Wednesday, December 2, 2015

DIY Christmas Trinkets

Christmas tree Oh my Christmas tree...
If you are a Filipino, you know how happy the ambiance your house will be if you have Christmas decorations when "ber" month come along the way. Different sizes of Christmas tree - some are white and mostly are green, colorful lights and trees accessories to give life.
Though Christmas is one of the most important occasion that we are celebrating yearly, we don't need to spend too much just to make everything inside the house look stunning and extravagant. We can re-use the old Christmas decors that we used last year or recycled it to give a new look. Christmas season is your chance to be more artistic and creative, its time for another DIY-ing!
I love photos! Every time I see photos along with it are stories - good happy old days. So since Christmas tree decorations like balls and trinkets are very seldom and expensive here in Doha, I decided to do my version of Pinterest inspired trinkets.
I used photos of Doha Family from our previous Christmas - Year End gatherings. So here's another DIY to enjoy.

What you need:
Photos, Paper string, and Scissor

Choose photos of your choice and cut it depends on the sizes that you preferred.
Punch a small hole on the photo
Cut paper string according to the length that you want.
Insert the paper string on the whole and tie it.

After those easy steps....
Here is our Christmas Trinkets...

If you want an affordable, unique and full of happy memories Christmas trinkets, try this DIY.
Have a merry and colorful Christmas tree!