Saturday, August 31, 2013

Goodluck and Godbless Mars!

I don't like good byes but every time I think that good bye is one way for ones life to be better, to walk in new path, to reach their dreams I immediately change how I perceive good byes.
Every month more and more staffs in the company are leaving, although its saddened me because I will miss their presence, but on the other hand I am very happy for them to find new career, to fulfill their dreams.

Meet Dolor - one of my very good friend

She is my batch mate in the company. She was hired June 2006 and after few days July 3 ako naman. And since she's from Accounting and I am Procurement most of the time kami ang magka-transaction sa mga trabaho namin. And from then our friendship started and over the years get deeper. Our ties as friends were tightened more when they chose me to be one of the god mother of their first born Andrew. 
We have a lot of memories for more than seven years...
Here are some of the oldest photos we have....

Company parties....
2007 SOJV Year End Party
Colleagues' parties
December 9, 2007 - First Birthday of Kuya Roy's eldest
June 5, 2008 - Ate Agnes Birthday Party
Winter, summer we are together...
We don't have choice ...hahaha just kidding!
nung time na figure conscious pa at sarap na sarap pa sa McVities :-)

From long distance relationship. I witnessed her love story - I mean thru kwento how they started until they get married.
First SOJV Year End with Kuya Sherwin 
When she conceived their first baby...
Baby Shower 
Till the time she gave birth...
Welcome Andrew Shello!
And their first born turned one...
 Happy first birthday Drew!
Birthday Celebrations and Parties with Super Friends...

Until her last day in the office....
Seven years that almost everyday we are together in the office. From the company service till our breakfast. She's the only breakfast buddy I had perfectly for me - yung alam mo na may pagkwekwentuhan ka every morning kung masaya ka may makikitawa sa'yo, kung may problema ka may someone na pwede mong pagsabihan, yung kapag naiiyak ka na at feeling mo magbrebreak down ka, you have someone, who will not only listen you kasi wala syang choice but someone na alam mo na kaibigan mo talaga.
I will miss our lunch break with the SF boys, I'm the only rose na lang...yung masarap na luto nya at ni Kuya Sherwin na lagi nyang ishi-nashare sa amin.
Yung kwentuhan thru emails, phone or by just dropping by on our desk. Wala na akong tatawaging "mars" sa office...
Good byes are really ironic. I'm sad because I will miss her presence that I used to have almost everyday. I will miss the time being with her but on the other hand I am so much happy cos I know she will be in a better hands. And leaving in the company doesn't mean forgetting what the friendship that we have. 
I'm so happy and proud of you Mars!
Good luck and God bless
See you around :-)

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Finally, After Almost Five Years

Finally after almost five years we've met again yesterday!
Analyn is my a former colleague of mine in Philippines and become a good friend of mine since then. She's is the super mom of two- Dianne and Rafael, and a loving wife of Paulo. Our life way back in our former office sobrang simple pero super saya. 
First meeting in Doha, Qatar
I fetched her with her children, April 2008
Wala pang selfie at FB pero kami marunong ng magselfie :-)


Second meeting in Doha was when we had dinner with her family in Upstairs - Downstairs, sad to say I was not able to retrieved the only photo we had that night on my Friendster account.
And the third is March 20,2009 on my 28th birthday, I check my files and there are no pictures taken with her ..well honestly hindi sya talaga mahilig sa picture so kapag sya ang kasama ko mabibilang ang mga picture with her.
After four years without seeing each other but we talk naman or chat or emails but could you imagine how small is Doha naman for us not to see each other...
After four years....
March 1, 2013, we bumped each other at Carrefour, City Centre. Imagine sa dami daming pagkakataon at lugar sa Carrefour pa talaga kami nagpangita, and the thing is its passed 9:00 p.m. na yon...

