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First Visit at Ezdan Mall

One day off from work is enough if you used it right, that's my motto every weekend. Friday is the start of the weekend in almost all countries in the middle east and for some companies here like the company I'm engaged to we're entitled only for one day off so for almost 7 years I already used to have a single day out of the office. I make it sure to spend it wisely and it will be worthy.
After we had a baby shower for my cousin Peach, and since its only 7:30 p.m. nagkaayaang gumala, road trip lang ang peg ng mga lola nya and since full tank naman si Jeri (my cousin Les car) gora lang kahit hindi alam ang exact way. We ended up to the newly opened Ezdan Mall.
Ezdan Mall is located opposite Landmark in Al Shamal Road. It has 40,000 sq.m retail  space. Ezdan mall will have a focus on families and incorporates a private gardens inside.
I didn't take much photos of how does it looks like inside as there are still many vacant spaces around for more retailers. Honestly, one of the reason I want to visit Ezdan is to check Forever 21. I first knew Forever 21 when I visited in Dubai, bought some pieces that until now I'm keeping on my closet- in fairness naman talaga maganda yung quality ng mga clothes nila, although now there are so many Forever 21 outlet in Philippines, I never had a chance yet to visit them.
Welcome to FOREVER 21....
Wondering how they come up to their name :-)
Just a trivia before it became Forever 21 its started as Fashion 21. The store was founded in Los Angeles in 1984, as of 2011 they have 480 number of locations, guys locations pa lang yon not stores. Remember this brand sign XXI, the next time you see this its Forever 21.
Lets go and check what's inside....
Forever 21 offers clothing and accessories for women, men, teens and even for kids. What I love from their stores, their stuffs are organized according to class, color, and style. For on the go shopper, its important to be in the shop where everything is organize, well that's the reason maybe whey F21 doesn't that much sales ladies / men around like from the other stores.
Gold is everywhere! Its just like Christmas is just around the corner :-)
I'm not a fan of gold accessories feeling ko donya-donyahan ako kapag nakagold but when I see F21 collections pwede pala na hindi formal-formalan ang peg ni gold. Check their bangle's collection.
Looking for an accessories that go with your spring mood? Well you can never go wrong to their pastel colors necklaces paired with different kind of earrings - studs, chandelier, dangling, name it they have it!
Basic and Classic
Well if you want to be on the safe side in every outfit you'll have, go along with the basic and classic cream and gold. Satchel bag with bangle will surely compliment perfectly your street style outfit-of-the-day.
Accessories is a part of every outfit especially for the girls that's why I know ladies that like me you'll choose a cheap price yet standout, mas maraming mabibili kapag mura lang di ba. I think F21 is the right place to shop. The price of these earrings starts at 19.00QR only.
 Lately I just noticed when I am shopping halos pare-pareho na I mean wala na minsang trademark design yung mga shops like sa shoes, malalaman mo lang na yung pala yung brand kapag nakita mo sa sole aakalain mo yung isang brand yon kasi nga pareho na ng style, design and color. So as a shopper we know to check other shops din muna before buying especially if you're not in a hurry naman.
I heart this pair of earrings but I didn't buy it, it only cost 19QR in F21 and the same design as in exactly the same I saw in ALDO, and its 49QR
Oh my!!! what's the difference? only the board where the earrings are placed, but you'll not wear it with the paper board naman kaya. My dear co-shoppers be wise, even a single cents matters.
my cousins checking F21 fashionable rings
Looking for shoes, sandals and flip flops to complete your get up, they have it in here as well. Some of their sandals cost as low as 75QR only, they have so many styles and design that you can choose from.
 Looking for light and colorful clothes to complete your spring collections? they have it as well from colorful swim wears to shorts and pastel pants, and see how they arranged their stuffs - you don't need to think what to pair cos they will paired it for you.

Forever 21 is for every sizes. Ladies on the big frame or "bigger' frame will definitely can choose a stylish dress in here as well. They have "PLUS SIZE ++" corner to choose from, so worry no more.
They have DENIM section also where you can find classic collection of denim style of pants, shorts and even skirts.

F21 occupies bigger space compare the other shops in Ezdan but still not as big as they have in malls in Dubai yet the designs, styles and even how they arranged the shops itself is the same. I didn't take photos of men section I'll try to take on my next visit.

So what are you waiting for, shoppingeras and shoppingeros don't forget to write on your list the F21.
Other stores include Aeropostale, Tommy Hilfiger, Migato, Polo, CottonOn, and some shops that you can see in all other malls like ALDO, Charles and Keith. They have Carrefour also if you want to buy your groceries.
I got a pair of red shoes from C & K, may pagdayo pa ako ng Ezdan meron naman sa City Centre ..hehehe, why not they are on sale :-)
Ezdan has a big lobby and you can see chairs in the aisle, at least you can sit if get tired. They have customer service attendants too if you need to ask something. 
They have some fun rides also for kids but of course its not free, so mommy you can go to Ezdan with your baby but be sure you have someone with you to take care of him while your shopping. They have only few restaurants opened. 
We gave it a try to the famous Tim Hortons. 

Welcome to Tim Hortons...
Tim Hortons is a Canadian fast casual restaurants known for its coffee and doughnuts. Like any coffee houses they have also their signature coffee and they are selling coffee powder with their own brand too.
new career :-) Tim Hortons endorser
They have variety of flavors of doughnuts to choose from, they have also croissants, cinnamon rolls, and their bagels which we really enjoyed. Aside from bread product, they caters soup as well and other food that you can really enjoy even you're in a cafe.
Seeing that almost all of the crews in Tim Hortons makes me proud as Filipino again, it just means that more and more employers trust our race. Hooray to more Filipinos on the job!
And here's what we enjoyed...
Presenting the Tim Hortons :-)
 If you are a coffee lover or I must say drinker you can easily identify the taste of their coffee compare to others. Their brewed are really brewed, and yung lasang kape nya talaga winner hindi lasang creamer na hinaluan ng kape ..hehehe. Thumbs Up for Tim Hortons!
If others have frap, their version is their iced coffee. Yup literally coffee with ice cubes. Their doughnuts are not that sweet, for me its fine at least hindi nakakasuya. We chose cinnamon and chocolate glaze. I've tasted the soup ordered by my cousin and pasado rin. No wonder they are famous, in just simple and easy to prepared food mageenjoy ka.
Thanks to my cousin Les for the treat!
Happy Tummy, Happy Us!
If you want to visit Ezdan, I suggest to have your own car or car lift, I didn't see any taxi roaming around, maybe its because its still newly opened and so many stores are still close. But so far I can say its will be another place for family and friends to gather and to mingle. 
Like in any other malls where parking is one of the main concern, Ezdan can occupies 1,800 cars, in fairness ang laki naman talaga nung area nila halos palibot yata parking then may underground parking pa.
I'm looking forward for WH Bookstore to open :-) Hope it will be soon
New place, added to the list to visit and to shop not only for weekend but even when stressful day strikes. 

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