Monday, June 17, 2013

Surprise Baby Shower for Peach

New member of our family will be coming soon! And to give way and honor the parents to be - Mommy Peach and Daddy Glen we had our surprise baby shower 
The party was headed by my cousin Sze, the eldest sister of Mommy to be Peach. Invitations and other details were only posted on Facebook events, and since its a surprise only invited people can view the post.
Tip#1: To lessen the expenses and not to spoil any surprise party you can use your Facebook or email to send the invitations and other details of the party but be sure you'll not send or tag it to the persons you want to be surprised. Tell to all persons invited that its a surprise and not be leaked to others so surprise will not be spoiled.
Baby shower party doesn't need to be costly, its main purpose is advance celebration to welcome the baby and to honor the parents to be. Its the family or friends of either one of the parents to be throws the party, that's why its mostly "surprise".
Unlike any party, in baby shower most of the foods are only pica-pica or finger foods - sweets, chips, sandwiches or if any other I think pasta would be a perfect match or unless the party is on dinner time.
We had a potluck and since the venue was on the hotel, we preferred to brought some on the go pastries, sweets and sandwiches.
Super I found these sweets go along with the topper, cute :-) girl na girl ang looks 
Tip: It would be best if you hold the party not in the place of the parents to be, it would be easy for you to keep the party in secret.
The Place
We held the party at Holiday Villa. Since its a surprise, we arrived at the place earlier than Mommy Peach and Daddy Glen. 
The Visitors
Picture picture din while waiting....
Ang kwento: Accessory to the surprise si Daddy, kelangan na ayain si Mommy kung saan-saan habang nagpreprepare. And since its already their plan to stay for the weekend at Holiday Villa mas mas madaling naisagawa ang sorpresa.
More story...
Mommy Peach: nung isang linggo dapat magchecheck-in na kami pero sabi ni Glen instead na magcheck in ibili na namin ng AC kaya nagtaka ako na sya na ngayon ang nagayaya.
Sze: nagtaka rin sya kasi nagdoorbell ako, sabi nya "e bakit nagdodoorbell e hotel nga" 

We started the party in prayer - thanksgiving for all the blessings that God bestowed on us. It took Peach and Glen years to have a baby and Baby Red is really an answered prayer not only for the couple but even to us.
Eating, Sietas, Picture taking ....

Meet the Parents to be...
Daddy Glen + Mommy Peach = Baby Red
Started as friends, became best friends, courting followed, then became official, the guy popped the question and the girl said "yes", after few years God gave them Baby Red.

Let the games begin....
Tip#2: To make the party alive bring with you some children song (yan ang nakalimutan namin). Prepare some simple items as prizes for the games.
We have notepads, wet tissues, and bookmarks.
Game #1  "Old Wives Tales Trivia" - mostly are single kami kaya ang ending hulaan na lang if boy or girl. Actually first time ko naencounter yung ibang "pamahiin" statement written there..kakalorkey naman first game pa lang written na ..hahaha
Daddy and Mommy relax relax 'pag may time :-)
Rea and Tita Nayda won the 1st game - e kasi nga daw nurse,hahaha

Most of the games prepared by Sze is an IQ games according to kagandahang Tita Sheilla..hahaha, parang board exam talagang pagiisipan...hahaha
Game #2 , guessing the word missing in the children song. Dapat talaga ay isinaman ang mga chickitings para may coach :-) This time its groupings, we are divided into 3 groups.
Winners for game #2 Congratulations ladies - Jo, Tita Nayda, Amie
Game # 3 Guess the Tummy size of Mommy
All you need is ribbon and scissor. You just need to guess the tummy size of Mommy Peach using the ribbon, the nearest length size of the ribbon will be the winner.
 Well ladies its my turn now :-) At last I won!
 Game # 4 Arrange the Scrambled Letters
If you will notice guys from the start of the game , winner ang peg ni Tita Nayda, waging -wagi :-)
Gift Giving and Wishes...
 The party is simple yet fun. We really enjoy and I know in that simple way we make Mommy Peach happy :-) We're wishing and praying her a safe delivery. Her duty will be on August 2013. The baby's name was not fully revealed, all we know is she's a girl and her nickname is RED, so meaning 3 words ang name nya, wag nyo pahirapan magsulat ang bata...hehehe
To Peach and Glen, I know that you'll be a good parents for baby Red as you are a good children to your parents. Raise her with fear to the Lord and for sure all will be in its proper place. Take care of your health Peach. We're excited to see you baby Red, another precious gift from the Lord to our family.
 "Children are a heritage from the Lord,offspring a reward from him." Psalm 127:3

The Favors...
Tip #3 Choose a useful item for your baby favors - you can have candies and chocolates or what we have a mini bottled jam.
 More moments....
Weekend spent with family and friends are really worth it - the fun, the joy and the bonding. Iba talaga kapag family ang kasama, laging the best! :-)
Guys if you're planning to throw a party, remember you don't need to spend much..all you need is good planning and some people who will help you.
Till next party!
The Happy Weekender, The Happy Me :-)

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  1. Hi ms. Jen! Browsing thru Google about baby shower... We're about to have one on January.... Ask ko lang, kung anong room ang binook nyo sa holiday villa and how much? And good thing na pumayag cla mag accomodate ng group of people. Please enlighten me po on this one. It will be much appreciated. Thank you. :)


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