning she's reminding me to go to the clinic for my blood pressure, or my follow up if I happened to ask some medication on my colds and flu or fever. She's caring, some people just do their job pero iba talaga if you're doing your job beyond to what you can give. Its not only me who noticed how caring the reliever nurse, Ate Vina, but even some of my colleagues have their own stories how sweet and caring Ate. Even those engineers and staffs narinig ko once na ibang iba daw yung bagong nurse, mas maalaga at may concern. I think for one to be successful in any profession he must be passionate with what is doing, committed to people he's serving - compassionate and kind. And for nurses they are able to feel the compassion and provide comfort.
Yesterday was Ate Vina's last day in the office and though she stayed for only less than a month I witnessed how people learned to love her. When they learned that she's leaving, almost all are asking "why". A friend of mine told her that we're gonna miss her - the way she talk, approach, and care us. 
Friend: Ate mamimiss ka namin kasi iba ka
Ate: mabait din naman yon, tska mas matanda lang siguro ako kaya ganon..
Friend: Mabait din naman nga pero kasi iba ka may TLC ka unlike noong iba pagkabigay ng gamot tapos na.
Well that's the point why in short period of time minahal sya ng mga tao sa office, kasi she knows how to care and love us in her way.
Being successful in any career doesn't just require promotions but more on how people love what you are doing despite of just being yourself, effortless lang ang peg!

She resumed to work at American Hospital today - in surgery division. As I talked to her before, being a company nurse is very easy compare in the surgery division in the hospital, although both are fulfilling, she likes it more in the hospital - aside from she can help many people, she's always on the go! Well, that's Ate the nurse on the go - the nurse with TLC.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord,not for human masters. 
Colossians 3:23

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