Monday, June 24, 2013

Movie Mondate

Its better late than never!

Yup last night I had a chance to watch Clark Kent - Kal -El on the big screen. Just like any other who already watched the movie, thumbs up! 
Thank you to my movie dates - Hazel and Genie :-) And thanks Gen for the dinner treat, happy tummy happy us na naman ang peg namin last night. Mark the date Gen, its your first time in movie house in Doha, well what can you say? hehehe
For me, Man of Steel is not just a story of super hero, the good and the evil but for me its more about love, choice and decision making. I' ll try to do a movie review post separately.
 Happy Movie Goer, Happy Me :-)

Its only second day of the week, but a bit lazy already - thank you Man of Steel I have an excuse to go out the office early than usual :-)

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