Monday, April 20, 2015

Let's Take A Bike Ride

After our C.R.E.W (youth ministry) service last Friday, we hit Aspire park. Its actually Guia's request before her flight that night going back to Philippines for her college schooling. The weather is still quite good and the heat of the sun is still tolerable.
Yay is that mean riding in the bicycle? Honestly I don't know how to ride in the bicycle on my own. I tried naman na matuto nung bata pa ako, Daddy even asked someone to teach me pero hindi talaga, as I've told you hindi nga ako sporty pang board games lang ako, hehehe. I asked these youngsters that I can be their photographer but since ang available na bike lang is for four seaters I joined them na rin, rider lang ako hahaha.
rate: 35QR per hour

They have single bike also but its not available last Friday. According to "ate" nire-repair daw yung mga single or solo bike nila.
Let's start the ride!


 Balancing is one of the most important thing you should learn in biking. If you don't know how to balance there's a tendency for you fall down especially if you'll pass by in humps and rough roads and yes bruises and scratches is part of the training. But as long as you really want to learn and you are dedicated I guess it will be easy for you. Well, I don't know on me why I reached at my age and doesn't learn how to.
Its just like life itself. There are times that you will get confuse on which to do first, sometimes you need to drop what's on  your other hand so you can go on smoothly. Along your way you will bump and encounter problems and challenges but you never stop there cos you want to reach on the finish line.
Keep on moving. Keep on going!
 If you feel tired, don't worry you have friends to help you. Sometimes they are just quiet, they just want for you to try but never they will let you fall nor down.
"A friend loves at all times" - Proverbs 17:17
 Some says life is a race, you need to rush in order to win. But for me, life is a gift to enjoy; you don't need to rush, all you need to do is go through it and walk on it smoothly. Just fight the good fight.
"I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith." - 2Timothy 4:7

Always bear in mind that in every game there are rules to follow and observe, so be sure that you are on the right track.
"An athlete is not crowned unless he competes according to the rules"- 2 Timothy 2:5

If you get tired, its fine for a pause and take rest but never attempt to quit the game.

"I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus." - Philippians 3:14
Its all worth it! 
We enjoyed and had fun, nakakapagod man at nakakauhaw its another memorable experience naman. 

And guys you don't need to bring water with you; they are giving away water for free, unlimited pa. So if you are looking for summer activity under the sun, why not try biking?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Winning Pic

I was so busy this past few days, actually I have a lot of things and activities to share with you guys but for now let me share how happy I am for what I've received from my favorite hotel here in Doha! Yes I am very vocal how I love to dine with them, my friends and colleagues know that, that I love Oryx Rotana Hotel. Among the hotels I visited, I feel so comfortable and at home with them. I don't know pero may feeling talaga akong ganon, aside from the food they have hospitable staffs that will let you feel that you belong to the place and nothing to feel uncomfortable especially if its your first time to experience hotel dine in.
Remember my last post about QIFF 2015? If you are my friend in FB or follower in my IG account, you probably know what this post all about.
Just to have a souvenir photo and just for fun I posed and took picture on Oryx Instaframe and followed what it said on the instruction. I don't take it seriously, on the first place I know how competitive social media contests are but I jokingly said it my friends that night "namimiss ko na nga ang Choices malay nyo manalo ako" - words are powerful!
I already forgot that said contest, after I uploaded the picture that's it until on Monday when I reached home I opened my IG account and found out that Oryx Rotana posted a comment on my photo. I didn't read it immediately I close my IG again until I was reminded about the instaframe contest, I opened again and found out that I won!
the winning photo!

At first I am hesitant if its the real account of Oryx, I asked my friend who worked in Oryx Rotana to check the authenticity of the comment and the account used. He told me that yes it is Oryx account and to be sure the next day he asked their marketing executive.
I just want to share what happened a week before I win. Almost everyday I'm passing Old Airport Road where you can see a bit of Oryx. I told to myself "kelan ko kaya maiikain si Bjay dito" Bjay is my one and only sibling. Nung nasa Pinas pa sya everytime may mga pinupuntahan ako hotel, pasyalan or even some restaurants, naiisip ko sana I can the same with my family and I remember nung papunta na dito si Bjay I prayed na sana I can able to let him experience din na kumain sa mga fine dining or hotel. But since mejo tght ang budget, nagkasunod-sunod ang mga gastos I forgot it all. God always reminds me to prioritize things that need to be prioritize - in short its the "needs" first before the "wants". Last week is a National Siblings Day, though we don't really celebrate it, sabi ko talaga "Lord sana matreat ko yung kapatid ko jan sa Oryx kahit bago sya magbakasyon" but my mind will speak to me "Paano, may pera ka nga pero may mas mahalaga ka pang paggagamitan" 
To continue, I received email from Marketing Department of Oryx on Monday. And yes its confirm, I really won!
The confirmation!

God really do knows our heart's desire kahit gaano mang kasimple or kaliit ito. Minsan naiisip natin why do I need na ipag-pray pa, alam naman ni Lord na gusto ko, bakit kailangan pa na ipagpray ko e alam naman ni Lord na need ko ito? May mga ganong moment tayo na naiisip minsan di ba. God wants us to draw closer to Him, kung lahat ipagkakaloob Nya baka hindi mo na Sya kausapin, baka hindi mo na maalala na tumawag sa Kanya or baka nga even His name di mo na makilala.
Yesterday, I passed by at Oryx Rotana. I felt the same feeling every time I visited them, yung kapag pasok mo pa lang nakasmile na mga staffs at igri-greet ka. I'm not saying this cos I won to their contest as I've said you can ask my friends how I am vocal how I love to be with Oryx Rotana. While I'm waiting for Ms. Gab, their Marketing and Communications Executive I met Ms. Valerie, parang sa mga hotel booking yata sya in charge, she's very approaching. I guess one of the secret for a hospitality business like hotels to succeed is for them to hired approachable and accommodating staffs. From the word "hospitality" staffs must be "hospitable". I had been to few hotels here in Doha but not of them have hospitable staffs.
Glory to God for this answered prayer! 
Thank you so much Oryx Rotana Doha! And guys, if you didn't try yet Oryx Rotana Doha I really recommend them, visit them and try their food and services. I assure you, you will enjoy and make every visit memorable. You can check them here Oryx Rotana Doha
Expect a follow up post as my brother and I visit together my favorite CHOICES RESTAURANT and yes it a sumptuous buffet.
See you then!