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Meet My Mom

We have so many women in our lives - sister, aunties, friends, colleagues, teachers but there's always on the top, our mother. If you are reading here in my site, you might read already the story of the people who've been a part of my journey, people who influenced me and guided me in a way. 
And now there's one person that I want you to meet, a woman who've been a reason for who am I today, a woman who is selfless in giving his life for me and to our family, a woman who love me unconditionally, a woman who never get tired of guiding me, a woman who hurt first when I was hurt, a woman who rejoices and proud of my achievements, a woman who never turns her back to me when I made mistake instead correct me, a woman who loves me for not only for what I am but for who I am - no other than my Mother.
still pretty at 65

Like any children, I am a proud daughter who loves Mommy so much, let me share you stories and who are Mommy is.
I got this from my Lola's ancestral house when  I was still in high school and I kept it. Sabi ng Nanay (my mom's mother) is mommy daw fashionista na talaga, she loves her long black hair at mahilig sya sa mga hair accessories, laging nakaterno at laging nasa uso ang mga outfits. 
No wonder on the picture, I asked Mommy when this picture was taken. According kay Mommy she's wearing her Lyceum of Batangas High school uniform (there was a high school then in LyBat.). Tanong ko sa kanya e bakit parang ang ikli naman, e parang pag nahulog ang ballpen mo at yumuko ka e masisilipan ka na. Ang sagot nya mahaba daw talaga yung uniform ang ipinatahi lang nya ay maikli. O di ba, pasaway na estudyante pala, ang school uniform ginawang uniform ng cheerer :)
She got married at 33...

I happened to know that she got married at 33 when I told in front of her and one of my Tita, that maybe I will get married to second boyfriend that I'll have and settle down at 33. Then she told me that she got married at that age. God's will on me :) only few months to go, hahaha
Ang kwento ni Daddy, marami daw suitors si Mommy - halos lahat tituladong tao at mga professionals, meron pa daw abogado pero iba ang charm ni Daddy kahit working student as janitor sya that time napaibig nya at nakuha nya ang matamis na "oo" ni Mommy. Their love story inspires me so much. Parang langit - lupa lang ang kwento.
Mommy is such a hardworking woman. I heard so many stories how hardworking she is from the time she got married, they separated house to their parents. There was a time na nagtinda sila ng bbq sa tapat ng bahay na inuupahan nila para maidagdag sa pang-gatas ko. Lagi kong naririnig sa Daddy ko noon na manang mana daw ako magtrabaho sa Mommy ko, na kapag gusto at napamahal na sa work parang ayaw ng lumipat ng ibang company at kahit sa bahay minsan may dalang paper works.

 notice all the pictures on the wall how proud she is on me and my achievement,
pati day care diploma nakalaminate :)

She worked as a government employee in Provincial Health Office but she was assigned far from our place. She traveled for almost one hour to reached to her office. She's working as a midwife - angbibigay ng mga vaccinations, kumukuha ng blood pressure, at nagpapaanak sa mga pregnant women. She has a clinic then in our house too. Namulat ako through that government employee must be a public servant. Anytime yan si Mommy kahit pagod sa work kapag may nagdoor bell na pasyente sa bahay, at kahit walang bayad ok lang. I remembered those nights na sa kalagitnaan nang tulog ko may magdodoor bell pagbukas ng daddy ko nagmamakaawang lalake na kung pwede daw sumama ang mommy kasi manganganak ang asawa nya. My both parents are working in a government parehong sa health office kaya siguro its easy for my Dad na maintindihan ang ginagawa ng Mommy, kahit puyat pumapasok pa sya sa office. I learned from her the meaning of "dedication" Siguro kaya until now gusto ko pa rin na maging government employee. 
At the age of 60 she retired from office...
Although we know how she loved to serve people through her profession, we asked her to retire form office. Some people says Mom is still young to retire but we want to enjoy life away from work stress and pressures and enjoy her life more.

  with her colleagues from Sta. Teresita RHU

 According to her family as they mentioned during her 65th Birthday celebration, si Mommy talaga is tahimik na tao, simple pero fashionista, matulungin, etc. Inay Lala (eldest sibling) said na si Mommy ang naging katulong nya sa pagaalaga ng mga anak nya nung namatay yung husband nya. Mommy lived with Inay Lala to help her in taking of her children, she was still studying that time. According to her she also have her part time job for additional support to her schooling but ate Bebeth, my late cousin na alaga ng Mommy ko is laging dumadaan sa store na pinagpapart time ni Mommy ang ending halos wala na syang sinesweldo kasi naicredit na ang mga binili ni ate.  

She's a dear sister to her siblings and to her parents.

 She's a God's child and servant...
I owe her a lot and thank her so much to those times that she will wake me up at 5:00 a.m to get up for family devotions kahit puyat, she told me na after na lang daw ng devotion ulit ako matulog...sympre that time naiinis pa ako. She's molded us according to what God has taught us. Her life is a living testimony for me on God's works and continually working in one's life. 
Let me share you some verses from the bible that describes her best:
"She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue. She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: Many woman do noble things, but you surpass them all." Charm is deceptive , and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. Give her the reward she has earned, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate" Proverbs 31:26-31

Mommy taught me empathy by modelling God's love with her own gentle, giving spirit. You may not see her on the day of the event of the charity works I've been but behind those successful gift giving I organized is her. She is the who are busy packing all the stuffs, sharing with me the sleepless nights in order to finish everything. Natutunan ko sa kanya kung magbibigay ka isipin mo na ikaw ang bibigyan,para laging the best ang maibibigay mo sa iba.

If it will be about Moms hindi ako mauubusan ng story to share. I have a lots in my memory and in my heart. I am so much thankful God gave Mommy to me - to us. She shines and gives light in our family. Words are not enough to be thankful and to honor her for all the that she have done. 


God's will in His perfect time, I will be having a family of my own and my prayer is that I could pass all the lessons in life I learned from my mother. 
I'm looking forward to share and spend more time with you Mommy. 



I Love You so much
God bless you...

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