Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sad But Its Life

As much as we may wish it weren’t so, a plain fact of human relationships is this:
People come and people go. Someone that we have loved with all of our hearts one day can, quite literally, vanish from our lives the next. Not necessarily from death. Not even from rancor. Sometimes simple circumstance can take a best friend, a lover or a partner right out of your hands, never to be seen again.
On my case a mentor...

Although we know the fact that there's no permanent in this world, sometimes we need to teach ourselves not to be affected after they left us.

Early this year he personally informed me that he will be leaving the company for good but never expected as early as he told me last Thursday. I thought I was already prepared to hear those words directly from him.
"I know you will not surprise anymore cause you are one of the person to whom I told my plans of retiring. But there are some changes that I want to inform you...its hard for me cause I'm happy to what I am doing right now but I have no choice...i'm working in the company for 37 years and most of my time was spend in the company than with my family. Last May when I had my vacation we had a family meeting and it was agreed that this will be my last year...I will be leaving mid of July. I have no choice or else my wife will divorced me...."
Until now those words stucks on my mind...the clarity of every word he utterred to me. I don't know what to say at that moment, what I know is no words come out on me. And I saw his facial expression on how sad he is...I'm almost whispering...and can't help to cried.
Maybe if someone read this they might think that Im just over reacting or Im just emotional...but working with a boss like him is really a great experience. I know that there are also some people who is rejoicing that he will leave for good..its admitted he is really strict when it comes to work. Deadline for him is deadling; no excuses are allowed. Meet the your deadline "before" the date. Closer communication is one of the values that he taught us and we cannot deny the fact that we owe to him why we are bonded to each other now, even we are from different country in the end we come up into one goal and its because of "closer communication"
As he told me the last time we talked, he knew that he will leave us as a solid team...strong team. Maybe what he wants to implies is he done his purpose already to the team. Well that's life sometimes we need to give up important things we have in our hand to continue the journey in our life.
Sad but its life....

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Everything happens for a reason.
We may never know what's the reason behind of what happening to us at the moment but God knows the perfect time to reveal those reasons to us.

I'm not a strong woman, different from what people thinks on me.

I'm a vulnerable inside..a melodramatic queen when I'm alone.

They just saying that I am strong cause they can't see me crying.
Tears as they say is a sign of weakness
But lately I realized it is not
It's just I'm being true to myself