Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"The Singles" at the Vega

Its been a month that we're planning to meet again but due to conflict of schedules and other reasons laging napopostponed and at last on Sunday natuloy rin kami. I'm talking to my "the singles", they are my friends and sibling from one of my bible study group in our church here in Doha, Qatar. But since I transferred other group minsan ko na lang sila nakikita though we exchange emails and messages nman but still mas masarap magkwentuhan kapag in person di ba.
Since M's sisters are now both back in the Philippines, we're down into three na lang - Genie a.k.a. "NG" and Renan a.k.a "Nan"  I love how their names rhymed.
Friends and some colleagues of mine always ask me where here in Doha they can find nice place, good food and at the same time affordable price, its because alam nila that I can find those places. For me kasi aside from the place and food its who with you that matters, I mean mas memorable if you're with someone na gusto mo talagang kasama, parang kahit anong sarap minsan ng food and ganda ng place madali mong makalimutan di ba kasi hindi mo "masyadong" feel ang kasama mo but I know minsan lang mangyari yung mga ganong cases..hahaha.
Join us as we invade the privacy of Beverly Hills Tower.
Its not my first time here in Beverly Tower. The first one is when my Tita Sylvia and Tito Abet gave us a treat for their anniversary and the second one is when I hosted a baby shower for my former colleague. I always advise if new sa inyo yung place don't hesitate to check from their websites or to give them a call sa mga inquiry nyo, mas ok na yung sure kayo sa kung ano mang expectations na dadatnan nyo. Genie gave a call first to Vega Lounge to check some prices. And according to her its affordable. 
The weather is still good, hindi pa ganong ka-humid or kainit dito sa disyerto kaya you can still enjoy outdoor actvities like kwentuhan beside the pool but we chose to go inside of the lounge.
The lounge is located beside their pool area.
It seems na pina-reserved ni Genie for us ang buong place :-) 
The palette of the place is cream and orange. So cozy!  pero since may si Nan is working from a 5stars hotel sabi nya ganda na daw talaga ng setting except using artificial flowers in the table...hahaha.
Vega Lounge is a cafe restaurant not only for the tenants of the tower but they also caters some outsiders including us.  They can also accommodate small meetings or small gatherings. They offer coffee, fresh juices, sandwiches and pizzas, ice cream, etc. But if you prefer a heavy meal, there's still one restaurant beside them.
 I recommend you guys to try the one that I ordered the lime mint fresh juice.
 We ordered chicken ranch pizza. Thumbs up! I love its crust.
And for those who love Sushi, here is their promo...
We preferred to have a pizza and fresh juices only, as we plan to have coffee somewhere after. 
Without minding the time, a light meal become sumptuous because of sharing stories and advices - from relationships, getting married, handling finances and even our personal spiritual growth. Ang sarap magkwentuhan kapag alam mong totoong tao ang kausap mo, you know what I mean, no hesitations to share your views and opinions and to even share your life kasi alam mo that they will not judge you or stab you at the back after the night. And dahil sa sarap ng kwentuhan hindi pa namin halos naubos yung 1 whole pizza, diet ba tayo guys? hahaha. 
Around 10:30 I asked them na tumayo na kasi until 11:00 p.m. lang ang Vega e for sure magpipictorial pa si Gen ..hahaha and aside pwede namang sa poolside na lang namin ituloy ang pagkwekwentuhan.
Here are some of the photos we took...
 Our Official Photographer  :-)
 The Model :-)
Hindi po kami ang subject ni Mr. Photographer, extra lang kami. Ang subject nya ay yung bulaklak ..hahaha
 Ayaw magpaawat ng super model..hahaha
The Happy Single Lady...
The Happy Me

Sometimes being a friend means mastering of timing. There will be a time that you are tired and all you want to do is to rest after work but here comes a friend asking for some of your time. Time is the best expression of love we can give to someone. I think this is the best thing I've learned from past relationships (all kinds) I've been - to have time and to have ears for people especially to those who are really matters with you. If you have time now to meet them and spend some hours with them, do it. Don't take tomorrow do the things that your today can do.
Till next time!

