Monday, September 27, 2010

How Far You Can Do for Giving?

Sometimes we don't mind what we have, maybe because we are used of having or receiving those things. Some of us don't care how much it cost until we found out how important to others the things we are only taking for granted.
Let's value what we have because we're not sure until we can have them - maybe there will be no tomorrow and we regret that we slip them on our grip.
How important to you the things you have now? Can you sacrifice to loose those things for the sake of others? Are willing to share some of what you have at this moments for others to be happy?
Almost two years ago when I met Angelo, a pre-schooler then. But what I've learned from him is a lesson I will always cherish in my heart and in my mind.
I'm hoping that many of us will be inspired to simple lessons from a young boy
I'm always believe that its not how much you do but how much love you put in doing.
We are blessed...
Let's share our blessings...

Friday, September 24, 2010

My Eid Holiday 2010

Eid is the only holiday that I'm really looking forward every year.
Three consecutive days without work :)
That's why I make it a point to maximize my time and plan what I must do with those days.
This year...

A night @ Souq Waqif

Souq Waqif is the old market of Qatar that was remodelled and now its one of tourist destination. You can found a lot of restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops.

Since some of my friends in the office haven't been in Souq Waqif I asked them if they want to take a tour until we found out that all of us have one thing in common we are all "single". Most of my friends in the office are already married, I think its the first time that I go out with all single company.

Its a "gala" day

Eventhough I'm on holiday I don't want to waste my time just lying on my bed, so even I have no work I still wake..maybe an hour late from the usual. Since all of us in the house has no work, instead of cooking our breakfast we choose to dine out. Chowking is still close so we choose Dairy Queen instead.

After eating breakfast, we went to city centre to buy some stuffs and since I will be going for vacation and I'm planning to take a home theatre with me back home, I bought it already.

Baby sitter of the day...

The next day, my cousins have work already (as I choose second set of holiday), I woke up early clean the house and since Aleeza, daughter of my cousin is still vacation I asked her if she want to go with me at the mall. Well, this is my first time to be a baby in only me and her from 10:30 to 3:00 p.m at Landmark mall.

A night with friends...

Evening of the same day I attended the wedding reception of my friend at the office Ate Ge. At last, she got married at the age of 4_, hehehe. Really I am super happy for her and wishing them a blissful marriage life. Glad to see also my god daughters...its like a children's party on the wedding reception.

Fix it girl!

The last day of my holiday, I just stayed at home but its worthy :) why? because I had a chance to arranged my closet, bags and other stuffs. It took me almost whole day arranging all of my stuffs. Tiring yet I'm fulfilled :)

Mielle's Day...

The holiday is not yet over since its Friday on the following day. After a successful worship service at the Church just stayed at home and take rest. While me and my cousin Les are just lying our bed, we recieved a call from our cousin inviting us because its his daughter 2nd birthday! Super family bonding with my cousins and really like the face painting I got.

I really enjoyed my Eid holidays...simple yet for me it has something to cherish & treasure. And speaking of holidays I'm looking forward for a longer holiday next month coz its gonna my vacation in Philippines! I'm soooooo excited.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Ang tao daw likas na mapunahin...
May mga taong madaling mamangha sa simpleng bagay na kanilang nakikita...
May mga tao namang para sa kanila kababawan ang mga simpleng bagay na yon...
May mga taong sadyang pulaero nga lang ba...
Maaring maganda sa akin, maganda sa'yo pero sa paningin nya ito'y hindi kaayaaya...
Beauty is in the eyes of beholder nga sabi nila...
Sari-saring opinyon...
Mga sabi-sabing tama sa iba ngunit sa karamihan ay salungat...
Meron namang mali sa nakakarami ngunit tumpak sa ilan...
Walang tama o mali...opinyon nga lang di ba
Opinyon -- karapatan mo ito
Karapatan ko ito
Sana'y alalahanin mo na bawat buka ng bibig mo may maari kang masaktan
May maari kang masugatan o masagasaan...
Opinyon mo o opinyon ko man
Walang pakialaman...
Pero sana hinay hinay lang...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Its My Mistake

Never regret something that made you smile..

After three days Eid Holiday plus one Friday total of four days rest. No pressures and stress, no back pain, no eyeglasses, and no agony on how I can finish my workloads. But yesterday I welcome the reality again -- PR and PO on my desk, letters, invoices, emails, etc. I'm not on the right track to complain so instead I smile to every person who just come for follow up and process those loads. I checked my outlook and replied to some important messages; the second email for the day that I sent was a meeting information to my colleagues. Here is the exact email I sent to my colleagues that really made me laugh. For sure you will notice the mistake on it immediately...hahaha

Dear All,
Good morning
Kindly be informed that the weekly meeting for today September 18, 2010 is booked to Meeting Room number 1 from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. Kindly be reminded to turn on the red light that will signifies that there are people inside the room to avoid destruction during the meeting. The room is booked to Procurement Department from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. so if there are some people who will claim that they have also booking on the same room, kindly tell them to inform Ms. Sangeetha (receptionist).
Thank you

I'm not really used to make draft when I make and send correspondences but yesteday after few minutes I checked the letter on my sent items and read it again... OHHHHHHH, well I sent it already. Then one of my colleague told me "Jen I think its by mistake". He noticed then we both laughed. When I about to grab my mouse to check the said letter again I received an email from another colleague....hahaha, a correction letter from Kuya Junjun. I smiled and my mind said "buti na lang parehong Filipino", hehehe. But even though my mistake was noticed and corrected I never felt any shame instead I just smiled and laughed. I resend the letter and type it correctly using bold & italics letter to emphasize that there was a mistake in the first email.

