Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Hausemates, Noon at Ngayon

Living away far from home is not easy especially in times of special celebrations. Some of my friends in the Philippines always asked me how we celebrate the holiday season - the Christmas and the New Year here in the middle east, knowing that middle east countries doesn't celebrate such kind of feast. There are a lot of ways on how to celebrate Christmas naman dito, but 25 don't fall on Friday or Saturday for some, its just like any other day kasi may work pa rin. 
I am blessed I have "THE HAUSEMATES", they are MY DOHA FAMILY. Although hindi na kami literally magkakasama sa iisang bubong we make it sure to be with each other in every family celebrations - simpleng handaan man or food chain treat lang. And every year, we make it sure to allot at least a day to have our family thanksgiving - to thank the Lord for blessing each and everyone of us, for comforting us and our loved ones in the Philippines to all the rough times we've been through, and to pray one another to the new and coming year.
Qatar serves a good channel to bless us and our family, although may mga umalis na meron namang mga bagong dumating at idinagdag si Lord sa Doha Family, and we claim it na katulad namin they'll be bless also.
Simple celebration turns to be extravagant if you'll spend it with your family and loved ones. Let's face the reality, I mean all of us wants to be homed and celebrate this season with our "immediate" family but the only way we can do that at this time is through technology but that doesn't mean we will spoil the day. I am blessed, I am thankful, I am grateful I have my family here - The Hausemates, My Doha Family.
I know not everyone living and working here in middle east have a family like me, I mean they are my real relatives but believe me guys if you'll only open your heart to treat people whom you always with to be your family, they will be. So if you have someone in your mind now, call him or her and invite them to be your Christmas dates ^_^
For whoever is with you this Christmas, what matters is the gift of love you can give them.
This year we will make it simple but joyous for sure. No hotels and staycation, we will celebrate it on Lolo't Lola's house but for sure it will be a big bang of joy! To all new "hausemates", hope you'll enjoy the celebration. I know homesickness is just around but don't let it control you instead make the most of the holidays and enjoy!
Have a happy and blessed Christmas!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

December 2013 Sched

Hello December!
Hello happiness and welcome busyness :-)

Almost loaded every week not included side trips like buying gifts for loved ones and not to forget the Sugar and Spice engagements.
And how about the Christmas parties with friends? 
I guess this would really be a super busy holidays but a super fun too!
So let's start it today!
Happy 1st of December!
Have a great blessed month to all of us.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Isang Gabi sa Likod ng Camera :-)

Last Sunday I was informed that I am included to the teaser for the thanksgiving in our church, so I thought its like a teaser without audio or dialogue but after receiving an email and found out the script....OH M GEEE! 
Okay lang sana if it will be delivered in my native language, tagalog so I can deliver it well and I can portray the role natural but its not. 
Yesterday after a tiring day from work this is it na, no preparation I mean not even any make up, kung ang artista super effort sa paglalagay ng make up and concealer para maganda sila kapag natamaan ng ilaw, ako naman walang kaeffort effort, bare with me I'm really tired yesterday and even lack few hours of sleep.  Kaya pag roll ng camera go na, wala ng retouch retouch, loose powder lang solve na.
I love to be in school play when I was in my younger days especially when I was in high school but I don't like much to take the stage, mas gusto ko lagi ang script writer ako or director na sympre walang camera or kapag carry pa ng powers ko props coordinator din ako or sometimes stylist pa ng mga artista. Of course ibang iba ang stage play sa mga movies na ginagamitan ng camera and different kinds of lights and effects.Mahirap  pala talaga bago ka makaalis sa isang scene ilang take ang aabutin, yung bigla mo nalilimutan in the middle of the conversation ang dialogue mo plus ang kaba and consciousness mo kasi nga alam mo na may camera. Akala namin nung matapos na namin ang buong script ok na yon, ayayay...hindi pa rin pala, may closed up scene pa pala and we need to deliver our dialogue again and sympre with facial expressions...kakaloka nga pala ang maging artista! hahaha.
I know hindi satisfy si direk Janix sa acting namin, pero dahil pare-pareho na kaming pagod at may work the next day, nag-pack up na kami :-)
Thank you Janix and Ron for your patience and for the experience na maging artista sa likod ng camera...hehehe.

