Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Blast of 2011

The year is not yet over and only few hours for another year. As I am few hours away from 2012, I can't help to reminisce how good this year is to me.
Blessings are overflowing although there were tough times I've been through but in the end I considered it as blessings as well - "blessings in disguise" as I called.
2011 I started the year right,although I am away from my family I am thankful I have my Doha family besides me and friends to celebrate in welcoming 2011. Their love and care is enough for me to warm the coldness of the weather.

Since I worked abroad I missed so many important family occasions but even I am physically absent, I tried my best to still be a part of the occasion by helping them in preparation. February 2011 when my nephew JJ was dedicated, despite I am away I've been a part by helping them in making their invitations and sending some stuffs for the party favor.

2011 is my year! For this year I entered into another book of my life - my 30s. March 9 marked down my 3 decades of existence on earth. I am so thankful with the Lord for all the blessings that He gave and never I thought any instances or time that He leave me. Even before I am so much excited to be 30, that's why I had so many celebrations - surprise party from my friends in the office, my household, and of course my own celebration.

March is the month that I first joined on my current Bible study cell group. I was really blessed of having them, on my BS group I was molded to be a better person especially on my spiritual life. Monday became a special night for me and full excitement because that's the time I can be with them to learn more about Him.

Moreover having my BS group also lifted my confidence to stand and to be used by God in the ministry. This year I was really blessed to be a part of God's ministry in Qatar International Christian Ministry (QICM), I am a part of program department as an emcee during Friday service. Thank you Lord for fulfilling my heart's desire to serve you.

2011 is full of gatherings and occasions with family and friends. There are a lot of happenings that really worth to be treasured - smiles, laughter, joys and happiness not only in the faces but more on the heart.

Eid Holidays is one of the most awaited days here in the middle east as only on these days people can enjoy few days away from the office and work loads. This year I really enjoyed those days - going around Doha and enjoying every day of it.

2011 brought me the experienced to travel outside Qatar for the first time. First destination: Dubai, UAE. I stayed away from Doha for 5 days to enjoyed the scenic view of its neighborhood; much more than the "gala & "pasyal" I was able to meet my friends that I didn't see for years and friend that I met in person for the first time.

2011 has been generous to me and to return the favor, I did few good deeds to help and reached people. Being with them and helping them feels me how blessed & thankful I am to Lord for all that He done in my life.

A few things that I am not used to do was tried - just a petty ones but I am happy to myself that I did - top on the list wear sneakers. Yup, everyone who know me knows that I don't wear rubber shoes, I don't know but ever since I don't buy a rubber shoes as I know I will not wear it, but this year I just tried to buy not a rubber shoes but sneakers style shoes and the first time I wore it one my colleague told me "ang ganda Jen, bagay sa'yo ibang porma"

Meeting friends in person for the first like what I've did last 2010 always excites me. But this time its kind of different. I met Abhie unexpectedly.  Even this is our first time to meet its just like we met before in person - no "hiya" or "ilang" moments. On my trip to Dubai I really make sure that I will meet Ivee, another friend of mine that I met on Multiply. My last morning in Dubai was spent talking with her, although "bitin" but we're really glad that we finally meet.

People come and go. If there's one thing I've learned on this year its letting go of people - don't cling on to them if they choose not to be with you. Don't be afraid to be friend with anyone even many of the people around say something about them, what matter is your personal relationship with that person. This year "maraming umalis pero mas marami ang nadagdag" and I will always be thankful to those people who stays with me and always behind me no matter what and no matter where. Thank you guys.

To my family - thank you very much Mommy & Daddy, BJay & Len for even I am away I always feel your guidance, comfort & love. Thank you also for your prayers - the best tool ever!

Walking in the journey called life is not always a bed of roses. You will not always find yourself  on the good side of your bed when you wake up each day. In life, there were rainy days and sometimes thunder but after that is a rainbow and sunshine that's whispers "its a new day, a new start, a new hope". If there's one great lessons I've learned this year is to lift up everything in my life to my Savior - Lord Jesus Christ. I am nothing without Him.

As I'm about to bid good bye to 2011, each memories I had for this year will always be treasured; places and experiences that I had will always be cherished; and people that I had & have will always be valued and I am always be thankful that you've been a part of my 2011 and a part of my life.
As I go along with my journey, I know its not going to be easy and smooth all the time but I know I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me.

Thank you 2011 for a blessed year!

Welcome 2012 - I know you'll be better than 2011!

Have a blast & have a blessed 2012 to all of us.

God bless

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmastime 2011

Christmas is the best time of the year. The time for giving; the time for forgiveness; the for reunions; the time for reaching out people - and to sum it up its the time of loving.
It's my second time in a row to celebrate Christmas away home - away with my parents and siblings. But I am really blessed of having my family here in Doha - my aunt, uncle, cousins and closed friends. In seasons like this they are my comforter to washed away my homesickness - the longing of being love and care by my immediate family. The coldness of the weather was ignored because of the warm of their comfort, care and love to me. 

Thank you Doha Family for the love and care :)  Taken last December 23, 2011 on our Christmas Party 2011.

Real friends are hard to find and finding one is such a great blessing. I am glad coz I am blessed by not only one. After more than five years of being together at work, last December 18, 2011 marked down our first Christmas Party as a group. It was called as "SMALL CHRISTMAS PARTY 2011" , ironic on its name as the prizes, venue and most especially the physical presence of each other. There are a lot of surprises, crying moments and never ending laughs, smiles, and joy in each other faces and hearts.

Those people are really a great blessings for me and I am very thankful to the Lord for each lives of them. Thank you guys for staying by my side not only to celebrate the Christmas Day but throughout 2011. I am looking forward for more moments being with you.