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The Tour That Was - Dubai # 1

Last night I was browsing my albums in Facebook and came across to the trip I had to Dubai last November 2011 - it will be 2 years this year. And suddenly I miss the experience, and I started to reminisce. So since that time I was on and off in blogging, lets go back to what and how it was plus some personal tips when going on a tour.
During Eid holidays expect that many people will go out the country and since 3 days holiday is not that long, the nearest refuge to have is Dubai.
Expect the long line in the airport.
Tip #1 During holidays expect the large volume of travelers in the airport so be there at least another one hour ahead on the normal 3-4 hours that indicated on your ticket.
Tip #2 Be sure to put all the necessary documents on your shoulder bag or hand carry bag and take it out before you reach the immigration officer.
Its fine to wait for some hours in the airport that reach there na ngarag ang beauty. You can enjoy chickahan with your travel buddies over a cup of coffee.

my first time to board on DIA - Terminal B :-)

Tip #3 Be with someone who is at least of the same passion with you in traveling, yung alam nyong makakasundo nyo the whole trip - isipin mo na lang if you'll be sharing with him / her the hotel room tapos di kayo magkakasundo.
Meet my Travel Buddies....
I was with my cousin Les with Mhaya the bear and my friend Ate Gidger and her husband Kuya Bart.

Welcome to Dubai!

I was engaged in Dubai :-)
Since our primary purpose is to travel and take a tour, so expect that most of the time, we'll be out. We check cheap yet "decent" - meaning its clean, service is good and even the place where its located is safe. 

Tip#4 Aside from checking the net, it would be better if you ask someone who had been there.
One of our colleague refer to us this hotel and he gave us even the person to be in touch with. Two thumbs up for all the staff and crews who take care of us for our 5 days stay.

We got 2 rooms - me and Les on room 303 while the couple are on the room besides us. Aside from the good, clean and comfortable room, we have also free buffet breakfast on our whole stay. Breakfast is only until 10:00 am and we make it sure not to escape from it...ang sarap kaya.
Every morning Kuya Bart is telling na sana ganito rin ang buhay sa Doha, buffet breakfast, papasyal-pasyal short bakasyonista rin. And he is teasing his wife Ate Gidget to go back alone in Doha at magpapaiwan na lang daw sya, padalhan na lang ng pera...hahaha
They have amenities like pool, gym, sauna, jacuzzi, etc that all included. Ang natuwa ako may hair blower sila :-) e bulky ding na dalhin sa trolley yon, agaw space pa.
Let's go and witness the beauty of Dubai....
Before leaving Doha, we already made our itinerary, we do our own researches as we didn't get any tour packages. All by ourselves ang trip namin, and we enjoyed it. I think what makes the travel exciting is yung adventure na di mo alam kung saan ka talaga dadalhin ng mga paa yet you have enough information with you kaya hindi ka naman mawawala.

Tip # 5 Make your itinerary, so you'll not waste your time. Do some researches which one is near to one place from another. There are some tourist destination na hindi pwede ang walk-in, you need to book and pay online, meron naman na mas mura sa online ang ticket than kung walk-in ka like sa AT THE TOP, kapag online booking 100AED pero kapag walk-in ka they will charge you 400AED.
Children at heart ...
Dubai  has so many parks that the kids will really enjoy and even those who are young at heart. Dolphinarium is just few steps from Children's Park, so we give it a peek what's in there.
They have bicycles for rent - for children and even for adult.
Dubai has so many malls - well they are the shopping capital in the middle east, so no wonder why. They have big malls and when I say big its really very big. You know me guys I love walking into the malls even I will not but something but there, ang beauty at ang mga paa ako ang sumuko. 
Among the malls that I visited, I love Wafi Mall, where good looking people are roaming around...hahaha. If you are my friends on my FB, you may read that when I was in Dubai cos I posted it as one of my status. Aside naman for good looking people, I love the Egyptian theme of the mall, actually ito lang mall na ito ang binalikan namin ng twice, they have some lights presentation na mavi-view mo all over don sa mismong harap ng mall - amazing talaga!

We are fortunate as we visit Wafi mall then, their exhibit is on going and its for free :-) Mostly are works of art and handicrafts from different countries in Middle east. I've both one silk scarf kahit mejo mahal pero souvenir na rin. Some people in Dubai told us na most of the brands in Wafi are expensive and yeah its really expensive cos mostly are high end brands, pero hindi naman shopping yung ipinunta namin doon, we are looking for a place we could eat our lunch.

Tip #6  As I've said there are so many shopping malls in Dubai that you can enjoy so temptation in spending is just around the corner. Stick on to your plan, if your plan in traveling is just to experience and see kung anong meron in that country then avoid shopping malls especially kung alam mo sa sarili mo na hindi mo kayang magcontrol gumastos. But if you have any budget naman then go, honestly there are so many brands on their mall na wala dito sa Doha kaya agaw attention and temptation to shop talaga. I only shopped on Forever XX1 and a flat shoes from Vincci na binili ko lang para may maisuot :-)

Tip #7 Use comfortable footwear - as in yung tatagal sa lakaran, yung hindi masakit sa paa at be sure matibay :-) I advise ladies to wear flat sandals or flip flops so your feet can breathe.
I'm only on my first day :-) hopefully I can continue until day 5 and give you some advices based on my personal experience. And I hope this will help you in planning your trip especially Eid Holiday is already near.


  1. Hi. May I ask for the hotel where you stayed? Thanks, Yen.

    1. Hello Yen, we stayed at Capitol Residence Hotel. You can check their website.


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