Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Lately, I've been enjoying OMF Lit.books. And since its not available here in Doha, Qatar, I asked some of my friends to buy for me in the Philippines.
That's why I'm super excited when I saw this...

O di ba talagang literally "incredi -BULK" ang sale nila.
Kaya lang how I can I enjoy their super sale promo e wala naman ako sa Pilipinas, the only thing I can do is to hope that they will post kahit title of the books man lang  so I can choose..
So guys to all of you who are in the Philippines, don't miss this SALE! I am sure you'll gonna love their books - devotional, inspirational, professional growth, children's books, books that tackles about relationship from singleness, womanhood, manhood, and sex/gender, health and wellness, parenting, etc.

"OMF Literature is a movement of Christians who desire to honor God by depending on the Holy Spirit to achieve excellence in proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and promoting spiritual growth primarily among Filipinos, living in the Philippines and abroad, through the effective and righteous management of a publishing business."

And their mission:
"To publish, import, and market books, other literary materials and related merchandise that are Christ-centered, biblically sound and culturally relevant in proclaiming the Gospel, making disciples, equipping Church leaders and drawing all, particularly the youth, to the Lord."

My Wishlist :-)

For more books and even e-books, you can check their website: http://omflit.com/
You can visit them:
So don't miss it guys, visit OMF Lit Bookshops or site and grab the books you want. And mark it on your calendar their Incredi-BULK SALE on June 7-22, 2013
Happy shopping, happy reading :-)

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