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A Visit to Museum of Islamic Art

Weekends here in middle east were mostly spent in shopping malls, its because there are limited place to visit. There are also beaches, zoo, and other open fields but I don't think you can stand the hot weather, that's why if we have some friends or families who wants to visit, we are advising them to have it on winter season probably October to March.
Last month, the family of Kuya Edwin arrived for a short vacation. Kuya Edwin is my brethren in the church (Qatar International Christian Ministries) and we're together in one bible study cell group. I don't think of any place where to bring his family.  
We need to consider things like accessibility to taxi, places where kids will enjoy and something na magiging memorable yung pagpunta nila doon sa place, and pocket friendly of course.
It's not my first time to be a "tour guide" hehehe, we have some family and friends who've been here in Doha for a vacation, so it's not my first time to the places that I will feature in here today. But its good to see that every time I visit these places there are some new to see and discover.
Let me tour you in some places that speaks history.
The time I heard Doha, Qatar and knowing that its a desert land, ang naisip ko talaga is walang kahit na anong mga "green" na nabubuhay dito - no trees, no grass, no flowers. etc. All I imagined are tall buildings and other infrastructure, pero hindi naman pala...
After the Friday morning church service
The skies are clear and weather is still good, usually kasi kapag April or May na medyo mainit na and humid na.

blue skies, green grass - so relaxing
if you want to see different designs of buildings, they have it all...

If  we have Philippine National Museum in Manila, we have here Museum of Islamic Art. 

According to Qatar Museum Authority "The Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar, is a museum for the world. It will bring the world to Doha, but it will also connect Doha to the world. The Museum of Islamic Art is dedicated to being the foremost museum of Islamic art in the world, and as well a centre of education and information in the field of the arts of the Islamic world." 
You can take elevator to reach the museum or take steps through stairs.
if you take stairs, you'll pass many dates trees...
better to take an elevator (right side) if you're visiting here on summer
 Even water is expensive (than to their gasoline) here, you can still enjoy to see flashing fountains 

          Co-incidence lang na halos lahat kami naka-yellow color...parang BS Anniversary lang :)
Let's find what's inside...
The first time I visited MIA (Museum of Islamic Art) what really fascinates me is its architectural designs. I'm not an engineer not even an architect but even I don't know technical terms about what a good design means, from my eye perspective I can see that its really unique. Most of the museum I visited doesn't have big space as this. MIA is designed in 35, 500 square meters.
We chose to take stairs going up...
 they have stores inside the museum pero ginto ang presyo!
i didn't try this restaurant yet, looks expensive..hahaha
 the ceiling has Islamic designs as well

MIA has so many collection of Islamic artifacts from textiles, carpets, manuscripts, and even jewelries from different part of the world including Spain, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, and Central Asia.
Displays are not allowed to touch
Beware of the glasses box also, sa sobrang linis at kintab ng mga glass nila parang wala talaga kaya ang ending ang sakit lang sa ulo kapag nauntog ka ..

Here are some of the items you can find inside
Door and window panels with bones
If I'm not mistaken the white embellishments on the panel are bones from animals.

Carpet is already a part of an Arab culture. 
We're just amazed how they were able to preserved these pieces, some are from 1600.

The Longest Carpet Award goes to....

The best carpet for me goes to....
Carpet from Lebanon!
No close up picture of carpet kasi may glass nagrereflect ang lights...

MIA has several rooms that you can visit. Each room has its own theme whether its Persian, Asian, etc.

Stones and Tiles...
madetalye ang mga designs, hand crafted pa siguro ito  

Aside from gasoline, Arab countries are also rich in golds...
 "The Gold Diggers"
How about this one on your porch....
For sure akyat bahay ang drama ng house mo...why?
This statue is made of gold!
If you're planning to visit MIA, be sure you are wearing flat shoes or sandals or any comfy footwear except rubber slippers, its not allowed.
At dahil napagod na, rest muna ang mga chickitings pag may time :)

They have comfy chairs inside of every rooms and even in every lobby.
How about their Arab kitchen stuffs noong unang panahon...
You can find so many old cups, plates, jars, and other home decors and accessories..
Here are my choices :
If you have party at home, use this "Granny's Wong"  sa isang salang luto nang lahat..hehehe I wonder how many kilos of rice you can cook here
 parang "witch craft" sa mga movies..hahaha
 ilang kilong kalamay kaya ang kasya sa tray na nasa likod nila? hehehe..ang laki!

MIA has three floors, on their ground floor (beside the restaurant), you can find their souvenir shop. You can find so many items like books, school supplies, and even home decors with their own labels and signatures.

Admission to Museum of Islamic Art is absolutely FREE for all. Just be sure to observed some of their rules and regulations. Dress codes applies (sleeveless, shorts, rubber slippers, above the knee length are not allowed). Taking pictures is allowed but touching objects are not. Observed silence.

Sunday 10:30 – 17:30
Monday 10:30 – 17:30
Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday 10:30 – 17:30
Thursday 12:00 – 20:00
Friday 14:00 – 20:00
Saturday 12:00 – 20:00
So Doha peeps if you have family or friends who visits you here in Doha, you can add Museum of Islamic Art on your list to visit and for sure like us they will enjoy it too.
Explore the history and see the products of God's given talent.

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