Thursday, October 29, 2009

If I Only Had..

They say people doesn't know how to be contented. We are aiming and reaching for more even though we already have. And sometimes because of aspirations to have more and more we didn't notice that we are already becoming greedy and hurt other people.

If only I had...

A beautiful body; a pretty face; a flawless skin.

"hay naku sis alam ni Lord kung lahat nasa atin yan baka madagdagan ang mga shulandi dito sa mundo or baka we are not who we are now baka maaga tayo nagasawa or nabuntis kaya...hahahaha" That's our dialogue to each other, everytime me and my friend Cecille are upset on looking good to ourselves or everytime we see someone who looks physically perfect.

If only I had...

Pursuance into College of Law

Its not new to those people who knows me well that being a lawyer is really my dream. I didn't had a hard time to think what course will I take up when I reached college...I took up Political Science, a preparatory course for law. But due to some personal considerations I didn't took up law after I graduated from college instead I pursued Master in Public Administration. "E di sana Jen nandon ka sa kabilang building kung naglaw ka at tska mas genius kang tingnan kasi lagi kang may bitbit na Consti,/ Civil code" sagot ko naman "kung naglaw ako I will not meet you guys and definitely you will not be my best friend" "sabagay at tsaka baka pagtaasan mo lang ako ng kilay kapag nakasabay mo ako sa elevator" my best friend Ian replied.

If only I had...

a well paid job in Pinas

What is a "well paid" employee anyway? For me sana lang di naman yung almost kalahati na ng salary e napupunta sa tax di ba or pagdating ng November e halos wala na talaga sinusweldo sa laki ng mga deductions sa kung anuanong mga misc. I liked to be in a public service..not like its I loved to be. That's why I didn't missed the opportunity when I had a chance to work in a government office. I even chose to be a contractual employee in a government agency than to be an HR Assistant in a bank. But sometimes fulfilling the dreams within us and doing the things that will make us happy is not enough, there are some considerations na kelangan nating maggive way to achieve a better life. "hay Jen at least ikaw nabibili mo ang gusto mo, nakakatulong ka sa family mo, may kotse ka na, mas napaganda mo pa yung bahay nyo e kung andito ka lang sa Pinas di mo magagawa yon or it will take so many years to do sa sweldo dito" yon ang mga line na lagi ko na lang naririnig sa mga friends ko twing imi-meet ko sila. But on some point they are right.

If only I had...

A family of my own at the age of 28

Honestly never in mind I grasp that thought of being married at my 20s or cuddling my own child pero pano nga kaya kung meron na. I'm not afraid of handling responsibilities naman but I think I'm not ready to do so. I have so many things that I want to try...things that I want to do on my own. "mas maganda kung parang barkada o kaibigan mo lang ang mga anak mo kapag tumanda ka, imagine if you get married at 20 pag nag 40 ka may 20 years old ka ng anak" Oo nga no..they have point " e naku ewan ko lang kung may anak ka na kung magagawa mo lahat ng gusto mo"

If only I had..

A lovelife?

Never in a wek yata walang nagtatnong sa akin if I had a boyfriend and dahil I'm used to that tinatawanan ko na lang. Sa busy sched. ko from 8 to 9pm nasa office ako do you think I will have a time to be on him or to go out on a date??? "pag di na ako busy ibibigay na ni Lord"

If only I had..

Lots of money

Siguro lahat naman ng tao wants to be rich. When I was still young sabi ko 'pag yumaman ako magpapatayo ako ng hospital or ng school at yung mga bata na can\t afford is free na lang. But life is not as simple as that; sometimes money pa ang nagiging cause for a person para maging masama. Minsan sinasabi ko sgro kaya d ako ginawa ni Lord na mayaman kasi ayaw Nya na makalimutan ko sya.

All things that we have now and who we are now is because we doesn't have all those "if only had" things. All the things we have now are meant to be for us; those things played and served important role of our past, present and even in our future.

If there's one thing I learned on my journey that is to be thankful on all the things I have and enjoy the company of the people besides me. Stay away from those "what if" and "if only's and enjoy the things that life has to offer.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Childish On Me

I love having cutie things like mickey mouse stuffs, maybe that's why people who don't know me personally called me "childish" Its not a big deal for me to be called as, maybe because I am used to it? or maybe I know the fact that its not true. Well...both
Again, somebody called me  "childish", he maybe the least person I am expecting but he did. This is the conversation I had  with him.

jen arellano: well, sge pag nsa USA ka na...padalhan mo na lang ako s pinas ha
jen arellano: hehehe

jen arellano: mababaw lang naman ako...
jen arellano: bag lang or mickey mouse stuff
jheng: hahaha...
jheng: mickey mouse
jen arellano: o bakit ka tumtawa
jen arellano: i started collecting mickey since 1997 pa

jheng: kasi batang isip ka pa rin...
jen arellano: b4 my room sa pinas really full of mickey mouse
jen arellano: ganon ba tingin m s akin isip bata?
jen arellano: well..its ur opinion
jheng: everyone has to have this child like character in himself
jheng: that's what gives us glow
jen arellano: ur the first person na ngsabi s akin n isi bata ako
jen arellano: well...ok lng
jheng: sorry kung na offend ka...
jen arellano: i dont care
jen arellano: ok lng
jen arellano: ur subject to ur own opinion
jheng: i am refering to the mickey mouse stuff
jen arellano: as i've said ok nga lng

Anyway its not a big deal for me, I know he doesn't mean it. And as I've said each person is subject to their own opinions; maybe I learned to be an open minded now and not be too sensitive in accepting other opinions and views.
I'm a "childlike" but I'm sure I'm not childish

Monday, October 26, 2009


"It ought to be the business of everyday to prepare for our final day"

We're always preparing for something, exerting effort to polish everything for a big event to be well organized and memorable but inspite of the hardships & effort in the end it didn't end up the way we want it to be.

