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An Open Letter for Mr & Mrs. Gutierez

Wedding is one of the most memorable occasion in one's life and I personally get inspired and feel so happy when I'm attending wedding, I love to witnessed persons exchanging their vows and promised to be with each other till the end.
One of my best friend will be getting married few days from now and of course I'm one of  those people who is very happy for her - for them.

Meet Cecile and Joey 
Cecile is a friend of mine. I met her when I was still working in Batangas City Government. She's one of my proof that not all first impression lasts. I don't know how to describe how we started to be friends, all we know it is really not a good start. She's working as the executive secretary of the city administrator then and since I was assigned in the national agency then, I don't know her that much as like other employees did. Every time I go to their office, she's stared at me so bad, as in from head to foot...mala Belia Flores ang peg ng lola mo. We're really meant to be friends after all the "taray look" we ended up having each other. Every time it rains I can't help to think her and how we passed all things that we've been through -  the crayola moments. Until we're awaken from the realization na sayang ang eyeshadow, mascarra, at eyeliner every time na umiiyak kami..hahaha, ang mahal din noon ha kung masasayang lang sa pag-iyak,hehehehe. We love rain and every drops of it reminds us of each other, kung dati-rati nalulungkot kami well now we're rejoicing, ask Cez why..hahaha. We're now both working outside the country, Cez works in Dubai and me in Qatar. If I'm not mistaken only once pa lang kami nagkasabay ng bakasyon sa Pilipinas. She visited me here in Doha way back years and I do the same last 2011. Aside from being my friend she's my gift giving partner as well for the charity works that almost annually naming ginagawa sa Linggap Pangarap (LPPCI). Our friendship may not as ideal as others, who spent so much talking and lot of bonding moments but what matters to us is the quality time we spend together when we talk and see each other. Yung alam mo na hindi man kayo magusap ngayon ok lang pero if you need someone to talk with there someone who will give you her time in a rush.

 the day before Cez left to Dubai. 2005 (I guess)

 2011 when I visited Dubai

The first time I heard the story about Joey from Cez, I feel something different, I know there is something but I don't want to jump into conclusion as I know Cez is just a sweet and thoughtful friend. I teased Cez everytime she makes kwento about him, she will always answered "friends lang kami sis" ...patwitums ka pa jan,hahaha. And then one day we agreed why not we pray Joey for her. I honestly did. I prayed Joey for Cez and it was an answered prayer and if I'm not mistaken, official date for being bf-gf is on my birthday. After a year of being in a relationship I asked Cez if they are planning to get married and she told me that maybe its still early followed by another year and another until she asked me a prayer again, and its another answered prayer. Joey is God's answer to Cez and I know Cez to Joey as well.

the first meeting with Joey - ano daw masasabi ko tanong ni Cez..hmmm ano nga bang sagot ko sa'yo sis? hehehe

Dear Sis and Joey,
How I love and wish to be there on your special day, to witness your promises and vows for each other, to be a part of the start of your till the I wish but as I've said to you sis, I may not be a part of your wedding but I will always walk with both of you on your marriage. I know there will be many adjustments to both you - your lifestyles, your priorities and your goals but holding each other and with the help of the people who loves both of you dearly, you can fulfill it all.
Sis, you know how happy I am the first time I heard straight from you that you're getting married, and how I really love to be on your wedding but time didn't permit me to. So this is it, the answered prayer, the awaited lifetime commitment. I'm so happy talaga for you. I know you are ready na to face the married life, and I know kahit marami kang mga adjustments na haharapin kaya mo yan. God already molded you and experiences taught you lot of lessons that you can use as you enter into the new chapter of your journey. I don't have so much to advise you when it comes to married life (as if kasal na ako..hahaha) just enjoy it and nourish it. Joey is not your boyfriend anymore he is now a piece of you - the father to be of your children. But one thing I want to remind you and I will always remind you, don't ever forget to take care of yourself, stay beautiful pa rin ha , ayaw kong makita kang "losyang" hehehe. I know you'll be a good mother to your future children, if you can provide for others like to the less fortunate children of Linggap (LPPCI) sa sarili mo pa bang anak hindi? if you can love others na hindi mo personally kilala mas lalo pa sa magiging mga anak mo.
Joey, I will not ask you to love my dear friend Cez because I know and we witnessed that you really do love her, just continue and love her more. You are an answered prayer to her life - I know that coz I'm one who prayed for it. I heard a lot of stories about you from Cez kaya alam ko na you will be a responsible father to your future children.
To both of you,here's my personal (although I'm not yet married) advise and wish for you:
1. Relationship as they say is a triangle. Try to imagine - wife, God, husband. God must be the center of any relationship; He must always be in the center, if you'll no God in the center you will not be connected to each other. Pray together, have a couple devotions wherein you'll be praying together will make you closer to God.
2. Communication matters. No relationship is perfect as no individual do, you will live in one house, sleep in one bed for lifetime and as you go along you'll discover each other flaws and weaknesses. But you must be each other strengths and to do that, you must communicate as often as you can. Don't let the sun go down not talking to each other especially if you have misunderstandings.
3. Time is the best gift you can give to each other. As I've read in Purpose Driven Life, time is the most precious gift you can give to a person, its the best expression of love. I know how busy the phase of life in abroad especially here in middle east - and even the lifestyle we have. But having time with each other and to your future children is a must. Celebrate even there's no occasion to celebrate, and make even the ordinary and simple occasion special - kung nung magboyfriend -girlfriend kayo, you make each monthsary special ganon din dapat kahit married na kayo.
4. Give and take. You are now part of each others' life. Pride and ego is not a part of any healthy relationship. Accept if its your fault and make apology if you hurt your husband / wife. Go back to number 2.
5. Be the best friends of each other. You'll be old and might lost all the friends you have but if you have each other as best friends life is happy everyday. Love may fade but the friendship will always remain. Sa best friend di ba nasasabi mo lahat, if you're best friend of each other it would be easier for you to talk what your plans, and even what you don't like to each other.
6. Stay in love. Respect each other - whether you think he or she is being opinionated. Trust each other and always be honest even in the smallest thing; no "white lies".
See para na rin kayong nakaattend ng marriage counseling ....hahaha, but that is only from me, my personal point of view not based on my personal experience (single pa nga...) hehehe.
Congratulations and best wishes!
Again, even I'm not able to make it on your wedding I am one of those people who will be walking in the aisle of your marriage - to usher, to light, to bind and to continuously pray for both of you and future kids.
I love you both...hope to see you soon
God bless 

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