Wednesday, May 8, 2013

In-Corporate Fashion

One of my friend just started to her new work. And new work means new environment, new people, new working customs, policies, and etc.and not forget new office fashion statement.
One of the adjustment in working here abroad aside from the working environment, for us ladies are fashion unless you are used not wearing uniforms on your previous jobs. No wonder how women in here loves to shop, not only as a stress reliever or therapy but its really necessary. I justified having a new blouses or even shoes or bags monthly as an investment.
Yup for me clothes, shoes, and even bags are investment. But that kind of investment doesn't need to be expensive instead it must be worth it.
Getting dressed for the office doesn't mean leaving your personal style behind. The only thing that might be different is your goal in dressing - in dressing for work you need to project a professional competent image regardless of your employment level or career path.
I love dressing and playing up colors but how about in a corporate world? Its Wednesday and its fashion 101 day!
Lets invade the corporate world!
I really love how corporate attire stands up and I'm loving dressing up like one. Some people get afraid whenever they heard "corporate or business" attire. Sounds strict isn't it?

Here are my personal picks and advices in invading in a corporate world:

Colors are a big part of corporate fashion. Traditional and mostly used are black, gray, navy or dark blue, beige and brown. What they have do in common? they are all dark, seems not to be you. But no worry girls still you can mix and match, play it loud and still have some prints.

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For pants, skirts and even in dress, choose a soft fabirc. Khaki, maong, or even cordoroyis strictly prohibited.
For tops, pick some sheer blouses and other linen or soft fabric. If possible avoid wearing "stretchable" cotton tees.
Be sure you're outfit is still color coordinated. Mix color with your neutral office staples. There are some company that is conservative about the length and the sleeves, so be sure you are aware of that especially if you'd like to wear skirt or dress over a suit.
And speaking of suit, aside from having an all time favorite conventional black, try to have at least one of these:

As I've said its important to know the company policy regarding the dresscodes, and not to forget even in wearing jewelry. If you are not familiar into it yet, stick into stud earrings and single bracelets. Do not over accessorize, remember you are projecting your professional side.
For the shoes, closed shoes is always safe. Choose shoes that you are comfortable with, we had our SHOE-O-LOGY class last week right, so visit it again.
For bags, go for structured bag than slouchy hand bags or hobos. Bags project how organized are you.
Hair must be polished as well, do not wear hair bands over a corporate attire especially in loud designs or color same as wearing colorful ponytails thingy. Stick to black pins or ponytails.
And lastly that maybe others will not agree with me, avoid heavily logoed clothing or accessories in wearing corporate attire, believe me it will make not good impression towards you unless you are in a fashion line industry. Designer labels are great but having a big logo on your stuffs can make some impressions. So, choose stuffs that are free from obvious designer labels. You don't need to shout to the world the brand you are wearing if you're really used to that brand.

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Some of us has notion that we only need to dress up as our position on our employment contract says, but for me I don't think so. If you are secretary dress like up a team leader, if you are a team leader dress up like a section manager, if you are a section manager dress up like a department manager, and if you are a department manager dress up like a project manager. Isn't it great?
Look to your boss or whoever in the position you would like to have in the future. Use them for inspiration not only to your work but even in your dress.

We don't need to panic nor to be stressed in dressing. What we need to know is how to play with what we have in our closet - mix and match matters .
Happy Dressing!

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