O di ba from the time she arrived in Doha mabibilang talaga sa daliri kung ilang beses kami nagmeet :-) but nevertheless the friendship is more than physical. I mean kapag talagang real and good friend mo kahit ilang decade or years kayong di nagkikita, you always have the connection, you really find time for him/ her, kahit gaano kang kabusy cos you don't really want to miss the single chance to be with them or even just to talk with them.
Last week I received a message from Analyn inviting to go out. And I just say "yes" sa isip-isip ko na lang, at last and wishing na sana this time matuloy kasi naman for how many times we also planned pero laging di natutuloy. I even inform one of our good friend Beth who is in the Philippines na magkikita kami ni Analyn, imagine ba naman na mas madalas ko pa makita si Beth, na nasa Pinas kesa kay Analyn na andito din lang sa Doha. And Beth told me"naku Jen sana matuloy talaga, ituloy nyo yung date nyo, stress na rin kasi yan.." So lahat ng invitation for the week talagang I make it sure na di maapektuhan ang Wednesday, my day with Analyn.
So happy to see her physically and personally...hahaha, its been 5 months ago since I last saw her.
Analyn is the same Analyn I know - pero she'll agree with me for one thing and even Ate Roselyn and Beth for sure, fixed and combed ang hair nya...hehehe, I remember our DILG days how ate Roselyn always teased Analyn when she's in a hurry for her children  na hindi na daw nakaksuklay yata ng buhok.
We talked a lot of things - her family life, work and even future plans. Well super bitin talaga ang chickahan almost 3 hours pero talagang kulang. Its really nice to be and to talk with a person na hindi lang nakilala mo ng basta -basta kungdi talagang friend mo since nasa Pinas ka pa. Ang sarap ng feeling na you can exchange stories of your past kasi kilala nyo both yung mga taong pinagkwekwentuhan nyo, ang sarap makinig sa mga kwento nyo both kasi alam mong you're not merely listening by ears but you are really interesting to know what's happening to her.
Knowing me I love capturing moments through pictures but since I was so excited I almost forgot to have picture with her...tapos na kaming kumain and obviously the table was cleaned already. I just asked Applebee's staff to take picture with us.
August 28, 2013 - Wednesday at Applebee's Al Sadd, Doha
She dropped me at our house and told me na labas ulit kami next time kasi nga nabitin kami sa kwentuhan and I'm hoping really hoping that we can at least do this as often as we could.
More than the dinner we had, thank you so much Analyn for spending "my Wednesday" See you again soon!
So guys let's wait for the next date and surely you'll be updated.
Any friend you want to see and have some siestas? so grab your phone or keyboard and ask them to go out,maybe they are just waiting you. Trust me hindi kayo mauubusan ng pagkwekwentuhan :-)
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Eyed Bag Tory Burch

"My bag crushes are everywhere, buti pa sa bag ang dami kong crush e bakit parang sa human wala..." tha's one of my status post in FB last week.

FACT: I really love bags 
Brand/s: I'm not into particular brand, branded man or hindi ok lang as long as hindi imitation. 

I'd rather have a low class brand than to have a high end fake brand bags.
Don't get me wrong guys, its my personal view. I don't care if someone is using a fake or not, what's my opinion lang is sino namang lolokohin ko kung gagamit ako ng fake di ba and aside ang gusto ko talaga yung long lasting quality.
Inspired bags are different from imitation bags
Inspired bag means look "almost" the same in appearance with the original but in some ways there are still difference and aside inspired bags doesn't have any brand labels on it unlike na imitation bags na malinaw pa sa sikat ng araw ang mga nakasulat or nakalagay na name ng brands.
In inspired bags ang gusto mo yung design and you're not after to be labelled as original kapag imitation or Class A its clear that you're after to the brand.
I'd rather have an inspired bag that to have class A. Ikaw?
So much for bag info :-) Just read HERE if you want to know more about bags.

I love big bags no wonder I'm getting madly in love with totes and since I saw the Tory Burch  Ella tote bag I told to myself "pag-iipunan kita"
I'm just an ordinary employee I mean kahit OFW na sabi nila malaki daw ang sweldo then single pa so mabibili lang ng gusto well guys, if there's one lesson in life I remind myself always to prioritize my priority. Sabi nga nila hindi panghabambuhay ang pag-aabroad so kahit sana konti lang makapagsave monthly. The formula: Salary - Savings +Remittance = Expenses

