Saturday, October 19, 2013

"Umpukan" Session

We usually hear the word "umpukan" in the Philippines, its a Filipino tradition wherein as long as 3 persons or more are gathered exchanging stories, opinions and views. Pero minsan sa ang simpleng umpukan ang nagigigng daan para magchismisan hehehe
Nakakatuwa to experience again an "umpukan" yung "umpukan" pero it will not lead you to "chismisan", something na matatapos ang usapan ng nakangiti ka at hindi high blood na kunot ang noo mo kasi napikon ka sa mga kaumpukan mo.
One of the activity in the seminar is to have an "umpukan" after every topic. On the first and second night may mga questions na hindi kami masyadong makapagshare kasi we're not yet parents like what did you do or your reaction nung malaman mo na pregnant ko or sa lalake kung magiging tatay ka na. So while we are on our "umpukan" we gave chances to those who experienced already because they are parents already. The second set of "umpukan" question naman is if you will dedicate your child what concept you want to have. I answered na if God will give me a chance to be a mother, during my child's dedication gusto ko I and his dad will give message as in yung nakavideo so when he/she grow up sya mismo yung makakapanood and makakarinig na ever since he/she is already loved by us. When it comes choosing to ninong and ninang naman, other shared na don't look at the status of the godmother or godfather, instead look for someone who is really close to the family, someone na makikita ng bata from the time na maliit pa sya at makakalakihan nya.
On the second night one of the question was anong way ang gagawin mo just to let your child know that he/she is on the early adulthood stage already. I was really surprise na kelangan pa pala yon, and happy to heard what Rev. Nat shared with us on how in some churches in the Philippines welcome the child in the early adulthood and say goodbye to the childhood. During the seminar, I honestly thinking and praying that Lord if You will allow me to be a steward of a child, give me the desire to apply all what I've heard and learned. One of our brethren who is a father already shared what did he do when they welcome their daughter into early adulthood, he give his daughter a ring and both of them make a  covenant that the daughter will let his father know if there will be a man in her life.
Third night is our night as its the night for the mid-lifers :-)
Question:  Do you have any unfilled dreams, blessings beyond your dreams, and new dreams that you want to fulfill?
If you are in your mid-life, just try to answer that question while you're reading this post.
Since all of us in the umpukan is on our mid-life, all of us shared. Most of us has its own unfulfilled dreams but "unfulfilled" doesn't mean you have regrets inside, sometimes its a dream baka naman ilusyon na lang yon.
Almost all of us didn't plan to work abroad, its blessings beyond our dreams, lagi kong sinasabi dati na mag-aabroad lang ako to travel and not to work but God has His own plan talaga, more than anyone else Sya ang ang may perfect plan. New dreams na gusto kong ibigay ni Lord sa akin...a family of my own siguro I mean I have my family but sympre iba pa rin yung sarili mong family na makakasama mo pagtanda mo.
single, the father and the couple :-)

the wife and the singles :-)

bros ang sabi mag-umpukan kelangan talaga may selfie pic :-)
The last question on the "umpukan" for the late adulthood stage naman. Here's the question: Have you ever find joy in your life? have you been the reasons of joy for others?
Try to answer it by yourself as well, at your age hindi ka man nasa late adulthood kung itatanong sa'yo yang question na yan, may maii-share ka ba?
For the three nights of "umpukan" natutunan ko na as we grow old, magkakaroon tayo ng maraming experiences - there will be pain and heartaches hindi naman puro joy and happiness, all we need to do is harapin lang natin yon, di natin matatakasan yon, kung maoovercome natin yon hindi natin namamalayan habang tumatawid tayo sa isang stage ng buhay dumarami yung experiences natin, dumarami yung mga naiishare mo at nakwekwento, kasi puno tayo ng memories from our past. Ang saya siguro tumanda ng ganon. Habang pwede pa tayong magipon ng magipon ng mga memories, gawin natin para dumating man tayo ng late adulthood we have so many stories to share to the young generation. And remember kelangan tumanda tayong masaya.
By the way meet our guest speaker - pastor-preacher on the "Yugto at Pagtawid" seminar - Rev. Nathaniel "Nat" Ramos, he is the director of 700 Club Global, Philippines.
Like me, I know all of the participants of the seminar and all of us who had our "umpukan" were blessed and Rev.Nat is a blessing to us talaga, sharing all those stories and personal experiences on how to deal in each stage of life.
I'll try to share you guys what I remember and grasp from the seminar, kahit konti lang mashare ko din sa inyo yung blessings na nakuha ko for the teachings.
Now whenever I will hear the word "umpukan" hindi chismisan or mga walang kabuluhang kwentuhan ang maaalala ko instead the seminar of "Yugto at Pagtawid", a worthy sharing of experiences and stories about life.
Hindi lang natapos sa worship hall ang "umpukan", sa late dinner namin may "umpukan" pa rin :-)

my QICM brethren at Jollibee, Mansoura Doha


  1. Nice..!!! God bless you sis jen. ^_^

    1. thanks bro! Glory be to God
      truly we are blessed to have such kind of seminars in our church...and looking forward for more :) and lets not forget to share what we have learned and mostly maapply natin
      God bless

  2. Very nice sis Jen.. God bless... ^_^

  3. Thank u sis Jhen...sayang tlga mga ganitong umpukan tapos di mo maattenand kc me work ka...anyway, borrow me nlng ur notes,sis...mababasa ko pa ng u sis...God Bless!
    - Ate Caren

    1. you're welcome po ate Caren, babalik naman daw po si Rev. Nat so God's will makaattend po tayo. Ok po ayusin ko lang yung mga notes ko ipapahiram ko po sa inyo. God bless po


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