Sunday, May 26, 2013

Its Jane's Day

Last night I was with the Super Friends , its Jane's birthday celebration. She celebrated her birthday on May 4 but we were able to celebrate it last night as they are on their vacation in Philippines that time. Last week we have been to some restaurants like in The Village to check but as I've said kelangan hindi lang sa panlasa pasok pati sa budget. We end up in T.G.I. Fridays, yup its not new to us mejo madalas na rin ang SF sa TGIF but last night was our first time in their Al Sadd branch.
Let's invade Jane's birthday celebration!
We arrived at the venue early as expected kaya naman wala pang foods, so siesta lang ang peg ng mga lolo't lola nyo and since Jane is not working with us anymore parang miss na miss nila (I'm not included kasi last week lang magkasama kami ..hehehe).
Ang bida ng siestahan - Tacos with fresh tomato sauce!
Naaliw naman kami when we saw the red color tacos :) Parang hindi magkakasama sa office kung magkwentuhan hindi nauubusan, in short wagas!
After few minutes....
One by one graceful entrance...
Happy Birthday Jane!
The birthday girl on the "three for all"  and even ang Mc Donald's nakiki- Fridays ^_^
WOW, sumptuous!
The last meal that we ate is lunch, we really intended not to take a break for the DINNER as in DINNER!
 Yummy food = Happy tummy, Happy Us!
Tummy full but need to move guys!
Galaw galaw din for the meantime baka ma-stroke...tayo tayo din kapag may time :)

We always tried to surprise each birthday celebrant within us but this time, to Jane we failed. Here's the story.
While we are all waiting and slight naiinip na for the T.G.I. Fridays signature birthday song number, para hindi mahalata ni Jane nagpicture-picture muna kami.
After the picture taking Jane was about to go down to ask for the bill pero nakasalubong nya ang crew, she asked the bill not knowing by the crew na sya ang isusurprise..
Jane: Yung bill
Crew: e kakanta pa po...
Ay sus si Kuya sya ang isusurprise pero kami ang nasurprise mo.
SF: Jane kunyari na lang di mo alam, upo ka lang jan at masurprise ka pa rin sayang ang effort ng mga crew.
Ok kunyari hindi nabuking ni birthday girl :-)

The show must go on :-) And in fairness to them ang gagaling nila, and ang laki ng improvement ng song kaya winner pa rin kayo kahit nabuking...clap clap clap
Enjoy pa rin naman si birthday girl :)
So since we're fulled already, we decided na yung cake (the only surprise remain) ay sa Starbucks na lang iblo-blow, so since as we all know hindi alam ni Jane ang tungkol si cake.
While paying the bill, dumating ang isang crew...
Crew: ay mam eto po yong cake sabay abot kay Jane ang cake
Jane: may cake pala kayong dala bakit hindi natin inislice...
Well nilubos lubos talaga ni Kuya Crew ang surprise nya sa amin, surprise na surprise kami sa mga pasabog nya ;-)
So next time Super Friends we need to do more planning ^_^
Expect the unexpected as they say...
Here are some of the moments taken last night...

Its our "tradition" to have coffee date after our dinner everytime were together. 

 "Dahil ayaw nyo akong bigyan, dito na lang ako..."
 Wish wish wish....
 Ang galing ng mag-cut ni Jane ng cake ...parang engineer na rin :)
 ang humabol...Kuya Eugene in SB!

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  1. Siksik, liglig at naguumapaw ang aking tiyan pagkatapos ng much blessed with the foods and friends(FF6-Superfriends Edition). Thank you so much Jane for inviting us.


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