Sabi nga kapag gusto natin may paraan so parang kapag may gusto rin tayong bilhin kaya din nating pagipunan unless you are expecting that someone will give you :-) e on my case wala, sariling sikap hehehe
 My first Tory Burch Ella Tote Bag - Black
I'm not fond of black bags, among may bag mabibilang ang black some are gift nga lang, ang feeling ko kasi boring ang black, parang ordinary lang. But with my TB Ella ay wagas for the first time hindi ako nagpalit ng bag straight for two weeks! Its so comfortable to bring din you can carry with your shoulder or just put in on your wrist or hold it with your hand. And since its tote, its super spacious talaga, and knowing me naman ay I have a lot of things na dala lagi sabi nga ng mga friends ko and mga nakakakita sa akin parang buong kwarto ko raw dala ko na..hindi naman po :-)

Tory Burch Ella Tote bag details and fit:
  • Nylon with PVC.
  • Magnetic snap closure.
  • Double top handles with 6.5" (17 cm) drop.
  • Interior zip pocket and two open pockets.
  • Height: 13" (33 cm)
  • Length: 17" (43.18 cm)
  • Depth: 4.5" (11 cm)
And since I'm enjoying my TB bag, I'm eying to have another...if my initiative to save will permit..hahaha

Its almost the same with the one I have but the TB logo is smaller and place near on the snap closure. Let's see if I can get it, and if I did for sure malalaman nyo.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Filipino Spirit is Waterproof

How many typhoons passed the Philippines and we are victorious to survived it all! Ilang beses na nga ba na binaha ang Pilipinas pero sa bawat bagyo, malalakas na pagulan at matataas na baha hindi nawala sa atin ang pag-asa. That's one of the attitude we have that make us peculiar to others - we are full of hope and positivity in life; that in the midst of storms and lightning we can still smile and laugh. We have a hopeful and positive spirit. 

"Baha ka lang, PINOY po ako" - that's the Filipino spirit! Ang sabi nga matutuyo din naman ang baha, titigil din ang ulan at ang sisikat ang araw ngunit ang pagiging Pilipino natin mananatili. There are worries and fears but its a normal reaction, what matter is how we conquer each day habang nakalubog ang mga paa sa baha, at habang patuloy na bumubuhos ang ulan.
I was asked by one of  my colleagues way back years kung bakit daw ang mga Pilipino parang hindi tumatanda, we look younger daw talaga on our age, unlike their nationality na ang tanda na talaga nilang tingnan for their age. I just answered "cos we are happy people" then he replied "yes I agree, even in a difficult situation you can still smile" That's a Filipino spirit! We can still smile even in the toughest situation we're facing
The positivity within the Filipino comes out naturally - hindi na kinakailangang ituro pa kusang lumalabas in times of overwhelmingly difficult situation. Ienjoy na nga lang naman kung anong meron, ikaw naransan mo bang magtampisaw sa baha at maligo sa ulan noong bata ka pa? aminin mo nagenjoy ka din di ba? Hindi nga naman laging may ulan so instead na magmukmok ieenjoy na lang :-)
Even sila naki-trending din...
Its more fun in Philippines talaga!
But what does the Filipino spirit lifted up? Alam ng bawat Pinoy na may karamay sya sa bawat patak ng ulan at sa matataas na baha na susuungin nya.
That's the Bayanihan spirit!
In times of typhoon, in times of storms you are confident na hindi ka lalakad sa baha na magisa, may aabot ng kamay mo para tulungan kang iahon sa baha, may sasagip sa'yo, may magbibigay ng damit para hindi ka lamigin, may magaabot ng pagkain para mawala ang gutom. Sa panahon na kailangan mo ng tulong alam mo na may taong magkukusa para sa'yo
Walang mahirap or mayaman, walang matalino or mangmang, walang pulitiko o ordinaryong tao, isa lang ang requirement may puso kang handang tumulong at kamay na handang magpagamit.
Compassion is not enough, action must always be taken...
Hindi tayo nagbibilangan ng naitulong, walang malaki or maliit na donations or tulong na nagawa mo ang importante ginawa mo ito sa kapwa nang may pagmamahal.
I-click, i-tweet or hashtag mo man yan as long as ginawa mo yan ng may pagmamahal sa kapwa, like na like yan, no reasons ka na nyan kasi kahit nasa bahay ka pa may way pa rin para makatulong ka.
Kapuso ka man o Kapamilya o Kapatid iisa ang layunin natin ang tumulong at sumagip ng mga kababayan natin, nasaang sulok ka man ng mundo maari mo itong gawin. 
Our spirit as a Filipino is waterproof - no rains, floods or storms can hinder to rise and up again.
The sky maybe grey today and the rain falls very hard but tomorrow or after a day the sun will shine again. Its the hope from every Filipino that keeps our country going - hope that we can make to survive again, hope that there will be a better Philippines tomorrow.
Let's be lifted by the Filipino spirit - a spirit that is waterproof!
God bless every Filipino...
God bless Philippines...