Two photos from the left was from the actual scene, bakit daw ganon ang expression ko sa bottom picture, "Isn't it always???" hahaha
Sa lahat po ng makakapanood ng teaser (if will be approved) bare with us po as you know hindi naman kami mga artista or baka masabi nyo naman "mag-emcee na nga lang kayo"  ^_____^
There's no harm on trying especially in the field that we're not used to, how can we know our gifts kung hindi natin susubukan :-) 
Marami mang takes and bloopers, nakakapagod man at puyat worth trying as we did it for the Lord :-) And if ever there will be next time, one thing is for sure I'll definitely put on make up  ^____^
Thanks to Magadia Family - Ate Mylene and Kuya Roy for the warm welcome sa inyong home sweet home and to PL for driving for us and sa paghawak ng microphone :-) and most especially to the couple - Janix and Ron.
Kahit nakaka-kaba I know like me nag-enjoy din si sis Glo :-)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

OWWA Gift Giving 2013 : BE A BLESSING

Since 2008 when I learned from a friend that even here in Qatar maraming mga distressed OFWs, distressed means yung mga inabuso or minaltrato ng kani-kanilang mga employer. Every year seems to be my first time in the OWWA, iba't - ibang kwento, iba't -ibang tao ang makikilala at makakasalamuha mo. From 2008 I only join a certain organization in giving gifts to OWWA, mahirap daw kasi nga mag-organized ng sarili mong gift giving dito sa ibang bansa especially yung mga cases ng recipients, pero kahit pa nakikisama lang ako sa ibang group I treat it as its my own gift giving - exert ng effort asking my family and friends for some donations or pledges. Nakakapagod, I even absent from work just to collect and pack everything for the gift  giving pero honestly nakakapagod man mas doble - triple ang saya! Yung alam mong may mapapasaya, yung alam mong simpleng bagay lang yung laman ng mga paper bags na bitbit mo pero super naappreciate nila. I tell you guys iba ang pakiramdam.
I received so many blessings this year and when I said blessings is not only financially, I don't even have an increment nga but still the Lord stored me so many things this year and would you believe even this OWWA Gift Giving is one those blessings? Let me tell you why...cos after few years of wishing and praying to organize my own gift giving, this year it was granted! I know kahit sino pa ang kasama natin sa mga charity it doesn't matters, tayo man ang organizers or donors wala namang kaso yon but I want to involve my family, brethren and friends. Gusto ko rin makita nila with their own eyes kung saan or kanino napupunta ang mga donations and pledges nila, gusto ko rin na sila mismo ang makarinig ng mga kwento kung paano lumaban at nakatakas ang mga OFW itong sa kamay ng mapagsamantalang amo nila. I want them to be encouraged that they are so blessed and hope to learn to be a blessing as well in someone's life.
Last month, I am so surprised when a friend of mine told me that OWWA granted my request to have a gift giving at OWWA and they allowed me to have it on Friday, yun kasi yung pinakawalang pasok dito.
Thank you Lord after years, I can be with my family, friends and brethren in this event.

Mark this on your calendar guys!

As of my last visit last year, there were 100+ women, 3 men and 5 children who are living under the care and custody of OWWA, hoping that this year it is lesser..not because I want to lessen the donations that we're going to raise pero sana konti na lang or much better kung walang namamaltrato or nabibiktima.
Doha family, friends, brethren, colleagues and even to those that I don't know personally but have the desires to spread, share and give joy, hope and love to our fellow OFW.
Pwede nyong isama ang kaibigan ng kaibigan ng kaibigan nyo or ang kapatid or pinsan ng pinsan ng kaopisina mo :-) The point is we're untied in one mission, TO GIVE LOVE

Simple things from us are big and special gift for them....

