Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Battle for the Bags

Social media is considered as a part of everyday living of many people. Admit it or not it makes our lives easier in a way - Facebook is just a click to connect with family abroad and some long lost friends; Tweeter and Instagram is just a peek to know where and what you're loved ones up to, Multiply is where most of your stuffs are posted, and a click away to received on hands. And a Blogger to tell the stories of what you feel, to inform you what's happening around, and so many more.
But more than those reasons social media is also a tool to extend help and love to others. I had my FB account 2008 but after few days of having it, I decided to deactivate, I even posted about top 3 on FB. Thank for my friend who convinced me, thank for his persuasive powers :-), as he said I can help and reach many people if I'll open an FB account, and I guess he is right.
Social media like Multiply, FB and Blogger has been a great help for me in advertising the fund raising for a caused I did and even for my friends Kcat and Abhie who's been very loving and helpful to others.
Yesterday, while browsing I came across to some blogs featuring a fund raising for Rhea Ferro. I got curious and read it - its a BATTLE FOR THE BAGS. Rhea Ferro is a woman with breast cancer for 8 years. She's battling into big C with faith, full of enthusiasm, and 1000 percent will to live imaginable. Her heart is filled with optimism but her serious turn begin when she was diagnosed in stage 4. But she never give up. She was included to special programs of Stanford, they will give a full scope of medical treatments she needs but as we know that's the only thing she will be needing, her. friends together with Rhea's cousin and sister organized this auction (fund raising).
I don't know them personally and the reason why I'm posting this is to get "likes", "comments" or any praises but to do my part in helping and reaching a person to the best way I can.
I love bags and I really value every piece I have. Its every woman dream to have her own high end brand bag - not class A I'm talking for an authentic, original bag. 
How many bags do you have with you? How many are still in their plastic and not have been used even a single? nakakaguilty ang sarili kong tanong.... Are you willing to give it freely to a person who's battling for a sickness? Or how much more a branded, a high end bags, will you give it up over a person you don't even know?
Battle for the Bags is an auction of pre-loved branded bags for the benefit of Rhea Ferro. The auction aims to put those bags out of the closet of lovely ladies everywhere and bringing smiles and hope to one special lady's heart.
I feel so blessed and inspired to know that there are many donors who freely gave their branded bags to help. Well guys if you are bag lover then you'll understand why its hard to let go, not only because of its price but the value of every pieces.
June 15, 2013, all the bags were gathered in preparation on auction day on June 22, 2013. Just to give you peek on some of the bags to be auctioned, here's my personal choice I've got on their site.
Super spacious BOTTEGA VENETTA! kapag ito ang dala for sure "bag it" na talaga lahat. Auction price starts at 40,000.00 Php, have it price now at 90,000.00 Php
Who can resist the eloquent of this CELESTINA crocs with shell handle? Bid starts at 35,000.00 Php, have it for 80,000.00 Php.
On the go, formal or casual this bag will compliments your outfit, GUCCI, auction starts at 10,000.00 Php.
 A classic beauty of HERMES tote bag for 30,000.00 Php and have it for 70,000.00 Php.
Bag it on hand! JIMMY CHOO satchel, starts 25,000.00 Php, buy for 45,000.00 Php.
 Perfect for weekenders, KATE SPADE, bid starts at 5,000.00 Php
Classic monogram LOUIS VUITTON bagtinole, used only thrice, bid starts at 20,000.00 Php
Hold this PRADA clutch and be eyed, starts at 11,000.00 Php
A teal nylon from PRADA, starts at 8,000.00 Php

Bags for every woman is an essential, its not only a staple. We value every piece that we have, as I have said every piece of mine has a story, but in times of battle, our bags can be our weapon - for a patient cancer like Rhea lets make bag as weapon to fight cancer.
I don't have any plan to join in the bidding for these bags but it doesn't mean I cannot do anything to help, that's the main reason for this post, spreading the word. That's the power of social media - reaching people in just one click. 
If you are reading this post, I'm encouraging you to share or pass it to whoever you know maybe through that it will reach to someone who is interested to join in the auction. Social media gone so far and if we will just only use it wisely and right, social media will be a great help to help other people even we doesn't know each other personally, even we have different races and culture from one another.
You can choose and bid or own so many bags on their auction - colorful and loud or a conservative black, they have a full range of it.
To see more of the bags to be auctioned click here : BATTLE FOR THE BAGS 
For your ticket for the auction, you can get it HERE
Its a date on weekend, June 22, 2013, and don't forget to spread the word. The more people to know, the more chances the bags will be sold.
Let's keep on spreading the good deeds!
God bless

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