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Just Simply Click and #Maring

How many storms and typhoons and other calamities and disasters Philippines had been through? For every new storms and typhoons are new fears and worries how to survive and move on to whatever harm it may cause.
The first time I learned about the heavy rainfall I thought it was just an ordinary rain like any other kasi naman rainy season naman talaga sa Pinas but when I called Mommy on Friday August 18, and she told me that is non-stop already. Although we're leaving in Batangas, which is happened to be included in the list of areas where the typhoon will pass I'm not that worried cos I know hindi naman binabaha yung place namin. But like what happened to Ondoy in 2009, just a heavy hard rainfall that lasted in few days and the next day halos buong Metro Manila na ang nakalubog sa tubig.
Thanks to social media sites, even I am away sa Pinas I can be updated on what's going on - from the time they declared that SLEX is not passable already...
And all the other areas are already drowning in water....
In time like this that the only source I have is whatever I can watch on the net and the initial help I can do is to pray and to share information posted by others. But good thing even we're far in just a click we can help to disseminate information.
Here are some info-graphics I've got from several social sites that can really help a lot.


If you want to check all the status or updates posted on each category you can just type for example:
Government officials and some prominent personalities from politics and showbiz used social medias to spread updates too.

For the complete list of evacuation centers and relief operations, check the link mentioned here:
DSWD on behalf of Secretary Dinky Soliman is appealing for help to all volunteers...
And here's another tips from Rappler.
My personal pasasalamat to rappler talaga kasi talagang updated and detailed ang mga articles nila. More power to you guys!
These are only few information that can really help us and our kababayans. It doesn't mean na hindi tayo apektado ng baha or ng ano mang kalamidad is wala na nga lang tayong pakialam. We can do something even in our own little way. By with our fingertips and laptop we can spread information, kung yun ngang mga simpleng jokes lang naiishare at nai-ihashtags natin, e bakit yung mga kapakipakinabang na inpormasyon hindi.
For how many times social medias moved for us. Noong panahon ni Ondoy at ni Sendong nagkaisa ang mga Pilipino, nabuhay ang bayanihan, marami mang nasirang ari-arian at nawalang buhay pero muli nating ipinakita na may pagkakaisa tayo, well let's do it again. By simply sharing some informative  post through social medias and by using hash tags + code we can help, we can save life.
And more than anything...

God bless Philippines
God is in control....

Help Maring Victims

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Feel Good Anyway

Blogging or a casual writing for me is my outlet to express what I feel and even what I'm thinking. I started writing on 2006 but still I'm not a pro in this field, for me its just a casual writing.
I received comments and compliments every now then but in blog sphere you where you can bump and meet people you don't know personally you can also received critics - I got one and I consider it as constructive one. 
This site is a personal blog site - my own personal views, photos, and if sometimes I borrowed some information I make it sure to quote it or linked it. Honestly, when I am writing I don't expect if others will perceive the same emotions I have when the time I wrote the article or the story. I don't expect other to value what I've done as I value it. I'm not a mindful person in the sense that I don't mind if a person will appreciates me or not or if people around me will love me for who I am or the way I carry myself . Does it make a sense to mention here? Hehehe. So what;s this all about Jen?
Yesterday, one of my "critic" dalawa na sila ng Mommy ko hehehe, but don't get me wrong he is a friend of mine. I consider him actually as a good friend inspite and despite of my other sentiments toward him...hehehe now he knows. I received a message from him regarding on the post I published. He read it on FB and the caption on my FB goes like this
Food + Picture = Food Porn
And here's the link if you doesn't read it yet :  The Foodies, The Food Trippers and The Food Porn
I used to write my blogs impromptu, I mean directly from my computer in a clean page. I don't used to have draft. And if I didn't finish and publish it at the same time I just delete it. So whatever I wrote is from what my mind is thinking at the time I am writing it.
Ok back to the reason why I am writing to you this today. Back to a friend of mine, as I was saying I received a message from him telling that I should use other word to replace the word "porn". Honestly, hindi ko kaagad nakuha why I should replace it. On the first place my idea upon writing the subject is all about food terminology craze. Honestly, I used "porn" not thinking of any other meaning. From the time I used the word, I'm thinking porn as a synonyms of "publishing" " viewing" in tagalog "hayag" "lantaran". 
After I listened to him, I was enlightened and that's the idea behind this post :-)
I learned few things upon what he said to me why I should need to be careful in picking words. Pwede nga namang "food2graph" instead "food porn" 

