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Fashion 101 - Shoe-o-logy

Fashion is every woman concern, I guess. Even you're the simplest creature lady in this earth, I'm sure you do mind what to wear and how to dress up. Even you'll just staying at home, you mind what "pambahay" clothes to put on. You mind because you care, and you're a woman.
But have you wonder sometimes, you have almost everything in your closet from simple top to an elegant dress, from colorful flats to stunning stilettos but still those are not enough to choose an outfit for the day, well you're not alone. You're closet, shoe and bag racks would not be enough for you unless you don't know how to wear, pair and even mix and watch what you have. So here's the guide I found that I think every woman MUST know or at least be added to our fashion vocabulary. I'll try to make some posts on fashion vocabulary 101, for now...

Lets talk about SHOES
Every woman I know has more than 2 pairs of shoes, if others love buying jewelries there are ladies who are shoe fetish, am I belong to that species, hahaha. I already stop counting how many pairs I have.
Shoes has an important role in everyone's life from Cinderella to Celine and Margaux (Philippines tv soap opera). In some country shoes symbolizes the status of one's life, you can check it here .
I know most of you especially girls already know about the different types of shoes although we are more on general term like flats and high heels but still there are so many types under of those category. So here's a list to help you the next time you visit your shoes shop.
If words has its thesaurus, when it comes to shoes we have as well - the SHOE DICTIONARY

As you can see some of the famous shoe brand are now consider as "types" maybe because of their style originality like Converse, Crocs, and Dr. Martens. So alam nyo na girls kung bakit kahit hindi naman "crocs" ang brand still they call it crocs - coz type of shoe pala naman talaga yon :)

If the study of plants is biology and the study of animals is zoology, what do you call the study of shoes? its SHOE -O- LOGY (repeat after me shoe-o-logy)

I love pointed toe pump and my always on the go kitten heel. Pili-pili what types of shoes you have on your rack.
And who says shoe dictionary or shoe-o-logy are for ladies only, well its for men too....

 You have so many pairs of shoes, and you're mom called you "Imelda" but hey do you know how to wear it? I mean on what type of pants or skirts cut you should pair it? Well, worry no more, here is the SHOE GRID for your information and guide.

For me, its really a "must" that a woman especially working ladies to have a good shoes, I mean a branded one that you can trust - yung hindi ka kinakabahan while walking or waiting taxi na baka maalis yung takong ng shoes mo, e not all the time naman you have mentos on your bag or while you're walking in the hotel lobby for a corporate dinner ay biglang nakita mong mukhang nagutom na si sandals mo at nakanganga na. My advice to you ladies have at least one black shoes from the brand that you trust most, never mind the cost as you'll use it for years. I have my ALDO pointed pump at ako na ang nagsasawa. I bought it last 2008 and still it is in its good condition and porma. 
Buy the types of shoes that you can use in most of the types of the clothes you wear. Like me, I'm not much into flip flops coz I seldom go out wearing it, usually if I only go to the parlor for my pedi unless when I'm in Philippines yong sa super namiss kong magtsinelas ayaw ko ng magsuot ng shoes the whole stay ko. For party shoes naman, it depends I buy the type na I can use even in the office but I bought one party shoes na one time suot ko pa lang talaga..well lesson learned do not choose and buy shoes in a hurry, walang time magisip so ang ending maganda naman nga pero mejo mahal and 1 time suot pa lang.
So for that's it for today class, hope you learn from our shoe fashion 101.
Just keep on visiting me here for more FYI Fashion 101 ek-ek.

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  1. love this post, thank you for sharing the different shoe styles :)


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