Vega Lounge 
2nd floor Beverly Hills Tower, West Bay Doha, Qatar
Telephone number: 44145751
Timings: 7:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

My Best Critic

I will always be thankful the way I was raised by my parents...
I will always be thankful to those times that my Mom will say "do not do that or this"
I will always be thankful to those days that even I cried hard she will not allow me to go somewhere
I will always be thankful that even it hurts she told me that the clothes, shoes or bag that I have with me doesn't compliment with each other.
I will always be thankful that even she knows someone who can help me to get the job I want yet she just let me to get it on my own
I will always be thankful to those tiring and sleepless night yet she will wake me up at 5:00 in the morning to read the bible and pray.
I will always be thankful for her honesty if my work doesn't seems fine.
I will always be thankful for she's sometimes just silent in giving compliments for my achievements.

I will always be thankful cos in every action she did towards me are for my own good.
If she will only allow me to do whatever I want to do, how can I know the right from the wrong.
If she will allow me to go out with my friends and classmates wherever they go, I will not learn how to value real friendships and even real friends.
If she will let me know that my clothes, shoes or bag doesn't compliment then who will do. I might be able to look like a walking Christmas tree. 
If she will help me in all I need then how can I learn to stand with my feet; how can I know that I can. 
If she will not wake up during our family devotion, I will be lost
If she will not be honest with me even it hurts then how can I know my mistakes and even my weaknesses. 
If she will always give me compliments in everything I may not strive harder to achieve more.

My Mom knows me, she knows when is the right time to talk with me, to give me compliments or to push me a bit. She knows what I want and she knows what I hate. 
I love how she's been the best critic of life because without that constructive criticisms from her I will not be what or who I am today.

I am thankful and blessed to have you in my life Mommy. I love you forever.

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there!
Keep spreading the love with your family and nurture them with care.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ang Flip flops, Ang Tsinelas at Ang Pag-ibig

Yesterday my 9 years 2 months and 23 days flip flops said good bye to me. Yup almost a decade ko nang ginagamit ang mahal na mahal kong flip flops pero kahit ganon nang katagal hindi ko sya pinagsawaan, nalungkot ako nung habang suot ko sya yesterday morning ay bigla na lang syang nalagutan ng buhay. Kung friend kita sa FB alam mo na siguro ang story behind my beloved tsinelas, pero for the sake ng mga hindi pa ikwekwento ko na lang ulit ^____^

