Monday, September 5, 2016

Program Family - Team Building & Training 2016

People usually don't believe me everytime I tell them na mahiyain ako noon. Yup, I am super mahiyain, nagsasalita naman ako at nakikipagusap sa tao but not as approachable as I am today. I remember nga na kapag nagpa-followup ako sa mga companies na inapplyan ko, I asked my tita pa to do the follow up for me. I don't know if its the confidence that's lacking on me or there's a fear within me. 
When I started to work abroad I really prayed to the Lord to give me courage to speak and tell people what's on my mind. My mom and other people who know me well was shocked when they saw on "friendster" my photo holding a microphone in the midst of people, me as an MC. From then on, little by little my self-confidence started to boost. Then one time there was an announcement in the church looking for an MC/ presider for Friday service. It took me few weeks before I decide to register for a training. Praise God from then until now by the grace of the Lord I'm still standing.

I am a part of Program Department in the church which concerned mainly on the orderliness of church events and activities.
Last August 26, 2016 we had our first team building as well training for all the members of the Program Team - MC, ushers, documentary team, and service team.
I'm so thankful and happy seeing new faces of brethren who really want to be used for the glory of the Lord. It took me almost a week to prepare for everything - from topics, ice breakers and games.
In everything that we do, we should know the reason behind why we are doing those things and we should be reminded often so we can strive and give our best more.

As a team and family its important to know each other not only by name but a deeper side of one another - not to gossip or judge but to accept and to love.
People first instinct when you are in Program is that you have no stage freight or fear to approach and talk to others but its not, we all have fears that we need to deal and flaws that we need to polish. That's why we need a continuous learning and training for us to give the best talent that God gave us, so we can serve Him with excellence.
Communication is one of the key that really matters in Program team, and we can't deny the fact that even we know each other we're still lacking for communication. We believe its not only the language barrier that hinders us but the fear of being rejected or ignored, that's why even in few hours we tried to be at ease on how to approach others and introduce ourselves for what we have - our personal testimonies.


After the team building -training, I am happy to see their happy faces and hearing their words of affirmation that they will stand and serve with the Lord with all their heart and strength. Ang lagi kong paalala sa kanila na lagi kong paalala sa sarili ko rin may naginvest ng time and effort sa akin para matuto ako, para makatayo ako and I want also na gawin din nila yon, - to share what they've learn and to teach others so they can be equip as well in serving the Lord.
To God be the glory for the success of that day!
To all new members, welcome to the Program family!
Program Family - Friday (others are not in the photo)

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

From Your Treasured Daughter

Found this prayer in one Christian site for single and I want to share it with you guys. This is a good reminder for single persons like me. Though there are a lot of temptations everywhere but if we are connected and holding on with the Lord, then we can able to stand straight and firm. I always says it to the teens in our church and even to the "not so teens" - NEVER COMPROMISE YOUR FAITH. Circumstances and people will test you but be strong not to disconnect yourself to the Maker. 
Being single is happy and free but it takes hardships and courage to deny all what this world is offering, but it does not mean that you can't. We can, as long as you are in the presence of the Lord, all things are possible. Pray fervently. Stay away from people and places that will forsake you into sin. Be friends with someone who will lead and accompany to you to the right path - to Jesus.

You know this road isn’t easy for me. You know my heart’s desire; to love and be loved. You’ve seen where I’ve come from in life, and you see where I’m going but in this moment, waiting on you is just so hard.
I’m surrounded by a culture pushing me into ideas and ways that I know don’t align up with your will for me. My heart tries to pursue, yet you tell me to wait.
I am your cherished daughter, and I know the plans you have for me are great. But I pray right now, in this moment you fill me with your peace.
Help me to become fully satisfied in you, before you bring my Boaz to me. Help me to trust the process of becoming the woman you desire for me to be.
You see my heart’s full potential. You know that when I love, I love deeply and when I fall, I fall hard.
Father save my heart for the man you have set aside for me. Prepare me to be the kind of wife he needs me to be.
I want to be a wife after your own heart.
Choose to fully chase after you, God. When you bring along the man I am meant to marry I will not stop chasing you. We will chase after you together. We will be each other’s helpmate.
We will love each other purely and deeply, but we will love you the most. We will constantly strive to keep you at the center of our lives and marriage, for I know you are the glue that will hold us together.
When my Boaz comes along I will not forget my first love. I will not forget the one who loved me first, and loved me enough to give me a godly man who will love, cherish, and treasure the woman that I am.
While I am here waiting on you, I will choose to serve. I will choose to chase after your heart. I will choose to embrace all that you have called me to be. Wherever you go, I’ll go. Wherever you stay, I will stay.
I will leave the world behind to chase after the God of my heart. I will trust in you, even when the road seems hard and I feel like I can’t take another step.
I will let you mold me into the wife you have called me to be. I will love, cherish, honor, and treasure my future spouse. I will rely on the covenant of marriage and your strength to bring me through when my emotions try to lead me astray.
I thank you for all that you are, and all that you are preparing me to be. I thank you that I can trust you with every single detail of my life, that everything that matters to me matters to you.
I know that in your perfect timing, when you see fit, you will bring us both together to love and serve you. Thank you for loving me.

~You’re treasured daughter

Monday, February 8, 2016

The Mighty Warriors of God

One circle of strength, founded on faith, joined in love, and keep by God together.

Meet my QICM Small Group Family - The Mighty Warriors of God. 
I am indeed blessed to have all of them. I consider them as my family within the QICM family. They are my comforter when I need shoulders to cry on; they are the one who rejoices with me when victory is at my hand and someone who never get tired of praying with me. 
I am away from my family - my Dad, Mom and siblings but being with this group I found a family away from home, I found love and belongingness.

Happy 2nd Anniversary SGBM - The Mighty Warriors of God! 
More souls this year! More and more of Jesus this 2016. 
God Bless us all

To GOD be the Glory!