Sunday, June 30, 2013

Take a Plan

I am a person who really plans. I guess its in with me, I planned the course to take in college when I was still in Grade 6. I planned that at the age of 20 I should graduated at college and would you believe that even having a boyfriend at the age of 24, is a plan?
All of those plan was prospered. I had the college course I want and in preparation with a higher level that I want to take. Its really my dream to become a lawyer ever since I was in grade 4. I graduated at my college course at the age 19, year ahead than my plan. My plan is to work in a government agency or to teach as a college professor but it didn't happen as I planned it. I was very ideal that when I graduated young with a good grades and credentials I can easily get a job. But it didn't turn that way, so instead to waste my time just staying at home and waiting for calls from companies I decided to enroll again. I took the exam in the College of Law, passed from it and although that time I was still confused whether to pursue it or not. My parents told me that they will support me but behind my mind is confusion whether to pursue it or not. I told to myself before that I will be in law only if I have a job to personally support myself - I don't want them to be disappointed "if" I failed on my classes, ibang level na kasi ang Law, especially most of the subjects are pre requisite from one another. I was then in line to enroll even I was confused until my college dean saw me, she asked me to see her office before I pay for my enrollment, she talked to her and explained everything what's the possibility between taking Bachelor of Law and Masters Degree. "Bachelor" pa lang noon ang Law in the university na pinapasukan ko, so meaning if I will not pass the bar exam para lang ako nakatapos ng isang degree unlike today na Doctors of Jurisprudence na, even hindi ka makapasa sa bar consider as PhD. graduate ka na. It seems to be just yesterday but its already 10 years when Mommy go up in the stage with me and put my hood as a graduate of Masters in Public Administration. I didn't plan for it but it all happened. I forgot to tell you one of the main reason kung bakit nagdalawang isip ako na mag-law, iniisip ko na baka ma-compel akong magsinungaling if ever na haharap ako sa court, yup I don't know that much pa about law professions hindi pa ganon kalalim ang alam ko na pwede ka namang hindi humarap sa korte, and aside I'm just still a baby Christian.
God answered my prayer to direct me on which path He wants me to be. He used my college dean for me to know and help me to decide. No regrets to my decision, I am happy and fulfilled that even I was not able to step in Bachelor of Law, I was able to finished my Masters. And aside who knows if its really just not God's plan for me noon, malay natin in future pala. I believed GOD planned it all for me.
There are so many things that we planned, polished everything but lets admit it there are some that didn't prosper, it turned out the way we want  it to be. But there are things that we didn't plan yet it happened, least to our expectation to reach but we did.
It was never in my plan list to worked abroad but here I am working for almost 7 years here. I started as a broken pieces but now I am whole again - no drama this time on this post! I'll be posting it some other time,hahaha :-)
I have still have so many plans in life - plans for myself, plans for my family and loved ones and even plans for other people. I still want to go back to school, to have a career way back home, to teach in a college, to be in a public office, to serve and help others, to be in other ministry where I can give glory to the Lord, and how about my love life? hmmm bakit nga ba parang sa dami-dami kong plan yon ang di ko naiisama sa list, :-) hahaha
The Lord knows the desires of my heart; His ways are better than mine and whatever His plans on my life, let His will thy be done.
"Many are the plans in a person's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails" - Proverbs 19:21
Planning for me requires hope, prayers and actions. The time we're making plans we're hoping and praying - hoping that it will happen the way we want it to and praying that God will lead us and make it happen according to His will. In order to see whether our plans will prosper or not, we need to make action - give a try and do our best. When I was still studying, every time I'm in discourage, I boost myself in telling these: "There's no harm on trying" or "If others can, I can also". We need motivation, and if you doesn't received one from others, try to do it by yourself.
Making plans are important, it will be our guide on which path to take but what my point is if we fail then get up and try again. Try and try nga daw di ba until we succeed.
"Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity, but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty"  Proverbs 21:5

Sometimes during the stage of planning there were fears - what will happen to us after, where are we going. I have those fears as well knowing that the project of the company I am working will soon to finish. But ever since I lay it down to the Lord and trust in Him that everything will be fine according to His will, I am at peace now. I know He has great plan for me, and I'm holding unto it. Maybe you will say "ang yabang naman nito or ang hypocrita naman hindi raw natatakot mawalan ng work". Everything comes into an end, and all of us want a new and big package more than to what we are receiving right? pero kung may hawak ka pa ngayon at bibigyan ka paano mo pa hahawakan. We need to let go what we have so we can have new one. But of course as I've said actions are needed. Do not worry the Lord shall supply all of our needs according to His riches. All He is waiting is for us to ask. 
"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future" Jeremiah 29:11

And speaking of plans, there are happenings that you didn't plan but it turned out more than to your expectation. Yesterday while we're in the canteen for the 5pm break, after we ate our early dinner biglang nagkaayaan pumunta ng Katara and for less than 30 minutes we are in the reception to punch out.
Here are some of the photos taken last night. I'll make a separate post for this "gala" moments yesterday, this is just a peek :-)
The Happy Diner - the HAPPY US :-)

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