I received the said flip flops as a Valentine gifts from my parents last February 14, 2005. Babago pa lang nauuso ang mga flip flops that times and ang mamahal pa. Although I'm already working that time pero parang nanghihinayang ako to spend 500PHP on just a stylish slipper na hindi ko naman pwedeng gamitin sa work, that time kasi ang flip flops must have lang during summer unlike now that you can even wear it even you're wearing a dress. My mom knows how I love to have one pero lagi kong sinasabi sa kanya na I'd rather buy a flat sandals (one finger) from Rusty or I'll just wait CLN to have a sale than to buy flip flops. Valentine 2005 ako lang ang naiwan sa bahay, well we don't really celebrate Vday and since its weekend that time, its just a co-incidence na may date si Mommy at Daddy while si brother nasa girlfriend nya and me nasa bahay lang, I am from LDR kasi that time, its costly kaya that time kasi hindi nga kayo nagdate kung saang mga fine dining restaurant pero ang mahal ng overseas call, wala pa kasing skype at video call ang FB that time, ang yahoo messenger naman magiinit lang ang ulo nyo sa bagal at sa sorang choppy. So stay lang ang beauty ko sa bahay that time at namalancha na lang ang lola nyo while telebabad, sabi ko sa inyo since then pa lang magaling na ako sa multitasking hehehe. 
After kong mamalancha watch lang ako ng tv and after umusok ang telepono, dumating na sina Mommy ko I'm expecting na may dala silang food ^____^. Kahit malalaki na kasi kami, ang parents namin basta may pupuntahan may pasalubong and ngayon naman kami na ang gumagawa ng ganon sa kanila, kahit saan kami magpunta kahit nga sa SM lang I always make sure na I have pasalubong with them. As children we must return the favor they've did to us not as an obligation or responsibility but out of love and care. Pagbukas ko ng pinto excited na ako sa pasalubong hehehe bigla kong napansin ang "MANELS"  paper bag na hawak ni Mommy. "Sapatos na naman?" referring to what's inside the bag that she's holding. My Mom love shoes, siguro sa kanya ko namana yung pagkahilig ko sa sapatos, when she was still working kung anong color ng bag nya yun ang color ng shoes nya and it really compliments sa suot nyang damit. Ngumiti lang sya sabay abot sa akin ng paper bag, akala ko pinapatingnan nya sa akin, nung ilabas ko na "wow flip flops" super surprise ako sympre alam ko ng akin yon kasi malaki naman yung size para kay Mommy ^____^ and that's the story of the flip flops. Nung nasa Pinas ako everytime na naka-casual ako gamit ko si flip flops pero nung nagpunta ako dito sa Qatar araw-araw ko na syang ginagamit basta nasa bahay ako or kung minsan even sa pamamasyal, super comfy kasi sa paa.
Last night when I reached home from the office hindi pa rin nagsisink-in sa akin na wala na si flip flops, isusuot ko pa sana pero sira na nga pala sya until this morning isinuot ko si bedroom slipper ko pero parang ang lumang si flip flops pa rin ang hinahanap ng paa ko, alam mo yung feeling na parang may kulang at may hinahanap ka.
Bigla ko tuloy naalala ang isang forwarded email na natanggap ko few years ago its about comparing tsinelas sa pag-ibig. I tried to search it on my inbox pero mukhang sa katagalan ay nadelete na nga even sa net wala akong makita na katulad talaga ng email na yon pero here is the jist:
Gaano man kadami ang sapatos mo at the end of the day babalik ka rin sa tsinelas; gaano man kamahal ang mga sapatos mo kapag pagod ka na hahanaphanapin mo pa rin ang tsinelas; gaano man kaganda ang mga sapatos hindi sila flexible kahit saan ka magpunta unlike ng tsinelas kahit saan mo isuot sa matagalan or malayuang byahe man pwede. Parang pag-ibig lang din daw may mga taong mananakit sa atin, may mga taong maganda lang ang porma at panlabas na anyo pero hindi ka kayang samahan hanggang huli pero may isang tao lagi na anjan lang naghihintay kung kelan ka babalik kung kelan mo mapapansin ang kasimplehan nyang taglay, isang tao na kaya kang samahan gaano man kalayo or katagal ang iyong paglalakbay. In the end sya rin ang hahanaphanpin mo. Sabi nila ang lovelife parang tsinelas rin kelangan ng kaparehas. Hindi magandang tingnan kung magkaiba ang partner ng isang pares ng tsinelas mo sa isang paa then sa kabila rin; ang isa super daming palamuti then yung isa halos wala naman parang hindi bagay di ba? hindi rin pwedeng magkapareho na kanan or kaliwa madadapa ka non for sure. Dapat talaga magkamatch, dapat magkaparehas.
The story makes sense naman di ba, pero ang tanong nakita mo na ba ang kaparehas mo? Ang sagot ko kelangan ba talagang hanapin ang kaparehas, hindi ba pwedeng hintayin na lang? Or baka naman talagang walang kaparehas ang tsinelas ko at naghihintay sa wala, pwede namang bumili na lang ng bago at hindi na umasa na hintayin pa ang kaparehas na inaasam. Katulad ng nasira kong si flip flops, may hangganan ang tsinelas, at kung masira man tanggapin at mag-move; laging may nakalaang bago and for sure magiging comfortable ka rin at matututo mo ring mahalin.
Always trust in the Lord for He knows the best for us at kung ano man ang will Nya for us tanggapin natin.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cooking 101 with Jen

