Saturday, October 12, 2013

Me at Logos of Hope, Doha

Yesterday I visited Logos of Hope with my cousins and just for a preview here are some of the photos taken inside the largest book ship.
I'll make a separate post - I mean much detailed and more photos for you to see.

Logos of Hope is carrying half million of books in 500 titles from wide variety of topic at super affordable prices.
I got all these books for only 212.50 QR!
They have so many inspirational books for men and women; parenting books, single and married life books, baking and cook books, crafting and house improvements; they also have toys and story books for children and you can buy souvenir items from them too. If you are looking for bible and devotional - inspirational books, they have it and Christian Worship CDs. Aside from affordable great books, you can also talk to their crew if you have something to ask about books and about the mission of the ship itself. 
The ship is docked at Doha Port until October 20, 2013 from 2pm to 10pm. There is an exclusive session for ladies on October 16 from 9:00 am till noon. The entrance is 2QR.
All visitors to Logos Hope should take a shuttle bus from the parking lot of Doha Port, next to the Museum of Islamic Art. The national ID or passport is needed for entry into the port.
Doha people, don't miss it. I assure you, you will not go down the ship with an empty hand.
Happy book "ship"ping :-)


  1. sis nakita koto sa doha news kahapon, hindi lang kami nakapunta kasi nghanap kmi ng bahay (again), baka sa Monday kami magpunta :) nice photos :), My james Patterson? Or Murder Books hehehe...

    1. sis walang James Patterson, mostly are classics and inspirational books, about relationship and married life marami ...hehehe and mga cook books and house improvements books. Punta kayo for sure may mabibili ka :)

  2. naku bait baitan pala ang mga books, alam mo nman trip ko, mga serial killer hehehe. pero cge cge pupunta kami, hindi ko pa naeexperience to eh. papapicture din ako sa luggage bag, kasya na ako cguro sa hand carry hehehe! Happy Eid!


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