Sunday, May 19, 2013

Project Aral 2013

Few weeks from now, schools will be opened for the new school year. Moms and kids are surely started to complete the school supplies - from stylish bags, colorful pens and pencils, designer notebooks and others. I love school supplies, I'm always looking forward to shop for my school stuffs, I'm always with Mommy, she's the best shopping buddy for me - kelangang affordable lang pasok sa budget yet matibay.
We know that not everyone can afford to send their children to schools. Even public schools are not free for tuition fees and aside from that children needs school supplies and other stuffs too. Most of us knows National Bookstore in Philippines, some of us are "laking National Bookstore" pa nga. Aside from their commitment to provide best school supplies for their consumers, they are also helping and hand-in-hand with some volunteers and cheerful givers in providing assistance to indigenous communities in the Philippines.
Project Aral is a back to school program of National Bookstore. It provides basic study kits for Day Care and Elementary pupils.
One kit for one kid for only 25PHP. For such a small amount you will be able to make one child happy. So the many the merrier, the more children will be happy!
How to do it?
Just go to any National Bookstore outlets (all over the Philippines), grab and pay a Project Aral Kit to the cashier.
Put your name on the name box sticker and drop it on the box (as seen in the photo).
This is my personal suggestion for those who are living and working abroad who wants to be a part of Project Aral:
Send money to your family or friend that really intends for this project. Ask them to go to National Bookstore and pay for you the Project Aral kit. As easy and cheap as that. Imagine at 2QR you can make one child happy. So the more Project Aral kit you will buy the more children will be happy. Distance doesn't matter if its really in heart to share, give and reach out.

The project runs from May 10 to June 30, 2013
So what are you waiting for sugod na sa National Bookstore and grab the Project Aral Kit!
Its not how much we give but the love we put in giving


  1. god bless you more and more jen :) keep spreading keep sharing! mwahs

    1. God bless you more too Abhie! and thank you for always inspiring me and a lots of people in giving and sharing.mwahh

  2. Thank you so much Ms. Jen for this! I am Bea Torres of National Book Store Foundation. Your donations will definitely bring so much happiness to a lot of kids! By the way, we are currently doing distributions. Please do me know if you want to come. =)

    1. thank you so much Ms.Bea for your invitation but I working outside the country, how I love to spend time distributing those donations and reaching out the kids. But even I can't make it on the distribution I'm looking forward for other projects of National Bookstore, hopefully I can join personally. Thank you to National Bookstore for your compassion in helping others, I will always be happy to support your projects like this. For the Project Aral 2013, my parents did it on behalf of me :-) I asked them to do it for me in National Bookstore SM Batangas City.
      God bless you and the whole team


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