I am not a kitchen person. Cooking nor baking is not really my passion but I know how to cook. I am from a family who loves to cook and bake pero ewan ko ba hindi ko yata namana yon sa kanila. But don't get me wrong guys even I don't cook often I know how to cook naman. I remember after I graduated college that I try to learned different recipes and while I'm cooking I'm holding cooking book with me or sometimes I will call my friends and ask them what menu can I cook on the available stuffs on our ref.  Sabi kasi ni Mommy baka daw ibalik ako ng magiging in laws ko if hindi ako marunong magluto ...hahaha
When I was in Philippines I never cook talaga, magaling at masarap magluto si Mommy at Daddy kaya hindi ako napressure na magluto para lang may makain. When I started to work here abroad lahat ng mga pinsan ko masasarap at magagaling magluto, maybe its one of the reason din kung bakit di ako nahilig or napilitang magluto, nakakapressure in a way na ang gagaling ng mga kasama mo sa house magluto then if you cooked tapos what if hindi masarap sayang lang yung ingredients di ba?
Hindi ko naging problema ang pagluluto even I am away with my parents especially kapag may work ako, mas magiging problema ko siguro kung maubos ang mga tinapay sa tinapay sa mga grocery stores. I don't have packed lunch with me since we have canteen in the office, yun nga lang nakakasawa din minsan its good thing I have office mates who shared their passion in cooking with us.
Since my brother lived with me here in Doha, one of my worries is paano sya papakainin hehehe I mean what to cook for him since I don't cook nga talaga. Thanks to my cousins, the B2 F12 family who loves to cook, bake and eat as well. Hindi rin sila nagpapacked lunch, bread lang ok na rin sila. Kung ako hindi nagluluto kasi hindi ko talaga hilig guess what mas lalo ang brother ko, and take note of his course. He graduated in HRM (Hotel and Restaurant Management) course pero hindi talaga sya nagluluto except sa specialty nya ang magprito. 
When we were in Philippines sa bahay namin hindi naguulit ng menu within the day, kung ulam na yan sa lunch for sure iba na yan sa dinner, pwede namang ulitin basta hindi on the same day. My brother and my Dad mas gusto nila my variety within the day. Kapag tumatawag ako kay Mommy one of his question lagi is about sa pagkain. At first, nung hindi pa nagwowork si brother ok lang kahit ano and anytime pwede naman syang magluto ng as usual fried pero nakakasawa din yon di ba.
Since I am at home na by 8:00 pm compare naman sa dating schedule ko na 10:30pm or sometimes 11pm pa nga, I have time to cook for him. Sabi ng konsensya ko "Ikaw ba yan Jen magluluto ka sure ka ba sa mga pinaggagagawa mo?" Well, let me try kung hindi maging ok then back to fried si dear brother.
This is the life of being OFW, ang bawat minuto at oras mahalaga, ewan ko nga ba kung bakit ang bilis ng oras dito kaya naman gabi pa lang magluluto na ako para sa baon ng kapatid ko kasi kung sa morning ko pa sya iluluto good luck naman sa 7:15 a.m na pick up time ng service ko. After kong maluto papalamigin ilalagay sa ref at sya na bahala magpainit the next day.
First menu I cooked for him is Adobo. This is the first recipe I've learned talaga nasa Pinas pa lang ako. And just the other day B2 F12 are requesting me to cook adobo again for them. Yes! it seems na masarap hehehe. That's one of my attitude, kapag ako ang nagluluto I asked someone para tikman kung ok na ang lasa.
Last night I tried my first ever Sweet & Sour Meatballs...
Its very easy and affordable ^__^ You want to know how? Well here it is.

For Meatballs:
Ingredients: minced beef, onion, pepper, egg, flour,salt
Mix the minced with diced onions, put pepper and salt to taste. Add 1 egg and a spoon of flour to stiffen the mixture and then form it into a small like ball. And deep it into a boiling pan of oil.

For Sauce:
Ingredients: vinegar, sugar, sweet chilli sauce (optional), carrots, bell pepper, ginger and pineapple (optional)
In your pan, put vinegar, sugar and water. Let it simmer for few minutes. Dissolve a half spoon of flour into tap water, make sure the flour (powder) is dissolve completely before you pour into your mixture (sauce+sugar and water). Put the sliced onions, and after a minute put the meatballs and let it simmer for 5 minutes. You can add sweet chilli sauce to attain color and taste more.
That's it...ang dali lang di ba? 
Ready nang pang baon....

O ayan Mommy marunong na akong magluto and I will try to improve pa through other recipes, siguro naman hindi na ako ibabalik ng in-laws ko este magiging in-laws pala.
Till next cooking blog!