One of the investment of many OFW especially women are on their clothes, aminin nyo ladies halos minsan namromroblema na kayo kung paano isasara ang closet door nyo sa kadamihan ng mga damit nyo na hindi naman na naisusuot, may iba sa atin sasabihin na magdadiet para masuot ulit yung damit, what if maluma na or worse magato na yung fabric nya, sayang naman di ba so this is one of your chance para mabawasan ang mga damit sa cabinet nyo. So aside magiging maluwag ang cabinet nyo makakapagpasaya pa kayo :-) same as with your shoe racks and bag stand.
When receiving a gift, di ba gusto natin yung kahit hindi naman super ganda pero presentable or useable naman, ganon din sana tayo kapag magbibigay, isipin natin na we're giving something to ourselves, na tayo ang magsusuot. Gusto mo ba magsuot ng may butas or sobrang nipis na damit dahil sa kalumaan? di ba ayaw mo. When we are giving something isipin sana muna natin if us ourselves kung tayo ang bibigyan maappreciate ba natin or baka maawa tayo sa mga sarili natin at isipin natin na taga-salo lang tayo ng mga patapong bagay? I hope you get my point guys, ang gusto natin is mapasaya sila hindi po ipamukha sa kanila kung ano sila. Kung pwede rin po sana wag na tayong magbigay na kelangan pang sulsihan, in short maayos pong mga damit or gamit ang ibigay natin sa kanila, used man po ito for sure ako maappreciate at pasasalamatan nila.
Every year I make sure that each of them can receive a paper bag with toiletries - bath soap, toothpaste, tooth brush, sanitary napkin, shampoo, etc., its a basic needs to have at least a set of those stuffs.
How your donations of a pack of soap or a pair of toothbrush and toothpaste will work? lahat ng mga donations ay pinapagsama-sama until makabuo ng ilang sets na mabibigyan lahat, brand doesn't matter po as long as hindi expired at ok.
Last year since may mga kids na rin sa OWWA I asked my friends na pwede rin ang diapers or milk or used clothes for kids. So tanong nyo naman, how come nagkaroon ng mga bata sa OWWA? sila yung mga batang naging bunga nang mga pangaabuso, so pwede rin po ang diapers or children stuffs.
You can also give food for the gift giving event itself - pansit, puto, spaghetti, bread, soft drinks, water or juice or kahit ano pong pagkain basta hindi sira or panis. I remember last 2010 yata yon, during ng kainan umupo ako at nakipagkwentuhan sa isa sa mga babae sa OWWA, ng bigla na lang syang namilipit sa sakit ng tyan at napaiyak na sya, nung tanungin ko sya sinabi nya siguro daw nabigla ang tyan nya kasi ilang linngo na daw syang di kumakain kc nga hindi sya pinapakain ng amo nya and she just arrived at OWWA that morning kaya ang first meal nya afters weeks is nung umaga pa lang.
We are so blessed, we can eat whenever and whatever we want, sometimes may mga food pa tayo na nasisira lang kasi nga takaw tingin lang, you can pledge :-) yung pang Chillis or pang-Starbucks mo ilang balot na loaf bread na rin ang maibibigay mo sa kanila di ba. Its easy to do if and if you have the desires to make them happy. And I know you have :-)
Since some doesn't have much time to buy toiletries or food and drinks, you can just give me any amount and rest assured that the amount will be fully for those stuffs.
If you have car and you can drive for us going to the event, it would be a great help for us also, knowing that taxi or private car is a bit expensive also.
Friday is the only rest day after a tiring week for some of us but believe me, its very fulfilling and you'll enjoy it.
Guys once more I'm asking your help and support to make this gift giving possible. Like past years hope you can support me again and this time I want you to know that you can personally join on the event itself - kung dati nagdodonate ka lang, kung dati nakikinig ka lang sa kwento ko or nakikita mo lang sila sa picture na pinopost ko, well this year you can see, hear their stories and be in touched with them.
Everyone is welcome to be a part of this event. This is not my party, this is to make our fellow OFW happy even at least few hours.  They are the stars of the event :-) At least for few hours maiparamdam natin sa kanila that we love and care for them and lift them up not to loose hope despite of what happened to them.
I believe all of us are bless in different aspects of our life, although we will celebrate Christmas and New Year far away from our family but still, we have a freedom to enjoy celebrate it the way we want. We can enjoy the people matters to us, we can enjoy the foods in our table, we can receive best gifts presence from someone who love us, sana sila rin di ba? But we can make it possible hindi man sa Christmas Day, we can do it in advance :-) Sa tulong ng bawat isa sa atin, mas marami tayong mapapangiti at mapapasaya.
Together, we can do more! 
Lets share our blessings...
Be a blessing and be blessed!

