Thursday, October 24, 2013

Logos Hope 2013: I'm One In A Million

It takes a bit late to fulfill my promise to you guys that I will make a detailed post regarding Logos Hope. They left here in Qatar few days ago but still the experienced I've got from Logos Hope is still with me.
This post are for those who missed Logos Hope here in Qatar and for those who wants if they visit on your country.
Its my first time to visit Logos Hope although I've been to Doulos before, way back 1999 or 2000 not sure. This is not the first time of Logos here in Qatar, they've been here 2011. 
Let's take a look what's inside of the biggest book fair ship in the world!
Here is little insight on their day to day life.
Most of their crew members serve and live Logos for two years. Almost all people share two or four person per cabin, each of them are from different nationalities and ages.

They are all come from different nations, cultures and backgrounds. Through sharing and listening to each other, crew members on board really have the chance to know each other and build valuable friendship that lasts for lifetime.
 The ship has 5 parts as shown above in their ship map.

Lets take a look the history...
I guess everyone of us loves book, whatever types or kinds it is for sure each one of us has at least one in our shelves.
I was really excited when I learned that Logos Hope will visit Doha again, I missed their first visit and told to myself that this time. And I'm glad on its first or second day I was here with cousins, and we really enjoyed. How I wish I could buy all the books I like.
the price conversion table
The conversion is really cheap, although according to some people I talked with who visited the Logos after I did, their prices increase an additional 2QR but still its cheap compare to other book stands or shops in malls
Logos Hope have 5000 titles of books - guys its only titles so how much the count for each title? its really the biggest book fair on board!

Bookworms and bibliophile are you ready to "hoard" books?
Special offers story books for kids. Children will surely enjoy being in the ship, so guys if you have your children or nieces and nephews bring them with you, and they will surely love being there.
King and Queen of kitchen, you'll enjoy their numerous baking and cook books.
Look the big smile of my cousin Ate Che when she found the baking books...
If you're not into baking there are a lot of international cuisine cookbooks that you'll enjoy
 For vegetarians, they have books for you too :-)
 Desserts for sweet lovers ...
So much for recipe books cos I'm not a kitchen empress :-) but I got one book from that section for my Daddy.
 When I saw this section, I can't help to go back to my younger days...
 They have fiction books also but they doesn't have Paulo Coello nor Mitch Albom...
Oh my higschool days...
Although its easy to have the thesaurus nor the antonyms in just one click, there are still people who love to have dictionary on their palm.
And look what I found, a wedding organizer! I asked Ate Che, if she knows anyone who will be getting married so I can buy it, and she replied "bilhin mo para pag ikinasal ka" Well if I will wait for my turn, maybe the paper is already yellowish..
Parenting and Family books...
Mothers and moms to be, this corner is perfect with you.
And this corner is where I belong...
But ooppsss not this book...
 I guess this one...
Its definitely me, a single wait for my revelations ^__^
If they have books for women of course they have for men too.
I only have known few men who loves to read, I guess most of them really love to watch tv or movies or be in front of their computers.
For the newly wed and even for those who counting years already, they have different books that will suit you. Even though I'm not yet married I glanced at those copies.
One of the reason I love Logos Hope, most of its book are really inspirational. Living in the gulf country where choices of books are limited and Christian books are totally not available will surely makes your heart jump when you their shelves.
I got a copy of this One Year devotional book :-) counting the days for 2014!
Aside from devotional books they also have bibles - yup bible! I'm encouraging those who are living in the gulf country, do not miss to get a bible copy. They come into different versions and covers. They have bible study tool books also.
You can buy souvenir items from them too.
And these books really excites me...
For kids!

I got some biblical story books fro my nephews.
Art and Crafts lover this corner is for us too :-)
I grabbed few from this corner, my parents will surely love these books but I try to balance it on my palm, I changed my mind, it will take a lot of kilos on my cargo box...hahaha

Aside from story books for children they have toys and educational learning materials also.
Logos has collections of CDs too.
At the end is their cashier.
After the cashier, you'll be lead going to cafe but before you'll pass on this way...

Journey of Life, part 3 of the ship
Do you have any in your mind what's story is on the picture?
One of the crew is telling the story as depicted in the picture. All are listening eagerly as they continue to walk and follow the pictures.
Can you guess the story?
Check the picture on my back? 
Part 4 - Theater
You can watch movie that they are playing in this area.
 Kids will definitely love this playing area, and they can meet new friends too...
 Part 5 International Cafe
After you bought books, ate and enjoyed....
Don't miss to take a photo behind these stuffs...
Can you guess?

 Lets travel the world!
 the HAPPY ME :-)
Here's on my bag...
Aside from good books and memorable experience being in the ship, I guarantee you guys their crew and staffs are the best. You can ask them to guide or even tour you to the ship. They are all very accommodating, you'll not hesitate to approach them.
Don't miss the chance to visit Logos Hope.

From October 23 till November 3, 2013 they will be in Bahrain.