Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"When are you getting married?"

Its not new on my ears when someone asks me "when are you getting married" and I always replied "is it possible for a single to get married?" hehehee. Well, its not a big deal for me, its just because I'm used to it already and I don't think those question or any other related one will spoil my day. If there's one thing I learned from the battle I've been through that is to find inner happiness in life. And aside a partner is just an ADDED  factor on one's life NOT AN ESSENTIAL to complete the  person.
As I'm eating my lunch on my desk I had a chance to talk to one my cousin in Philippines through YM and the conversation really makes me smile, let me share to you our conversation.

ate bubot: hi jen... merry christmas and a happy new year...

Me: hello ate...merry christmas & happy new year..
musta jan?
di ako nkkpagonline masyado eh
ate bubot: ok lang naman.... kayo, kumusta na?
busy ka ngayon?
Me: ok nman..nung christmas sama2 kami s mga tita sylvia
ate bubot: oo nga. nakita pictures nyo sa facebook.... mukhang ang saya-saya ng party nyo.... puro nakabungisngis sa picture
Me: hehehe...e ngpagames kc kami
no choice kahit kami2 lng d2 kelngan mging happy para d mahomesick
ate bubot: kaninong baby nga pala ung andun?
Me: ahh..sa friend nina shean
taga bats dn jan s alangilan
ate bubot: a ok. akala ko may baby na sila shean...
Me: naku wala pa nga
ate bubot: di pa ba buntis si shean?
Me: di pa...kc polysystic sya so ngpptreat pa
kelngan muna mcorrect yung hormonal imbalance nya
ate bubot: e ikaw kelan ka na mag-aasawa?
nahuhuli na kayo nila che-che
Me: ngek..d pwede mgasawa ang single
oo nga ehh
ate bubot: hanap ka na ng bf jan?
dapat makapag-establish ka na ng relationshi[p
Me: hehehe, wala pa bnbgay c Lord
busy kc ako s work..hehehe
ate bubot: sige kau.... baka sumunod kayo sa apak nila ate norma at tita atit.... hehehe
Me: naku..wag nmaan..hahaha
ate bubot: ay sya bilis-bilisan na ang paghanap.... hehehe
Me: hehehe..sge tngnan ntin malay ntin ngaung 2010 mkhanap na
ate bubot: ok. good luck! kumusta na lang sa lahat ha. ingat kau jan
Me: ok thanks..musta sa lahat jan
ate bubot: ok

Hmmm, lets wait & see kung may ibibigay na si Lord this coming 2010 :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Song Gift

Christmas Day is a thanks giving day for all the blessings we had & have, for all the people who come our way and some of them are already part of our life. We been through many challenges, problems,trials, loneliness, boredom and sometimes iddleness but inspite of those we are still standing up to now. Sometimes we want to give up; we are tired but we keep on holding on because of the hope and faith that tomorrow there will be another sunny day

Let me share this song that was shared to me by Szean, my cousin last Christmas Day. "Pag kinasal ka ito ang gamitin mong kanta...actually may 2 meanings sya one is for spiritual and the other one is on love life" she said. Well, I don't think I need to elaborate because in each line you will see & picture what does the song wants to convey. Hope you like it as I do.. Thanks Sze for this Christmas gift...hehehe, i like it!

BLESS THE BROKEN ROAD -- rascal flatts

II set out on a narrow way, many years ago
Hoping I would find true love, along the broken road
But I got lost a time or two, wiped my brow and kept pushing through
I couldn't see how every sign, pointed straight to you

Every long lost dream, led me to where you are
Others who broke my heart, they were like northern stars
Pointing me on my way, into your loving arms
This much I know is true
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you
Yes He did

I think about the years I spent, just passin' through
I'd like to have the time I lost, and give it back to you
But you just smile and take my hand, you've been there you understand
It's all part of a grander plan, that is comin' true

Every long lost dream, led me to where you are
Others who broke my heart, they were like northern stars
Pointing me on my way, into your loving arms
This much I know is true
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you


Now I'm just rollin' home into my lovers arms
This much I know is true
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you

That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Missing the Old Feelings

December 22 really excites me. I am always busy during this day and I even skip my lunch just to finish every documents I have on my desk and to hand it over to the person who will be my reliever during my leave.
But this year is different from those years. I am still on the same desk, busy as usual, but today too much bunch of documents on my desk can still be seen. I still have time to blog and didn't skip my lunch today. I'm not even in a hurry to finish everything on my hand...seems not to care. And to top it all I am not excited about this day.
It just simply today I don't have my air ticket with me...
I don't have any luggage to check in...
I don't have any worry what time I can finish everything for me to go home on time...
Simply because I will not be home for Christmas this year
Just missing the old feelings I had for some consecutive years....

