Saturday, January 18, 2014

I will on 2014

New plans, new life and new hopes - that's what every new year bring to us. New year is another chance for everyone to do and improve every unfinished business we have for last year. 
2014 is another chance to live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment of it. But the chance will remain chances if we will not move our feet forward. 
Do you want changes or improvement? lets start it within.
I will...

And how about this one, do you think I can make this into reality? ^______^
I will or will I?

Every day is new to us so I guess our "resolutions" are always new every day as well. All we need to do  instead of keeping new year's resolution is to strive to be better in each day.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

OWWA Gift Giving 2013: I am blessed

I didn't blog that much since BER months entered. I was so busy with many activities, though I'm still busy right now I'm just hoping to finish this post and to share what kept me busy during December last year.
I am blessed and I want to be a blessing
2013 has been good to me. The Lord bestowed me so much unexpected blessings and for that I am truly thankful and grateful and one of my way in giving thanks is to share my blessings to others. Sharing my family, friends, colleagues and brethren to my fellow Filipino OFW under the custody of OWWA. Thank you so much to all people who responded to the donation drive - OWWA GIFT GIVING 2013 campaign. 

The true essence for Christmas for me is about loving and giving like what our God did that He gave us His only son for us to be saved.
In our own way by sharing our time, giving what we can give and most especially giving our love to them we can let them feel that they are loved and someone cares for them. 
I always believe that I don't need to be rich and to have much money and resources for me to be able to help and reach out people, what we need is a heart that is willing to give and share.

my QICM brethren - YAM and CREW
my colleagues and friends
Knowing their stories and sharing ours to them is I know has been a blessing to each other. Each one of us has our own challenges in life and we have only one goal - to overcome it.
I am so much thankful to the CREW ministry at their young age I saw their eagerness to be a comforter to others - listening to the others and encourage them to the best they can. 
CREW you've been a blessing to all of us, continue to impart kindness and reach out to people who are in need.
We have enough but sometimes we still complain and brag that what we have is not the only thing we deserve to have. But if you'll be able to see them, simple and little things that they've got from us, they appreciate it so much. Little things for us are great things for others; don't be tired of helping others, nor be tired of encouraging through words cos we never know what will be its impact to them.
my brother (in the middle) with kabayans of OWWA
 Realizing how its hard to be an OFW and appreciating what we have at this moment upon seeing the situation of our distressed kababayans in OWWA is one great blessing that we got.
Seeing those sweet smiles on their faces is enough to ease my tiredness from the time I drafted the donation campaign letters until to the event itself.
To all cheerful givers who gave and shared your time and resources to our fellow OFW who are in OWWA custody, thank you so much!
Let's continue to share and give. Be blessed and be a blessing.