Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"What If" mode

Atty. Jennifer C. Arellano...
How I wish...
After knowing that Philippine Bar Exam results was released I immediately checked to see who among my friends, batchmates and schoolmates made it this year. While I'm reading their names on the list eto na naman si "what if"...
What if instead of taking up Masters in Public Administration is nagtake ako ng Doctor of Jurisprudence? o kaya I enter into College of Law?
What if after finishing my masters' degree nakinig ako sa mga tao na nagsasabi na "you can make it sa law, why don't you try?" especially CD Diaz, my boss in DILG who really pushing me to give it a try sa college of law. She even offerred me na I can go out the office na ng mga 4:00 pm para makapag-aral ako sa library...knowing na super dami minsan ng mga cases na dapat idigest.
What if instead of working here is nasa Pilipinas ako and while I'm working is nag-aaral ako sa gabi sa College of Law....
But this is the reality....
Having dreams within us is not enough...
I always wanted to be a lawyer eversince I was a child...
Only few steps na lang sana...
Ganon pala yon as time change maiiba ang priorities mo, kahit I really wanted to pursue that dream may mga bagay na dapat mas iconsider... things that I know na mas magiging worth it not only for me but to those people who I value.
I remember a friend of mine, sya yung tao na hindi talaga naggive up to take bar exams. Nagrefresh na at lahat pero sige pa rin, halos every year kumukuha sya ng bar..minsan nga nasabi ko sa kanya kung kelan ba sya talaga susuko...taking bar exam not just only need physical and mental effort it also requires money at hindi biro ang gastos. Pero ibinalik nya sa akin ang tanong "if i will not try and take another chance, do you think malalaman ko kung papasa ako?" -- my point nga naman. Until now he still convincing me to take up law and sabi nya kahit di man daw ako magpass sa bar exam the knowledge na makukuha ko is an advantage na rin not only to myself but to help others...pero sympre iba pa rin ang licensed lawyer di ba.
There's no harm on trying...just believe in your dreams & on yourself
Minsan my cousin Sze an & I are talking about our "what if" nagpursue kami sa pagiging abogada but as she said its not yet late naman...although mejo mahina na yung mga memorya namin at mejo mapurol na pwede pa rin naman. When I am in a graduate school madalas ako makakita ng mga may edad na talaga sa college of law as in mga nasa 60 na sila siguro but still they never give up to their dreams...or maybe passion nila talaga ang mag-aral. As one of professor kiddingly told us, Judge N. Mercado "wag kayo masyadong kukuha ng maraming degree kasi baka hindi na magkasya sa lapida ...kasi may R.I.P na tapos before ng pangalan nyo may after ng pangalan my MPA / MBA, etc.baka di magkasya" hahahaha
I don't have regrets naman if I was not able to take up law minsan nga lang may mga "what if mode" ako pero I know lilipas din,hehehe...anyways its not yet late. If its really God's will and God's plan for me it will happen on HIS time. For the meantime, I will grasp & live on what I have on my hand and continue to believe in myself.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Something to Ponder: GREAT FAITH

"Then Jesus answered, 'Woman, you have great faith! Your request is granted.'"
Matthew 15:28 (NIV)
I just want to share this article I received this morning from Encouragement Today.Before there are times that I've asked myself why there are people that inspite of all the trials they can still smile & in parang wala lang, hindi mo tuloy malaman if they just ignore it or they really doesn't care. I'm happy because I'm not asking the same question na kasi alam ko na ang sagot coz me myself naranasan ko na...its just a matter of FAITH to HIM. I remember those times when my officemates asked me how can I survive ang everyday tons of documents ko sa table...just recently I kiddingly said "ipinapagpray over ko na po lahat yan before ako magstart magtrabaho". Yeah, its true whatever we do if only have faith that we can make it or we can reach our goals or target...WE CAN. But above all, the FAITH & TRUST to the LORD MUST ALWAYS PRESENT ON US. I hope that this article will also be an encouragement to you.
God bless...