Few things I realized and learned....
1.Writing skills is a gift from God and it must be use in a good purpose - not to destruct ones mind nor others' personality.
2. Although blog is just a casual article and its more on personal views and opinions, I must be responsible how others will grasp the idea I'm trying to point out.
3. Giving personal views and opinions must be always in a mannered way.
4. People will compliment you how good you are or the article you wrote but accept also that some will not like you, others will hate you or criticize your works or sometimes they just being too personal. Be ready Be open minded to whatever you'll receive in response to your article. Face the consequences if there will be any.
5. Blog is not like a tabloid newspaper that almost all are rumors on others life. Your blog or whatever you post will reflect on your personality. 

Guys, if in any manner I offended you for using the term I sincerely asking for an apology. And assure that I'll try my best not to repeat the same. 
Everyday we encountered people in different ways, and I always think that God send them to me for a purpose. Just thinking if I ever received any compliments from the same person? as far as I remember "no" well that's maybe his purpose in my life - to be my critic, a constructive critic.
People will criticize you for two reasons - to push you up or to pull you down. They will criticize you to show the mess you've done or for you to realize that you can still improve your work.
I am thankful I have friend (s) and people around me who is so loving and caring in reminding most of the time.
Criticism isn't bad at all, its up to you how you will take it or respond on what others trying to say about you, better to tell it directly that you'll learn after na kung kani-kanino na pala sinasabi ang mga bagay about you, at least if you know may possibility ka kaagad na gawin kung anong pwede mo gawin over that thing.
But be noted critics never ever criticize someone if you don't know them well and if you don't understand the situation.
So I hope everything will continuously to be fine. If you have any comments or every post I am posting or even the old ones , you are free to put comment on the comment box or you can email me at:

Thank you guys for sparing your time reading my blogs ^_^
Have a great blessed day
God bless us all

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Foodies, The Food Trippers, and The Food2graph

Recently more and more people are posting foods on social medias, I admit I'm one of them :-) I remember nung umuwi ako for vacation, our family had a dinner and after we prayed for the food, me and my siblings took pictures of those foods. 
Bakit kelangan na picturan ang mga pagkain? wag nyo sabihin ipopost nyo pa rin sa Facebook? Mommy said. Well, I don't have any idea where food posts started and why do really people do it. All I know is from my side, nakakatuwa lang na may babalikbalikan ka when you saw that food again on the picture parang marerecall mo ulit ang lasa.
Foodie, food2graph and foodstagramming? Are you familiar to those craze?
Well lets take our Food 101 class and as a partial of "My Eid Al Fitr 2013" here are some of the photos that you guys have sent and posted in response to my blog invitation. Thank you so much ^_^ 
The Foodies  
Foodie is a person that spends a keen amount of attention and energy on knowing the ingredients of the food, the proper preparation of the food, and finds great enjoyment in top notch ingredients and exemplary preparation.
Its not only the chef that can be a foodie nor the ladies in the kitchen but recently we've seen that more and more gentlemen can be seen doing cooking chores or posting their own newly discovered recipes. The best way to a woman's heart is through stomach din naman, kaya guys try nyo maging-foodie who knows you might get her sweet "yes" after tasting your tempting chocolate mouse or cheesy cheesy cake.
One of my male cousin Jep is a foodie, he loves to bake and he do it well. Aside that it runs on his blood as his mom Tita Ella is such a great baker, the interest of discovering recipes in really within him. 
 Red Velvet Cupcake by Jep Perez
Ate Che, 33 and a cousin of mine also loves to be in front of her laptop to research new recipes. She's spend her free time with her pan and oven to cook and bake.
Banana cupcake with cinnamon toppings by Che Cleofe

