Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm Back

I'm back!!! from where??? huh...well I'm just too busy for so many things but to top it all on my work.
My job occupied almost all of time except Friday.
I've been to other cyberspace as well...but still I want some space that I can say what I want to say...some space I that I can release my emotions
Hope it will be the start again to be here...i just smiled when I read my previous posts almost one year now.
Well happy to inform the world...I'm OK now, nothing to be bitter coz I'm blessed
I'm happy with my life's going now.. I'm still single but I'm happy.
Till then =)

Thursday, April 23, 2009


A workaholic is a person addicted to work. This addiction may be pleasurable to the victim or it may be burdensome and troubling.
Ever wonder why an individual is giving so much time at work? Well actually there's a lot of reasons...
One is, he/she might be so energetic that he thinks that he's so tired when he don't work.

Second is, he/she needs it for financial matter...
and last thing that comes to my mind is....

When you don't want to think of something that will ruin your day...........a reason for moving on and forgetting the past. But it doesn't work all the time...thats the hardest part of moving on that you have to deal.

But tell me, isn't it true? that you feel better when your busy with a lot of things..specially when you know it really helps a lot?
But now I understand, why they have to........

One last but....
But you know, the more you try to forget the more it hurts???

Okies...I admit before I worked so hard & stay late on the office for a personal reason of moving on & forgetting. Now I already moved on & enjoying my life...but not because of being workaholic,hahaha...its just happen. One day I just woke up and realized that I'm not a prisoner of my's just happened. I'm still workaholic as they say & I'm still staying late night in the office (much late than before) but not because I want to forget someone but its really because my works required me to do so...super dooper busy. But I'm enjoying what I\m doing and that's very important to me.