If you want to be a part of the OWWA Gift Giving 2013 in any way - being a donor or volunteer don't hesitate to send me a message :-)

Mas masaya kung sama-sama :-)

God bless us all

Monday, November 11, 2013

Sagip Kababayan: Reaching Out for Victims of Typhoon Yolanda

Every time I see the photos and videos how the typhoon Yolanda disastrously damaged Philippines I can't help to cry and sympathize to my fellow Filipino. But even I cried so hard and loud its useless, I cannot comfort them with those tears and sympathy words, they need help in any little ways we can.
I saw several posts of how other countries and even those other nationalities in vacation in Philippines help and reach our fellowmen. I am bless seeing them carry sack of rice and packing relief goods, I am happy to see the monetary figures other countries gave to Philippines to help its people and maybe to restore other important facilities that need to be restored. But how about us, does our heart desires to reach and help our "kababayans" too? or iiyak na din lang tayo at awa lang ang paiiralin every time we see them in pain and in hunger, sleeping on the cold street with full of mud. Ipagpapaubaya na lamang ba natin sa ibang lahi ang pagtulong sa mismo nating mga kababayan dahil sa isang katutak na dahilan natin? "wala kasi akong pera", "wala akong oras" or "marami na namang tutulong sa kanila". Have you ever think the possibility na pwedeng mangyari din sa'yo ang nangyari sa kanila? at there is a possibility also na kung anong dahilan mo ng di mo pagtulong sa kanila ngayon is yon din ang ibigay ng ibang taong dahilan sa'yo pagdating ng araw?
Don't think that I'm forcing you to donate nor to help, my point is if you'll see how blessed you are at this moment if you'll compare what they are going through, will you just ignore them?
Ang pagtulong hindi hobby, hindi rin ito katulad ng arts or ng baking na kelangan maging passion mo muna bago mo gustuhing gawin. Helping others is desire from the heart and you can teach your heart to love to help others. 
If you are reading my previous posts in here siguro sasabihin nyo naman nakakabingi na ang mga sermon ni Jen about helping and giving :-) well instead na mabingi ka, tumulong ka na din lang - mas masaya, masarap ang pakiramdam na magshare ng blessings.
I received calls and messages from family, friends and colleagues to lead the donation drive for the victims of typhoon Yolanda. Its not my first time to do this SAGIP KABABAYAN - nagdaan si Ondoy, Sendong, Pablo at kung sino-sino pang bagyo and lagi kong sinasabi we don't need to be rich nor to be in any position to help others, what only matters are the desire of our heart in helping.
Marami pa rin sa mga Pilipino especially OFWs ang nagdududa minsan na tumulong kasi they are thinking na ibubulsa lang ng taong papadalhan nila ang pera na ipinadala nila para sa mga biktima pero isipin nyo what if hindi naman talaga ganon? e di nasayang yung time na dapat nakatulong ka sa kapwa mo.
For several years I've been sending donations from our donation drive through some tv stations and other organizations but for this typhoon Yolanda, it will be sent directly to a person who will personally go to some areas mainly Tacloban, the most affected by the typhoon to reach the victims physically.  I'm referring to Mitz Sanchez Mape, she's a friend of one of my brethren. Mitz is not affiliated in any NGOs or private organization. She is doing out reach projects/ programs by herself with help of her family and friends.
So how Mitz will distribute our donations?
For this typhoon Yolanda operation, I and other friends and colleagues decided to instead of in kind donations we will only accept monetary donations. Why? For the past SK donation drives that we did we paid a bit expensive cost for the shipping, instead na maidadag yon sa pambili ng ibang needs ng ating mga kababayan napupunta sa shipping cost. We know na kelangan din nila ng mga damit and other apparels at malaking tulong din yung mga maiibigay natin, pero as of their present situations they need mostly foods, water, medicines and other primary needs na mas mura nating mabibili sa Pinas. But still paki-stand by lang po nung mga used clothes, kasi we are also working to seek for some groups na pwede nating pagbigyan and aside pwede po nating idonate yan sa OWWA.
How we will do it?
After gathering all the donations I will send it to Mitz, after receiving she will confirm to me. We can ask her what goods we want for the victims then she will buy it, pack and personally bring it to the victims. All the receipts will be sent to me and all the photos will be posted from time to time.
I know like me, you are also saying to yourself "kung sana andon ako sa Pinas...", if only I have means to be there personally and to reach them out physically. But the reality is we are here and one of the best that we can do is to help our fellow Filipinos by giving or sharing our resources to them.
Lets be a blessing in any simple or little ways we can!
In times like this, all we need is an open heart and open hand.
We are bless and that is enough to be a blessing as well to others especially to those who are in need.
Lets not wait for Christmas to extend help...lets make every day and every instances a Christmas, full of love and one of the essence is sharing and giving.
For any of your donations and related inquiry. don't hesitate to call me or drop me a message.
Thank you so much.
God bless Philippines
God bless us all

Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God - Hebrews 13:16

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What Keeps Me Busy

For almost two weeks na nawala ako sa blogsphere, I will try my very best to be back and share what happened to me and suddenly I was disappeared in blog world, I know that you know what I meant.
I only have one reason for not blogging for almost two weeks - BUSYNESS. Yup I don't have much time lately to update you on what's happening to me, I tried but in the end I just delete what I wrote cos I couldn't finish. Hope I will finish this post.
What keeps me busy?
After the Eid Holidays, my full packed schedule continued. No wonder I have a lot of pending stories to tell you and so many photos to share, my apology to you guys.  So back to what keeps me busy...
I just transferred new flat last Friday. It took me two Fridays to shift my stuffs not included those I sent for cargo and old bed and dresser I have. Knowing how its difficult to boxed all the stuffs then take it out again and put to their proper places - cabinets or either racks. I had a good sleep on my first night in my new bed, after seven years I and my princess bed separated our ways, and this time for good. And what to expect the next day, I can't move my hands and my back is really aching, so ang ending SL ang beauty ko, but its not totally rest I need to arrange my stuffs.

These are only some of my personal stuffs that I arranged, I still have few box to open - my bags need to be hanged in bags' stand and books needs to be placed in the shelves. Oh my good luck to me kung kelan ako sipagin :-)
Another thing that keeps me busy in our new small business but its a corporation...hahaha meron bang corporation na maliit? hehehe.  Just two weeks ago we started an online page I'll definitely post separately for that, we started a small food business, mini catering as well.  Here's a info-photo of the bits of biz that I'm saying.

In just few days someone dear to me will be here in Doha! Yup and I've been busy arranging all the documents and necessary papers, sending emails for him and yes until he is not here with me I know I'll be busy and a bit nervous, praying that the Lord will touch the heart of all the people he will encounter in going here especially those who are in the Philippines immigration.
Those things look so simple that you might think that's not a valid reasons to escape from blogging but it is because aside from being busy to those things and stuffs I still have work and other activities that I need to attend. I do miss being on this world where I can express what I feel and tell what I want, feeling ko talaga ang talaga ang dami kong namiss na mga news, craze and happenings in blogsphere, but don't worry guys I just need few time and a bit of push to be in circulation again. I hope you'll continue to visit me here and join me in my journey through my stories.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Logos Hope 2013: I'm One In A Million

It takes a bit late to fulfill my promise to you guys that I will make a detailed post regarding Logos Hope. They left here in Qatar few days ago but still the experienced I've got from Logos Hope is still with me.
This post are for those who missed Logos Hope here in Qatar and for those who wants if they visit on your country.
Its my first time to visit Logos Hope although I've been to Doulos before, way back 1999 or 2000 not sure. This is not the first time of Logos here in Qatar, they've been here 2011. 
Let's take a look what's inside of the biggest book fair ship in the world!
Here is little insight on their day to day life.
Most of their crew members serve and live Logos for two years. Almost all people share two or four person per cabin, each of them are from different nationalities and ages.

