Sunday, June 2, 2013

Live for a Moment

If there's one thing I learned that is to live in little things in life.
Get up early than others do, in such time I can have my quiet times with God; reading His word before anything else
Ride the bus and enjoy whatever my eyes can grasp with music on my ears
Welcome my desk with smile and happy heart
Live for days when I am surrounded with people who let me feel that I am loved
Reach out strangers
Read books not only to gain knowledge but to view places
A friend with me over a cup of coffee
Enjoy the sky, the beach, the sand, and the rain
A wise spend of a bit of money to pamper myself
Massage, nail treatment and others that makes me relax
To  write or blog to express myself
I choose to live for a simple life...
A happy life
Live for little things because they will make you realize that life is worth living.

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