GREAT FAITH by Micca Monda Campbell
I used to covet others' faith. I'd watch the spiritual "giants" in my church and community and wonder why they were given a greater faith than me. It didn't seem fair. Even worse were people with great faith who never seemed to have any type of adversity. Do you know the kind of people I'm describing?
One day, I decided to get to know a person with obvious great faith. I think it was one of the best things I've done to increase my own faith. The first thing I learned was people with great faith got it from their abundance of trials, not from their lack of trials. Trusting God in one trouble gave them courage to trust Him in another. Before they knew it, they had developed great faith in God. Great faith didn't happen overnight; it was a process.
Through the course of trusting God, we discover several things about great faith. First, it leads to great undertakings. Take the Gentile woman with a demon-possessed daughter found in Matthew 15 - pause to read her story if you can. She cried out for Jesus to heal her daughter, but she received no response.
This action on Christ's part can seem confusing. Therefore, it is important to know that this woman was not only a Gentile, but was of Canaanite descent. The Canaanites were an immoral people God had commanded Israel to completely destroy during their invasion of Canaan under the command of Joshua. Israel did not fully obey God's order and some Canaanites survived the invasion. This woman was their descendant. Nonetheless, this didn't stop her from appealing to Jesus for mercy and help.
Annoyed by her attempts, the disciples urged Jesus to send her away. She was a nuisance to them, but to Jesus the woman was an example of great faith. She was determined to do whatever was necessary to get what she needed.
Great faith also brings about great expectations. If you're like me, you often don't expect great results from your labors and prayers. This is because we lack faith. This was not true of the Gentile woman. She expected the Savior to heal her daughter.
That's not all. Great faith awakens great earnestness. This woman didn't play by the rules so to speak. She didn't care what others thought about her actions. Crying, she fell at the feet of Jesus and worshiped Him. I've seen this kind of earnestness in others with great faith as well. They pray with persistence until God moves.
Great faith conquers great difficulties. The woman kept on pursuing Jesus even though He reminded her of her position as a Gentile, not a Jew. Christ responded to her begging, "It is not right to take the children's bread and toss it to their dogs" (vs.26). In other words, why should He give her, a Gentile, what He had come to give the Jews?
Her answer to that was to agree with Him, "Yes, Lord." And then throw herself on His mercy again by adding, "...even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their masters' table" (vs. 27). She understood that even one morsel of God's power was more than enough to heal her daughter. Pleased with her faith, Jesus commended her.
Finally, great faith achieves great victories. Jesus rewarded the woman's faith by healing her daughter. Our difficulties can be overcome by expressing great faith in Christ's mercy and love, which provide for our needs.
Great faith isn't given to some and not to others. It is a choice we make to trust and pursue God even when at first there appears to be no response.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You're At Peace

Its exactly one year today...
But I can still picture you on my mind..
I can still recall the way you laugh and the way you react...
A jolly person...
A thoughtful one on your own way...
You are one of the strongest woman I ever met...
You always see things in a positive ways...
When you are still here with me...
You always reminded me to eat
And slow down for a moment to work...
I really miss those time we shared...
You are really a fighter...
Up to your last days you prove it to us
Honestly, I really miss those times I shared with you
I know that you are happy now...
No more pain
No more tears
You are at peace...

