Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Voice Philippines - Lee Grane

Last night another gifted and talented shine not only in the stage but in all social network sites. If you missed THE VOICE, PHILIPPINES episode last night then you can't relate to what I am saying. 
I watched it late at night, although I'm seeing so many post of her video, her performance but I didn't try to open it, I want to watch the whole episode.
Lee Grane is her name, name pa lang pang international na ang dating. Before she sang there is an interview portion muna, and you can really see in her eyes the sincerity and honesty of what she could do to win the contest. Let's face it most of the people joins such kind of competition to win - for money, some are for fame and future career. And like any other, Lee Grane joined the contest for her family. She is the eldest among the family, and the bread winner too starting when her father died. She played in some bars with her band. All of her earnings are given to her family, she has a sister who is epileptic. She wants to send her sister for a treatment, although in the past they did but no doctor was able to treat her, lets face it that it will really cost big amount. 
How many Lee Grane do we still have nowadays? 
That's what thing I love for being a Filipino - the family ties that we have. Even we have our own lives, we didn't forget our parents, our siblings and sometimes even they do have family of their own. Lee Grane is an example of a tough woman, although she said its only outside, but eventhough. Everyone of us cried no matter how tough are we, and crying is not a sign of being weak. I believe there are still many Lee Grane nowadays, who are sacrificing their own happiness, wants, plans, and future for their families. There are many Lee Grane working abroad who chose to be away from families in order for them to give a good life, working hard as other says "ginagawang araw ang gabi", that's how hard working we are Filipinos, and we are doing all of that because of our love to our family. We don't considered it is an obligation nor even a responsibility, its out of our love to them.
As the camera rolls and focused Lee Grane, you can see through her eyes that she sing from the heart, she sing with her soul, may pinaghuhugutan talaga especially on the second song that she sang. I don't know anything about singing I mean technically, all I know is to listen and if its pleasing to my ears then its fine. But last night when I heard her kahit pa nga siguro through earphone lang mo sya pakinggan mapapalo "I want you". Lea Salongga, one of the judges requested her to sing an English song, she sang "Angel" or much known as "In the Arms of the Angel" by Sarah McLachlan. This song is a very emotional song, lonely actually; a song about trying not to take responsibility for other people's problems and trying to love yourself at the same time. Bamboo, of the judge even cried, Sarah G. was really amazed and the two judges Lea and Apl regret for not pressing the button.
The first song she sang is "Anak" by Freddie Aguilar, she made a good rendition, ang galing nya talaga! All of the judges were so impressed on her performance. It really shows on Lee Grane's eye how much thankful she is for giving the opportunity to be in THE VOICE. 
Truly she is gifted by a nice voice, some comments I read from social network sites "earmagic" voice talaga. Its really her heart's desire to help and support her family and being in THE VOICE is God's way of blessing her.
The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.- Proverbs 16:9
I just read on few post by some of my FB contacts that Lee Grane is from my hometown and learned from my Aunt that she was my cousin band mate before my cousin left for US. I started to love Lee Grane, but don't get me wrong that because she's my "kababayan", from the same hometown but let's admit it she's sings very good, her voice is not the type of "birit" but she sings from the heart, with emotion that will really capture the hearts of every listener. Another pride of Batangas!
Now I have something to look forward to in watching THE VOICE PHILIPPINES and I know most of you who watched last night will vote the same :-).
For those of you who didn't watch Lee Grane's performance, I shared a video I've got from You Tube. I watched it three times last night and the last one I only listen her. And AMAZING!

Good luck Lee Grane! Continue to be a loving daughter and sibling to your family. God bless you

I've got this information from THE VOICE PHILIPPINES Facebook page:
AGE : 28
Lee was born and raised in Batangas but she left home at 19, to pursue her music. Lee is her family’s stand-in father, breadwinner and had been taking care of a mother and other siblings after her father passed away.
Apart from sending her sisters to school, Lee also pays for her sister’s medication in her battle with epilepsy. In an interview, Lee was tearful when she opened up about putting her family’s necessities first before she could buy or do something she likes.

Lee plays at multiple gigs around the Metro. She plays the guitar, bass and piano, and she can dance too. :)


  1. grabe napuyat ako just to catch up with the episodes that i have missed out! i love bamboo enough said hahaha - abhie

    1. same here napuyat din ako pero worth it naman..
      and apir i love Bamboo too :) i used to have his songs my ring back and ring tone when I was still in Philippines and just yesterday when my friend asked me, what if Bamboo courts you without any hesitation I will say YES kaagad...hahaha then shr told me hindi man lang wait or papatagalin, I told her hindi na kasi baka maumpog sya at magising ..hahaha

  2. Hi Jen. Just like you, I love Lee Grane's voice too and I admire the way she akes care of her family:)

    1. thanks for dropping by Sidney :)
      good luck to Lee hope she will make it till the end of the voice

  3. Hi Jen. I;ve read your blog about Lee Grane and just like you I love her voice too and the way she takes care of her family.

  4. Helu its very unfortunate that Lee Grane was eliminated in The Voice but like you guys... I love Lee Grane and I wish I could watch one of her Gigs and I dreamed to know her in person


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