Lessons Learned:
I am only human being and I'm not perfect
Acknowledge your mistake and correct it immediately.
Remember that mistakes are sometimes the best memories...the next time you encounter the same, surely you will do it right.
Its better to laugh at yourself than to laugh at one's faults or mistakes.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Trust = New Friends

Trust as they say is one of the very important factor in any relationship. I remember one sms message : saying "I trust you" is better than saying "I love you". But sometimes because of pains, heartaches or failures, we are getting afraid to give our trust to others. I'm thankful because I was healed and I was able to trust again and I'm much more thankful cause I gained new friends -- true friends, when I started to open my door to trust again.
I got an email from a new friend (i don't think he is new...hahaha), Jessie and it really strucked me. I'm a bit emotional while reading that mail especially when I reached reading this:

I'm glad I got new friends. And what makes me really thankful is I don't know them in person yet but the friendship has binded us together. I trusts them completely without any doubt even I only found them in the e-world, I know they are God's gift to me and they will serve a reason or purpose to me and I hope I can do the same to them.
Let me introduce to you my new found friends that I met in e-world, special thanks to multiply!
Meet Abhie .....

At first I am only a reader of her blogs, how can you resist not to read her blogs e sya na lang yata ang multiply member na everyday may blogs..hehehe. I invited her to be my contact on my list when I read her blog about coffee & love (forgot the exact title of the blog). I don't know then that she's friend to some of my colleagues. I see myself on her blogs...maybe the reason why its easy for me to be friend to her. We're exchanging emails and sms (kahit nasa kalagitnaan ng concert ni Garry & Martin..hehehe). Through her I met two other people whom I considered as my new found friend as well. Hope we I can share more friendship with her.
Meet "J" Family....
If I'm not mistaken it took 2 or more months before I received message from Joanne asking if its ok for me to one of her multiply contact. I remember when I made one post 25 Facts About Jen, it started all there. At first we're just exchanging comments on our blogs but there was an instance on her blog that she asked if I am a Christian...then after we found out that we are both Christians, our friendship become deeper. Like Abhie, we are exchanging emails, chikahan and advices on email, SMS messages and ym. Meeting Joanne, I met Joseph through her stories, I had a chance to exchange IM to Joseph pero kontingkonti lang. What makes me excite now is to see their angel Baby JJ who will soon be my godson.
Meet Kcat...
Before I don't know that she's the girl behind some of the post link of Abhie untilone Friday when She Inspires Me. My colleagues and some close friends knows it, I mean how she inspire and encourage me to be positive in life and most especially to reach others. It started in a blog then we exchange emails. I'm hoping to share more and deeper friendship with her.
Meet Jessie...
I didn't meet him through multiply. I met him through a highschool classmate named Mario. Szean, cousin of mine knows Mario also and that time (I think 2008), they are exchanging emails and to cut thr story short my email ad was passed to him. I remembered I kiddingly tell Mario "naku allergic ako sa mga J" hehehe, which is true that time. We exchange IM on yahoo and he is one of my contact on FS but I don't remember an instance that I had a long conversation with him until I found out that he is a Christian; and if I'm not mistaken all started there. And now he is one of my constant chatmate (para namang may mga chatmate talaga ako..hahaha) and I'm hoping that he will not surrender on my "kakulitans".
I'm blessed to have new friends like them. Although I dont see them yet all in persons I know that I found them for reasons -- and one of those reasons is to trust people again. I'm excited to meet them and eventhough its still one month from now before my vacation I planned already that I will really meet them no matter how short my vacation will be.

Friday, September 10, 2010

After the Rain

We oftenly say that our experiences is our best teacher. We learn from our mistakes as same as from our faults. But what's another good thing about having those experiences is we have something to share.
I was chatting with a friend last night when he suddenly ask my help to give him an advice. The advice is not directly for him, its for his friend....well what else its about "heartaches". I just smiled and silently talk to myself "thank you Lord I'm done to that". But since I promised that I will share some advices, here are some I have learned from my past heartaches. Hope it will contribute in a way...
Sometimes we are afraid to face the truth because we are afraid to feel the pain not knowing that we are only prolonging being immerse to that pain.Tell everything and anything you want to your partner or to the people involve if there is other party involve. Honesty is still the best policy to observe. Avoid to be judgemental. Remember that words can hurt and leave scars. Try to control emotions. Accept it. Acceptance may be is the hardest thing to do. But you know what I realized, its hard for us to accept the fact that its over because of our ego -- our pride. Being in a relationship, we are investing time and emotions and as long as we don't accept the real situation we are only wasting our time & emotions over nothing. But don't get me wrong, acceptance that the relationship doesn't happen in wink of an eye or in a snap of your fingers not even in an overnight. Cry. We are human being and crying is only one way to release the pain in our heart. Explore things and enjoy things on your hand. Sometimes because we are head over heels inlove to the person we didn't notice other things --simple things that can make us happy and things that make us complete. Enjoy the new freedom--singleness. Reach out the things you missed. Call your friends and make new friends. Don't hold grudges. Forgive. Dwell into possibility that it happened for a good reason and that's what you need to find out -- the good things out of the heartaches. Pick up the pieces of you. Throw the unnecessary and keep the good ones. Move on.Discover new about yourself. Pamper yourself. Let go. Stay happy.
Along the way of doing those things there is one thing we must not forget and that is PRAYER. If there's one best tool to ease the pain and heartaches its through sending prayer to our God.
After the rain there will be a rainbow -- a colorful rainbow
I'm proud to say I am very much single and happy

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Small Decisions

There are no scrap pages in the book of life, so we must write with care...