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Surprise

Sunday is the first day of the week here in gulf. And every sunday what to expect...super busy schedule, desk & tray na umaapaw ang documents, teleponong nakakabingi sa pagring. But inspite of that something makes me super smile & saya at di lang ako even all those persons na nakareceived. Everyone is excited to open and all of us were surprised!
sooo..cuteeeeeee...sympre akin ang pinakaiba at pinakamaganda,hehehe sympre ako ang anak,hehehe
That cute Christmas card is from Lolo...Sato san. Even he is assigned already in Japan,di nya kami nakakalimutan and super nageffort sya na magsulat knowing na super busy sya sa head office. Well...really appreciated naman ng lahat.
And sympre talagang idinisplay ko talaga sa desk ko yung card..and it really caught attention and all of them are asking ..."from my boss" "sino si tatang nyo"..."di ah kay Lolo ko"
Although yearly naman ako may natatanggap na Christmas card from friends and family / relatives, this one is different kasi Lolo is my first boss ever na nagbigay ng card...super thoughtful nya talaga :). This is also the 1st card for this year na natanggap ko and it really makes me smile.
Hay ilang araw na lang and Christmas na...sa mga gift givers tumatanggap na po ako ng mga gifts :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

All I want for Christmas '09

Christmas is just around the corner...as in 10 days til Christmas na lang. But for those gift givers I know abot na abot pa itong wish list ko for you to fulfill my wish, at least di ka na mahihirapan di ba

Let me start my list on all the things I want to have & hold, not in any order guys..hehehe:

Earrings holder & jewelry box..I have so many accessories and surely it will be usable

Organizer..I love writing as in anything lang kahit senseless hehehe. I always have an organizer or diary on my bag. You can also include ballpen..hmm,and speaking of pen you can check the pink parker pen on Jarir Bookstore,hehehe

Last year on my list I asked D&G light blue and Very Sexy VS lotion. This year I want to have a Bath & Body Works again! I want a Cherry Blossoms scent body splash, Pink Grapefruit body butter, Enchanted Orchid lotion...calling my best friend Ian Best,kindly send me again B&BW please...hehehe. If those scents are not available country apple will do, or mango mandarin, green tea, etc...kahit na ano...hehehe

I love mellow music and just recently I heard Princess again. Philippine local acoustic singer sya, the last time I went on vacation narinig ko yung album nya and my cousin Kathy told me na kahit di pa sya sikat (that time) is always sold out CDs nya e yon nga nagpunta ako sa record bar and sold out na nga...so attention po sa mga uuwi ng Pinas who wants na bigyan ako ng gift please please buy one album of Princess for me.

I got my wallet as a remembrance of the first company evaluation, yung money na binigay ng company ang ibinili ko actually 10% sale pa nga yata nung binili ko, that time I don't like yung mahabang wallet pero ngayon gusto ko na, hindi dahil sa marami akong money na ilalagay ha,hehehe. I want a simple one, black color lang ok na or any basic color.You can check Guess at Royal Plaza or sa Strandbags @ City Centre.

Every year I buy at least 1 inspirational book, just something to read in the morning to uplift me or in the evening to pasify me from tiring day. Kung mapapadaan ka sa National Bookstore or sa Jarir Bookstore you can buy 1 for me. Or kung nahihirapan ka na pumili you can just but me "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus" pero sympre yung topic na suitable naman for me.

Since I will not spend my holidays in Pinas, dito ako sa Doha, Qatar magchacharity works. At who told you na walang needy people here..well I'm planning to visit our distressed kababayans who are now under the custody of OWWA (Overseas Workers Welfare Administration). As I coordinated with my officemate & friend Delson who actively going there, our kababayans needs toilettries (eg.toothpaste,bathsoap,shampoo,towel,etc.), so if you are a cheerful giver di lang ako yung mabibigyan mo ng regalo pati rin sila mapapasaya mo.

I love pictures and to love it more I must have my own camera, since iniwan ko sa Pinas ang cam ko I want to have 1 again...hay wag ka muna magreact I know its expensive pero di ko naman ipapabili sayo,hehehe. I will grant this wish for myself

Kikay girls love pink but me...hindi naman sa ayaw ko pero nagkataon lang na kokonti ang pink color things ko like pink shirts, hanky,etc. And I noticed everytime I wear pink sinasabi nila na bagay daw sa akin, so mas magiging bagay siguro sa akin ang mga pink things if those are from you.

Di ko naman idol si Vilma Santos but I can't be comfortable without panyo on my hands and would you believe na kahit matutulog I should have it kasi kung hindi I feel na parang may kulang at the same thing 'pag gising ko yun ang 1st thing na hahanapin ko sa bed..hehehe. So gift givers...baka makakakita ka ng panyo habang nagshoshopping ka not necessarily branded kahit yung sa bangketa lang pwede na...I preferred checkerd designs or if my plain except white ok din para pang terno sa damit ko.