They are all come from different nations, cultures and backgrounds. Through sharing and listening to each other, crew members on board really have the chance to know each other and build valuable friendship that lasts for lifetime.
 The ship has 5 parts as shown above in their ship map.

Lets take a look the history...
I guess everyone of us loves book, whatever types or kinds it is for sure each one of us has at least one in our shelves.
I was really excited when I learned that Logos Hope will visit Doha again, I missed their first visit and told to myself that this time. And I'm glad on its first or second day I was here with cousins, and we really enjoyed. How I wish I could buy all the books I like.
the price conversion table
The conversion is really cheap, although according to some people I talked with who visited the Logos after I did, their prices increase an additional 2QR but still its cheap compare to other book stands or shops in malls
Logos Hope have 5000 titles of books - guys its only titles so how much the count for each title? its really the biggest book fair on board!

Bookworms and bibliophile are you ready to "hoard" books?
Special offers story books for kids. Children will surely enjoy being in the ship, so guys if you have your children or nieces and nephews bring them with you, and they will surely love being there.
King and Queen of kitchen, you'll enjoy their numerous baking and cook books.
Look the big smile of my cousin Ate Che when she found the baking books...
If you're not into baking there are a lot of international cuisine cookbooks that you'll enjoy
 For vegetarians, they have books for you too :-)
 Desserts for sweet lovers ...
So much for recipe books cos I'm not a kitchen empress :-) but I got one book from that section for my Daddy.
 When I saw this section, I can't help to go back to my younger days...
 They have fiction books also but they doesn't have Paulo Coello nor Mitch Albom...
Oh my higschool days...
Although its easy to have the thesaurus nor the antonyms in just one click, there are still people who love to have dictionary on their palm.
And look what I found, a wedding organizer! I asked Ate Che, if she knows anyone who will be getting married so I can buy it, and she replied "bilhin mo para pag ikinasal ka" Well if I will wait for my turn, maybe the paper is already yellowish..
Parenting and Family books...
Mothers and moms to be, this corner is perfect with you.
And this corner is where I belong...
But ooppsss not this book...
 I guess this one...
Its definitely me, a single wait for my revelations ^__^
If they have books for women of course they have for men too.
I only have known few men who loves to read, I guess most of them really love to watch tv or movies or be in front of their computers.
For the newly wed and even for those who counting years already, they have different books that will suit you. Even though I'm not yet married I glanced at those copies.
One of the reason I love Logos Hope, most of its book are really inspirational. Living in the gulf country where choices of books are limited and Christian books are totally not available will surely makes your heart jump when you their shelves.
I got a copy of this One Year devotional book :-) counting the days for 2014!
Aside from devotional books they also have bibles - yup bible! I'm encouraging those who are living in the gulf country, do not miss to get a bible copy. They come into different versions and covers. They have bible study tool books also.
You can buy souvenir items from them too.
And these books really excites me...
For kids!

I got some biblical story books fro my nephews.
Art and Crafts lover this corner is for us too :-)
I grabbed few from this corner, my parents will surely love these books but I try to balance it on my palm, I changed my mind, it will take a lot of kilos on my cargo box...hahaha

Aside from story books for children they have toys and educational learning materials also.
Logos has collections of CDs too.
At the end is their cashier.
After the cashier, you'll be lead going to cafe but before you'll pass on this way...

Journey of Life, part 3 of the ship
Do you have any in your mind what's story is on the picture?
One of the crew is telling the story as depicted in the picture. All are listening eagerly as they continue to walk and follow the pictures.
Can you guess the story?
Check the picture on my back? 
Part 4 - Theater
You can watch movie that they are playing in this area.
 Kids will definitely love this playing area, and they can meet new friends too...
 Part 5 International Cafe
After you bought books, ate and enjoyed....
Don't miss to take a photo behind these stuffs...
Can you guess?

 Lets travel the world!
 the HAPPY ME :-)
Here's on my bag...
Aside from good books and memorable experience being in the ship, I guarantee you guys their crew and staffs are the best. You can ask them to guide or even tour you to the ship. They are all very accommodating, you'll not hesitate to approach them.
Don't miss the chance to visit Logos Hope.

From October 23 till November 3, 2013 they will be in Bahrain.