Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Social Media Day!

Social media really go far, its everywhere and in everyone. Its already a part of ones daily living. It can make our lives easy but on the other hand it can break us as well.
I'm a late bloomer when it comes to social network sites. I got my Friendster account a year after it was introduced to the network sites. My best friend Ian introduced it to me, thanks to him and thanks to Friendster I was connected to old classmates and friends. When I arrived here in Doha I was exposed more to social network sites, to what they called E world; working abroad where one of the outlet to let the time pass and avoid homesickness is in front of the net. 2007 when I gave birth to my "Treasured Moments" on Multiply. It became my e-diary and e-albums. I met my multiply siblings that until now I'm keeping not only in the e-world but in real :-) one is my kumare pa. You can check HERE. 2010 when I opened another account in Multiply, not for myself but for kawanggawa / charity purposes. All the fundraising campaign para sa mga charity projects na ginagawa ko or sinusuportahan ko, I stored it there. All the pictures and stories behind every outreach I posted it there. Everyone can view it. And that was the start, I used it as a tool to voice out the needs of others and to reach out them in my little way. I am blessed with people from different places, from different walks of life - they become my inspiration that I can do things beyond the expectation that money is the only source to help others. I will always be thankful that once in my life I lived in Multiply world. Last year all the personal accounts were closed and on May 31, 2013 marked its total closure of its operations. Although I was not able to saved all the photos and posts I wrote there I will always cherished that once in my life it became a part of me.Thank you Multiply, you've been a blessing to me!
November 2010 when I activated my Facebook account. I owe it to a friend. I had my account since 2008 or 2009 but I decided to close it for a personal reason. Thank you for a friend who made me "kulet" to activate my account again. I was able to reunite with my old friends even those of my elementary years, I had to know people from different parts of the world :-), I am updated to what's happening around the globe, and in a way of posting inspirational and encouraging words we can help others who are emotionally troubled.
2008 when I first signed in here in Blogger, "Outspoken Mind". This site is for my views only - o di ba talagang e-diary ang peg walang ibang nakakabasa except me. You cannot search it sa goggle or even if you type it on the search box ng kahit anong site. It was closed for any view. 2009 I disclosed it to some of my closed friends and just this year 2013 when I fully opened its access to everyone. This blog is my outlet to express my feelings, to raise my voice by giving my opinions and views, to reach out and help people in little ways that I can. I was on and off before in visiting and writing in here and early this year when I told to myself that I should keep on writing in here. Honestly, I'm not even sure if someone read my posts but its fine with me, anyway I'm doing it for myself, until I received comments to the posts I made, comments from friends, colleagues and even to the people I don't really know and doesn't have any idea where they are living. Well that's the essence of social network - malayo ka man malapit ka pa rin. I'm not a professional when it comes to this craft, I'm just a hobbyist playful blogger who loves to tell story through writing, I enjoy what I am doing, its a medication for me, I can express what I feel - not being mean to anyone and "if" ever I did I really doesn't mean it. For a hobbyist in this craft like me, receiving comments from your post is like a reward. And all the comments I received here, sobrang napapasaya nyo po ako :-) and I truly appreciates you here in my site, even a single visit ^_^ 
May 19, 2013 when I write about the project of National Bookstore - PROJECT ARAL 2013 and to my surprised, talaga super happy ako when I received this comment yesterday. I have no idea how Ms. Bea learned about my post. I even checked into the net if Ms. Bea is from National Bookstore Foundation and yes she is!
For some it is OA to still post this one, you might say its normal cos you're blogging - well whatever your opinion is, that only remains your opinion, this is my blog anyway :-)
And just this morning I noticed that I was up to #218 out of 8000 blogs registered on Top Blogs. Thank you dear readers you made it possible :-) I started two months ago - I was not even in their 2000 until after weeks I was included on 1500 then go up and up. Not bad for a hobbyist. Thank you again readers :-)
On social media we have voice, it maybe small but what matter is we did our part. We cannot change the world but at least we can help to make it a little better, and if you can't, at least try not to make it worse. We are unique from each other and each one of us has its own talent that one doesn't have, so why not try to use it - malay mo may gift of writing ka pala so instead na nakaupo ka din lang sa harap ng computer mo at naghihintay sa kachat mo why not to open a blog site, who knows you will be the next influential blogger. We cannot know until we didn't give it a try. In any field all we need is to first try the from then we can see if it is for us.
Bigla ko lang naisip si Dr. Jose Rizal how he used writing as his weapon, and today we have our stylus and keyboard that we can use as tools. It might be even sharper and mightier than the sword. But always remember, USE YOUR POWERS FOR GOOD.
Its sad to know and to read some blogs that really maliciously published - ang sosyal mag-away ng iba talagang kailangan gamit ang world wide web! Big time. Kaya if you have blog sites, FB or any social network you have be sure that you'll use it for good. Be responsible enough, it doesn't mean that it is yours, you have the right to hurt other people through your words.
Lets make the world a better place through social media
Happy Social Media Day!


  1. eto ba un jen?

    1. ay di ko nagets yung tinantanong mo bhie :-) pero I love that post so much, i remember when Laura forwarded it to us that time I'm already reading your blogs in Multiply, that's the time I asked her kung bakit kilala nya yung nagsulat ng post na yon ..then from then nalaman ko na magkakilala pala talaga kayo :-) small world


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