There are some pa sana pero baka mahirapan ka ng mamili which gift or giftssssssss you will buy for me so next year na lang yong iba :) . So to all gift givers at sa Mommy / Daddy ko sa chriskringles sana mabasa nyo ito Pero if ever na nakabili na kayo I will still accept it and super super thanks in advance. Anyways, its the thought that counts naman :0)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

All I want for Christmas ...are priceless

When someone asks us kung ano yung wish natin we commonly enumerate those things na we can have & hold by our hand...in short materials ones. But as they its better to receive a priceless gift especially from those people you really love & care. If yesterday I posted those gifts that I want to receive this Christmas, now yung mga priceless gift naman na I want to have and sana for lifetime .
Love is the most powerful thing on earth. Sabi nga ng mga taong cheesy it can move heaven and earth daw..well. I know I have it already and I want those persons who love me just to continue loving me, inspite of my tantrums, weaknesses and some not so good thing about me.
When I was still a "professional student" in short wala pang trabaho,hehe my friend Jona asked me "hay Jen kelan kaya dadating yong time na magiging busy tayo sa work? yung nagmamadali sa morning kasi baka malate at tumatanggi na sa mga social gatherings kasi may OT or exhausted na?"...well kung alam mo lang Jona, that's exactly my situation right now. I'm not complaining naman pero I wish I have more TIME to do all the things I want to do. I remembered what Serge told me nung one time na makachat ko ulit sya "Jen saan ba nakakabili ng TIME?" I replied naman "huh?" "yes kasi kung may alam ka pakisabi lang sa akin para mabilhan kita ng maraming marami kasi lagi ka na lang busy" he added. Kung meron nga lang ba...
Patience is a virtue...I am patient naman but I need more more more patience. Patience to the people around me..hehehe and sympre in everything I do.
Faith...I am not loosing it but I don't want to be stagnant on what I have now. I want to grow and I know I need to do a lot of things pa in order to be there...but I'm not in a hurry naman ssabi nga "slowly but surely". I know God is step by step molding me.
They call me Ms. Friendship wayback in Pinas..hehehe kahit na supladita ako and kinda mataray daw..hahaha. When I started to work here in gulf may mga nagbago and usually kahit di sabihin sa akin ng mga tao dito sa office they see me as mataray at suplada talaga, only those people na friends ko na ang nakakaalam who's the real me. One thing Im sure about "being vocal & figthing for what is right & need to be is not katarayan". I'm not asking friendship for everyone, what I really wish is for those people..I mean my FRIENDS here and in Pinas or kung saan mang sulok ng mundo..hehehe to always keep our FRIENDSHIP burning. You know who you are guys and I know that I really love & care for you.
I have so many pa sana but sa ngayon yan yung top 5 on my list.
I will try my very best to grant all those "priceless gift" for myself

Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Failure is the best mentor"
It may sounds ironic but yes its true. I can't imagine my life now without those failures I have gone through. I am who I am today because of those failures who have been my best mentor in my life

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Habits of a Highly Successful Singles

I already shared several topics about singleness that based on my personal encounters, opinions and some are excerpted from what I had read.
I always tell that looks doesn't matter but it counts; age is not an impediment but it affects; and attitude always matters. I personally sometimes asked myself on how other singles like me survives the pressure of the peers and environment in asking "why are you still single?" or "when will you get married?". But since I'm used to it already its already a sounds to me ear.
I want to share an article that I read from e-harmony on habits of a highly successful singles.
Never treat or even say that singleness is a curse on you; always trust that God has someone better for you

These are “healthy habits” that ensure you become the most attractive person possible—and boost your chances of finding a fantastic partner. To be a highly successful single, start with these productive practices:
1. Keep growing and moving forward. There is something extremely enticing about people who have identified their purpose in life, work hard to cultivate their abilities, and have goals they’re moving toward. When people are passionate about where they’re going in life, we want to go with them. You will be far more captivating to the opposite sex by continually growing, developing, and moving your life toward a grand goal.
2. Be proactive, not passive. Many men and women want love, a relationship, and marriage -- but they don’t do much to make it happen. If you want to find a partner, you’ve got to be proactive and persistent. Patience may indeed be a virtue, but when it comes to finding the love of your life, so are guts and gumption.
3. Step out of your comfort zone and take risks. Some people have no problem meeting, greeting, and forming new relationships. Others have a much tougher time pushing themselves “out there” socially. They must summon their courage, swallow their anxiety, and plunge into social settings. If you tend to be reserved and restrained, there’s no point in trying to remake yourself into an outgoing, life-of-the-party type. Be who you are -- but be prepared to push yourself.
4. Accentuate your God-given assets. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses that they bring to a potential relationship. The trick is to maximize your assets and minimize your liabilities. Look for ways to develop and utilize your talents; likewise, try hard to curtail your shortcomings. The aim is not perfection—the aim is to reach your full potential.
5. Operate from a position of strength and security. Self-confidence is contagious, and self-assurance is highly attractive. You’ll boost your odds of finding a partner if you become convinced deep down that you have a lot to offer. Believe the best about yourself and your future.
6. Become a skilled communicator. There is an art to communication -- and these days, it’s largely a forgotten art. The most average-looking person can be wildly attractive by becoming adept at listening, empathizing, asking questions, and making the other person feel completely understood and accepted. This is a kind of genius that can be learned.
7. Remain steadfastly optimistic. Not only are upbeat, hopeful people more enjoyable to be around, but they also make for far better romantic partners over the long haul. Dozens of research studies have demonstrated that positive people are likely to achieve more goals, handle stress more wisely, overcome depression more quickly, and manage problems with far greater effectiveness.

You don’t need to rely on luck or an elusive secret. When you have sound, sensible guidelines to live by, you can count on dating success.