Life is a journey and everyday we are submitting ourselves into a test. It is our duty to do the best we can for us to pass on that test. We are individually accountable to whatever results it will be.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Love Test

I am an e - subcriber of "UpWords with Max Lucado". His writings are very encouraging and realy helps to uplift spirit. Lately, due to busy schedule I missed to read many topics until now. I'm reading one email and after I delete, until the next mail come up. Maybe, it really meant for me to read this

The Love Test
by Max Lucado

Have you ever made decisions about your relationships based on your feelings instead of the facts? When it comes to love, feelings rule the day. Emotions guide the ship. Goose bumps call the shots. But should they? Can feelings be trusted? Can a relationship feel right but be wrong?

Feelings can fool you. Yesterday I spoke with a teenage girl who is puzzled by the lack of feelings she has for a guy. Before they started dating, she was wild about him. The minute he showed interest in her, however, she lost interest.

I'm thinking also of a young mom. Being a parent isn't as romantic as she anticipated. Diapers and midnight feedings aren't any fun, and she's feeling guilty because they aren't. Am I low on love? she wonders.

How do you answer such questions? Ever wish you had a way to assess the quality of your affection? A DNA test for love? Paul offers us one: "Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth" (1 Cor. 13:6 NIV). In this verse lies a test for love.

Want to separate the fake from the factual, the counterfeit from the real thing? Want to know if what you feel is genuine love? Ask yourself this:

Do I encourage this person to do what is right? For true love "takes no pleasure in other people's sins but delights in the truth" (1 Cor. 13:6 JB).

If you find yourself prompting evil in others, heed the alarm. This is not love. And if others prompt evil in you, be alert.

Here's an example. A classic one. A young couple are on a date. His affection goes beyond her comfort zone. She resists. But he tries to persuade her with the oldest line in the book: "But I love you. I just want to be near you. If you loved me ..."

That siren you hear? It's the phony-love detector. This guy doesn't love her. He may love having sex with her. He may love her body. He may love boasting to his buddies about his conquest. But he doesn't love her. True love will never ask the "beloved" to do what he or she thinks is wrong.

Love doesn't tear down the convictions of others. Quite the contrary.

"Love builds up" (1 Cor. 8:1).

"Whoever loves a brother or sister lives in the light and will not cause anyone to stumble" (1 John 2:10).

"You are sinning against Christ when you sin against other Christians by encouraging them to do something they believe is wrong" (1 Cor. 8:12 NLT).

Do you want to know if your love for someone is true? If your friendship is genuine? Ask yourself: Do I influence this person to do what is right?

Jen: Do I influence person/s to do what is right?
Jen: hmmm... yeah I think so I do
How about you, do you influence people to do what is right? How sure are you to yourself that you passed or you can pass the "love test"?

Thursday, October 15, 2009


To remain young...
one must CHANGE

I'm glad....I did

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pampering Myself

I love giving treat to myself
Aside from shopping...i love going to parlor.
Every time na magbabakasyon ako sa Pinas, the next day go agad ako sa parlor. I don't care kahit gaano kahaba ang pila basta kelangan makapagpafoot spa agad ako and syempre with matching manicure na rin.
And syempre ang di pwedeng mawala sa itinerary ko ang hair treatment. I used to have a long hair since my college days but usually nakapony tail lang or 'pag may time ako magblower na nakahead band. But thru the influenced of my male best friend Ian I tried hair straigthenning kasi nga mejo wavy ang hair especially after ipony tail. Ok ang long hair mejo magastos nga lang sa treatment...conditioner, hot oil, hair spa,etc. Kasabay nang iba't ibang model ng cp nauso namn ang hair rebonding. My mom conviced me to try it e kasi sya nagparebond and since maganda sa kanya I try it nga lang more than 5x ang mahal ng price nya kesa sa hair straigthenning. Pero since crowning glory naman ang hair..go!
She is Asia from Index Salon, the one who patiently did my first hair rebond. Ay grabe it took 8 hours bago natapos I've told her para na ako nagbyahe from Pinas to Qatar. Pero kahit super nakakainip at nakakaantok sulit naman.
Here in Doha...
It is a monthly routine for me & my cousin Leslie to visit parlor, its our way of pampering ourselves after tiring days of working. We are not that vain but we feel relaxed everytime we visit Elegance parlor or asked Ate Mel to give us a home service massage or facial.
Two weeks ago, we visited Elegance as usual pedicure and eyebrow threadding. I usually asked Ate Grace na itrim lang yung hair ko meaning same style pero that Friday Ate Grace asked me why not to try other style. I don't know pero this is the first time na walang kakabakaba akong sumagot ng "yes". Usually kasi lagi akong may doubt kasi baka di bumagay or baka pangit...hayyyy, pero nung araw na yon no doubt.
And this is the result.....

Monday, October 12, 2009

Something to Ponder: My Refuge

Last night before I sleep I opened my Bible and since I don't have any idea what book of it to read again I told to myself whatever chapter ang una kong makikita is yon ang babasahin ko and this verse ang unang nakita ng mga mata ko =)

Psalm 62:8
Trust in Him at all times, O people;
pour out your heart before Him;
God is a refuge for us.

Isn't it feel good and amazing to think that God wants us to cry on Him especially in times of troubles? Isn't it nice to think that we have a very safe "hideouts" on His arms?I am happy and at peace to know that I have HIM as my refuge. That no one can hurt me if I'm with HIM and I am safe all the time on HIS arms. All we need to do is to continue to trust HIM at all times of our lives.