I just simply miss you

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Silence Please

SILENCE is not a sign of cowardliness
I admit I am an outspoken person but there are times that I choose to keep quiet.
People who doesn't know me well always misinterpret me kapag bigla na lang akong tumatahimik.
I didn't plan to act that way...pero yon talaga ang personality ko.
Most of closest friends knows na I'm quiet when I am sick,
when I am busy,
when I am not on the mood,
when I am angry (pero 'pag friend ko sinasabi ko talaga directly na inis ako sa kanya)
when I know its better to keep quiet than to hurt someone.
Way back in my college days 'pag pumasok na ako sa room pa lang at kinakausap ako ng mga friends ko tapos matipid ang sagot ko--its either yes or no lang o kaya question & answer lang talaga...
"ay minamigraine na naman yan"
And good thing coz they know already so hindi na nila ako kukulitin pa. Kapag may migraine kasi ako gusto ko tahimik lang, konting ingay at mga tanong naiirita talaga I choose to be quiet na lang para walang usap
When I am busy...
I prefer na magtrabaho lang ang utak, mata at mga kamay ko... I seldom speak when I am busy, gusto ko focus lang ako sa ginagawa ko. Mas nakakarelax magtrabaho ng matahimik di ba, mas madaling matapos ang trabaho at iwas sa error sa ginagawa mo. So sana may colleagues alam na nila ngayon kung bakit most of the time 'pag busy ako di ako masyadong nagiimik.
I'd rather choose to keep quiet when I'am angry
I'm not the type of person na kung ano-ano ang sinasabi kapag galit. I choose to keep my mouth shut. Mas gusto ko ang tumahimik kasi ang katuwiran ko kung magsasalita ako ng magsasalita hindi rin naman mawawala kaagad yong inis ko at mas malaki ang tendecy na makasakit ako ng tao because of those words na lalabas sa bibig ko. Then after what pagsisihan ko na nasabi ko kung ano man better to keep in silence na lang then kapag cool down na tsaka magsalita.
People tend to question us 'pag suddenly nagbago yong timpla ng mood natin...siguro natural lang talaga yon pero minsan ang kulit na. Siguro hindi ko lang talaga ugali ang ganon na mangulit at magtatanong ng magtanong if a friend of mine suddenly keep quiet. For me once is enough..when I asked you then you didn't tell me I will not ask you again because I know in due time 'pag ready ka ng magsalita you are the one who will approach me.
Silence doesn't mean that we are coward to brought out something its just simply mean that:
I need to think...
I just don't want to say anything..
I need a space...please do respect
Hope you understand

Monday, March 8, 2010

Let Go

Letting go is the only means to face our present & to walk for our future

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Marching on March

Wow can't believe that two months already passed and we are now on second week of March.
March is my favorite month
March is my birth month as well as my Dad's month.
I have a lot of memories I truly cherished on this month....hope this year it will be the same again.
Wishing that this month will be another March that I will treasure.
I think so naman na magiging memorable ulit ang March 2010 for me
March 1 : super naaliw ako kasi inspite of summer season na dito sa disyerto e bumuhos pa rin ang ulan. I don't know but there's something in the rain that I love. Before naman ok lang umulan man o hindi but recently I'm always wishing na sana umulan...if others sing "rain rain go away.." I am singing "rain rain come again.."
March 3 : due to my workload as in loaded almost two weeks na yata akong 10:00pm nakakauwi lagi and 'pag Friday naman after church I'd rather stay at home to get some rest. But last Wednesday together with my friends in the office Jen & Dhing enjoyed simple things on our bonding in super simple caused we didn't go sa malls instead we just visited Al Rawnaq to buy some colorful & cute clips; stationeries & other stuffs plus we ate not in a food chain or fine dining resto but instead in a Turkish shawarmahan sa Habeeb. We enjoyed sa murang halaga
March 4 : a pre-birthday celebration treat of my cousin Peach. Magkabirthday kami ni Peach but she decided to celebrate it Thursday night para na rin makapagbonding sila ng mga officemates nya plus bonding moments din naming magpipinsan. Kantahan, kwentuhan, tawanan and sympre picturan. Kung hindi ba naman uber saya at miss na miss namin ang isa't isa we left sa house nila at 1:00 a.m.
March 5: I was blessed again by the preached I heard by Pastora Henny. And as Tita Suzette said after she saw the tears on my eyes...."you are touched by the Holy Spirit"...share ko na lang sa inyo what is it on the other post.
I'm hoping that this month is magiging maganda at ok lahat and besides I'm looking forward to some moments for this month like:
March 9 : It's my birthday!...I'm proud to be 29
March 12 : Daddy's Birthday
Plan din namin dito sa office to have "field trip" birthday celebration na rin & treat for Kuya Jun for his farewell
March 16 : Ate Rebecca's first death anniversary....I miss you ate
March 18 : My tabachingching inaanak Danica's second birthday and Ate Jayn's birthday din sa Pinas. At the same time last day ni Kuya Jun sa office ...hay super mamimiss ka namin Kuya
March 28: Ate Judith's birthday and another staff will have his graceful Papasan
March 31: One of my Malaysian colleague will say bye bye na rin to us para magsettle down.
There are something to look forward talaga sa month na ito...some are exciting but some will surely makes me sad. Anyways for now I will not think of it muna instead I will just grasp whatever is on my hand at this moment.