Saturday, May 25, 2013

Meet The Super Friends

You might encountered already "Super Friends" (SF) in some of my post, but still wondering who are they. Super Friends is not the American animated television series about superheroes that you watched every now and then.
Super Friends 
Super (su-per) (adjective) - excellent, very great, excessive (adverb)-especially
Friends (friends) (noun) - acquaintances, ally, links, contacts, close, siblings
Super Friends are the excellent, great, special people, ally, acquaintance, siblings that I have that I met in the company that I'am working as of this moment. Ang hirap pala talagang i-describe ang mga taong mahalaga sa'yo, indescribable pala talaga. 
While most of the people are celebrating their Valentines Day, we are starting to build friendship. 
February 14, 2010  started it all, from a simple dinner and coffee date, Super Friends were born.
We're working in the same company but we're from different departments.
Each of us is unique from one another, we are from different places way back home, we have different opions, views and even faith but we do respect each other. Respect is really important in any relationships followed by trust and honesty. We have other set of friends out of the circle as well, we are not only moving in one fence, that's what I really love about SF. It doesn't mean that we're in the group we can't have any other friends outside or we can't mingle to others anymore.
We are working together, there were times na nagkakapikunan din sa mga transactions or nagkakasagutan din but as they say nga trabaho lang walang personalan, once na tumayo na kami sa mga desks namin wala na yon.
We started in less than 10 and now we're more than 15! Family is getting bigger.  I consider SF as one of the great blessings I have in living abroad. Sabi ko nga hindi ako siguro tatagal sa company for almost 7 years kung hindi ko sila nakilala. 
People come and go but there's always someone who will stay at meron din na bumabalik - starting in a new clean slate is the key to a long lasting friendships
We do so much FUN being together. From simple lunch to surprise birthday celebrations, from ordinary days to special occasions, we make it to the point to enjoy the days and nights being with each other.
Its not all about fun and good times, we have some memorable times that tested us - being with each other in times of not so good times, supporting each other on our own personal problems or challenges in life...parang si Mhaya lang, "kapit bisig"
We have our own personality - our own strengths, weaknesses and flaws. But what matter to us is the humbleness we have in each other to accept our faults and to ask for apology. 
True friends doesn't mean how long you've been together, for me its your relationship with each other that counts. Its not only the happy days of being with each other but mostly in tough times you need someone to lean, someone to cry on and someone who will not judge you but instead comfort you. 
I'm really so thankful that God gave me a good set of people to be with - Super Friends, people who loves me in their own special way, people who understands me when everyone seems to judge and question me. I know time will come we will part ways, some actually did but I believe there are always way to get in touch and be with each other again. But for the meantime we will continue to share and spend time together, so expect more kwento of our gala, adventure, at kung ano-ano pa and not to miss the pictures of our happenings. I'll update you through my posts :-)
Friends are precious gift from God and I'm so blessed that He blessed me to have my Super Friends.
Thank you Super Friends for the gem - for the friendship!


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    1. :-) I owe a lot to them for all the goodness and friendship they shared and still sharing with me
      thanks Jiselle!


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