Baking for them is just a hobby but they are thinking as well if they can venture into business. Since I don't have cooking or baking skills I might be their marketing agent :-) so if you want to have and taste their red velvet cupcake and banana cupcake or cake just let me know. And not to mention their cheesy cheesecake as in ang sarap! If you are one of my visitor on my 31st birthday and tasted the strawberry cheesecake, its Jep's recipe too.
I'm happy to be surrounded by foodies and I'm hoping to get the same passion and interest they have in cooking and baking, sabi nga ni Mommy baka daw ibalik ako ng parents in law ko sa kanila kapag di ako natutong magluto, well ang sagot ko kaya nga po ang hahanapin ko yung magaling magluto :-) Well I know naman to cook, I'm not really into kitchen that much, but I assure you I know how ^_^
Food cravings and Food2graph
Food craving is an intense desire to consume a specific food than the normal hunger. More and more photos of food are being posted on different social sites everyday some are captioned "my cravings for the day" or "craving for this"  The act of taking photos of those mouthwatering foods and uploading it to different social media sites and tempting even the least hunger person to see it is called food2graph. If before those mouthwatering foods are only seen in advertisement for the company to promote their products not nowadays, the consumers themselves are the one who's promoting for free the food offered by food chains or restaurants. Kahit walang advertisement kikita at dadayuhin ang balot, fishball and isaw vendor kasi nakita sa post mo.
Here are some of the pictures I've got during Eid Holidays when people crave much and food porn are flooding in social sites.
 Halo-halo from Jollibee Doha
Enjoying the first day of Eid Al Fitr  

Most OFWs are still cravings for panlasang Pinoy, kahit na sabihin na naglevel up na ang afford na bilhin or mga restaurants and food chains na pwedeng kainan. Sabi nga iba talaga ang lutong Pinoy :-) 
And for those who love to stay at home and be with their family, the best pa rin ang lutong bahay and I guess it will save you more kasi if ang ipupunta mo lang sa mall is to satisfy your food cravings I'm sure paguwi mo ng bahay may paper bag ka ng bitbit :-)
Pero kahit namimiss natin ang mga pagkaing Pinoy, we can't deny  the fact na may mga local foods din dito na hinahanap ng panlasa natin kung minsan like shwarma, kebab, or lamb chops na kahit talagang super dami ng tao you'll be willing to wait just to satisfy your cravings.
Some of the people on holidays really enjoyed going to the malls but aside from shopping hindi rin nawawala ang pagkain. Some people are curious to try the newly opened restaurants, coffee shops, or food chains. Its not only about cravings some of them are just "food trips"
 Mocha Latte Iced Coffee and Cinnamon roll from Tim Hortons
 Food trippers - its their first time at Tim Hortons
 After coffee and doughnuts, a cup of ice cream from Coldstone
 Dinner at Chowking, Dar Al Salam Mall
No wonder why people gained weight after holidays, so guys don't ask me why I do :-) Its good thing we didn't had any food comma during our eating trips.
Food Coma
From the word itself "comma" which means stagnant, food coma is a state where in the person is generally lethargic, lazy and very full upon eating. The cause of the food coma is eating too much carbohydrates rich foods and drinking too much wine with a meal.
To relieved from food coma, one can unbutton their pants so their stomach can expand and take a short nap followed by dessert. Note only short nap and not deep sleep.

That's what they will call you if you are one of those obsessively taking picture on every food you eat and post it to social medias.
Some restaurants especially fine dining and hotels have stopped customers in taking pictures of their food, not because they doesn't want to be posted but because the flash from the camera sometimes bothered and annoyed others. So if you are a foodstagrammer be sure to observe this kind of manner.

Everyone of us has our own cravings. Our taste buds are different from each other - ang masarap sa'yo pwedeng di masarap sa akin, but in the end for sure if food trip magkakasundo rin!
And take note guys if you food craver or food trippers be sure not to waste foods, minsan we are only "takaw tingin" then wala na mapapatapon lang ang mga pagkain. Be sure that you'll consume what you have as I've always said kapag may nakikita akong nasasayang na pagkain "maraming taong nagugutom" 
No matter what kinds or types of food you have on your plate it will taste better if you'll eat with your family or friends.
Happy Food trip foodies and foodstagrammers! 

Note: The blogger updated this post, instead of "food porn" she used food2graph. She changed it for some personal reasons.